i won't give up

This is about a girl wo goes at see his grandma in guam. She meets this guy there and fall in love but he never had the guts to ask her out until her last day. After that it becomes 3 months later and she forgets all about there love but he still is looking for her to be with her again.


10. First day of school

                                                                        Carsons POV:

Okay so I woke up got ready for my first day of school and left. I was going to go to school at Mesa Verde Middle School. So ya i took my picture got my ID card and my class schedule and my PE clothes. I walked to class and I opened the door and i saw all these eyes staring at me I looked back and walked to the teachers desk. She looked at the paper and told everyone to look over here.

                                                                           Briannas POV:

Ok so i was in class then this kid came and he looked exactly like Carson but with glasses. The teacher said to look over to her and it was him..Carson it was deffinatly him. He looked around and he saw me he stared at me with shock will the teacher introduced him. He seemed paralized then he moved and he grinned with his charming smile just like he used to and he winked at me and i blushed he was so cute.

                                                                            Carsons POV:

The teacher introduced me and i looked around looking for her and i saw her that beautiful girl. I was paralized for a sec then i grinned at her and winked.

"class this is our new student Carson James"she said

everyone said hi. Then she elbowed me "oh hi"i said

"okay Carson you will be sitting next to Brianna" she said

"okay"i said

I walked to my desk i sat down and turned to her.

"hi"i said

"hi carson"she said

"Carson come here"said the teacher

                                                                               Briannas POV:

"Psst..Brianna" said my friend Raina 

"what" i said

" I saw that he winked at you"she said

"ya so" i said like it was nothing 

"whatever" she said

He came back. 

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