dont you forget about me

Madison, a 18 year old and her best friend, Emily, move to London for Madison's birthday and when Madison meets up with an old friend, everything changes for everyone. Is anybody safe when the girls come?
~for those who have already started reading I have done an update cuz some of this got mixed up, sorry


8. welcome home

madisons pov:

we were all laughing still at Nandos. I could see niall looking up at Emily a couple times. I had to be evil and set the two up. they both eat a lot what more does niall need. and Emily's different she's a brunet with blue eyes. we payed the bill and went home "em its going to be sort of different at home. we redid the house to make it bigger" I told Emily. I just hoped she liked the house extensions. we soon got home and there were fans surrounding it. "ok Emily put these on" i handed her a beanie, hairband, and sunglasses "I have to wear them too we haven't made it official to the pap's that me and Lou are dating, they only know that they come to the house all the time. just stay by me. the boys surround us so that we wont get seen and fans wont hate us although they already do. and whatever you do don't say a word!! the pap's can figure out anything" I had to say to her while we both had to hide our selves. we got out of the van and hid behind the boys. I finally got tired of the people blocking my way so I just ran out from the boys and to the door. to my surprise I was fast enough to make it without being stopped. I unlocked the door, went in and slammed it behind me. then there was a knock at the door, I opened it and they all just ran in and almost trampled me. "did you forget I was out there babe" Lou said to me and kissed me. em and I took off our cover up things and sat on the couch catching up while the boys played Fifa. it was coming up to five o'clock and Emily was hungry so I made dinner. "so em how's the baby I want to know" I had to ask "well the baby is doing just fine she's so adorable" em said to me and we chatted for a while longer then dinner was done me and Emily ate or food first then called the boys "yo!!  guys dinner is done!!!" I screamed.

Emily's pov;

they all ran down the stairs quite fast, me and mad sat on the counter drinking tea. I knew I had to ask how madz meet them, "so madz how did you meet the boys?" she froze and the boys dropped their utensils "well I want to know! don't look at me crazy!" the boys then got up and left then niall came back and got one more bite and took off. I chuckled a little bit then started talking to madz again "so madz why did they just run off like that? I have to ask" "I would rather tell you tomorrow, its late and we all need some sleep. im not holding it off I just need some sleep" I knew she was holding it off but I had to respect her and it was 11:30 "ok  but I really need to know so that you don't hide anything from me" I said "ok good night Emily. ill tell the boys what time it is either they are all passed out or Lou brought out the cooler full of red bulls. don't forget your room is still the beige door" she said to me I nodded and  I went to my room. I changed and passed out I just hopped she would open up enough for me to understand.

louis' pov:

I just looked at the clock and it was 11:30, we all have had a red bull or two. we have been playing fifa for about five hours and my thumbs hurt "boys Im off to bed see you guys tomorrow. don't drink too much any of you" I said and opened the door to walk out but ran into madz 'wow you came to see me?" I asked "no I wanted to make sure you guys weren't that drunk" she wasn't lying but I was going to mess with her "or were you wishing I was drunk cause we can do what you want any other night" "Louis we have company over,  we are only two months into dating, and I don't plan to until I get married" "awe bummer" I said at least it would still be me. we walked, more like I chased her, into the bed room. we kept laughing a lot because we could hear the boys screaming about who won and lost on Fifa, it was pretty funny. we then passed out around midnight. I woke up and I was the only one in the bed. I started to freak out a little bit. I walked down the stairs and saw madz cleaning "wow what happened here???" I asked "well I have one question. how much redbull did you bring to the boys last night?" "not that much. I think they did this after they broke the controllers" I said helping her "hey babe where is Emily?"I asked "oh she went out with the boys to go get coffee they wont be back for another hour Emily will get breakfast too if she has to tie them to chairs to eat" I cracked up as she said that. I can all ready tell some what about Emily "babe when am I going to find out how you and Liam met?" I just had to ask I couldn't stand it any longer "well I will tell you tonight along with the other now Lou stop messing around!" she yelled at me as i put the lampshade on my head "hahaha no!!! not til you say I love you" I won this battle "ok then" and she walked of. my jaw dropped and she laughed at me!! who does that?!

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