i won't give up

This is about a girl wo goes at see his grandma in guam. She meets this guy there and fall in love but he never had the guts to ask her out until her last day. After that it becomes 3 months later and she forgets all about there love but he still is looking for her to be with her again.


16. i still love you

                                                                  Brianna POV:

I was so scared he turned back then sat by me.

"you okay"he asked

"yup just shocked"i said

"But i still love you"i said

"uhh hehe"he said

"brianna i have to ask you something"he said

"whats up"i said

"will you go out with me"

"yes yes"i shouted

later that day we hanged out and now we are the best couple in school. This is the end of the story.

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