dont you forget about me

Madison, a 18 year old and her best friend, Emily, move to London for Madison's birthday and when Madison meets up with an old friend, everything changes for everyone. Is anybody safe when the girls come?
~for those who have already started reading I have done an update cuz some of this got mixed up, sorry


7. the news

Madison's pov:

its been about two months since me and Louis have been dating its been going really well, he's not pushing me into things that I didn't want to do and haven't seen Niall, Harry, or Zayn in that time. I was in the bathroom doing my make up when Lou yelled to me "babe!! your phone is buzzing!!!" lord he's nuts "coming!" I run down stairs and grabbed my phone and answered "hello? omg Emily why haven't you called before? that's great but im going to need to talk to you. ok love you bye." I fell down onto the couch and screamed at the top of my lungs "wow what's wrong babe?" Lou asked me "well my best friend is coming back and I never told her about us and she was my best friend after Liam but she's very protective of me and she left because her cousins wife had a baby and she went to  go help her and she didn't tell me that and so she will be here tomorrow." I said in a heartbeat "madz its ok come on and lets get her room ready" he said and we went to fix her room we only had to put sheets on her bed but then we messed around like always and we started a tickle fight "Louis stop!! Louis William Tomlinson stop!!! I cant breath literally!!" I then started choking because from the pole in my side it effected my lungs "oh shit sorry!!" he helped me up and we stopped we sat on the couch and watched the news they were talking about pics of me and Lou. "babe im going to bed I just need my sleep for Emily" "ill be there in a minute babe" I walked up stairs to my room and Lou came up too.

Louis pov:

we snuggled together in bed. wow I've got the girl of my dreams in my bed. I kissed her on the head and she looked up at me and I kissed her again but on the lips. a couple minutes later she fell asleep. I couldn't sleep one minute, I kept thinking about if this Emily girl didn't like me. I kept tossing and turning. at two in the morning Madison woke up "opps sorry babe I didn't mean to wake you up" I felt so bad "no babe its fine I have to get ready to go pick Emily up, don't forget to call the boys and remind them to meet us at nandos before I get back witch will be about five-ish." "alright, babe im coming with you, you are too tired to be driving" I said while yawning "alright babe get dressed then and call the boys that we will meet them there" she said. I got out of bed and hugged her from behind and put my head on her shoulder "Lou!!! what are you doing!!! Louis Tomlinson you dare not be giving me a hickie!!!" she yelled at although I already did. she ran away from me and ran to the bathroom "Lou what am I going to say to Liam and Emily and Emily doesn't know we re dating and she will kill me if I tell her by her seeing me with a hickie saying 'oh yeah Emily im dating one of the most famous boys in the world and he gave me a hickie' im going to die!!!!"  now shes pissed at me "ahh shit I forgot about Liam!!!"oh god how am I going to explain it to him. well we have to love each other right? we got dressed and headed out to the airport. I am so scared that Emily wont like me or any of the boys.

emilys pov:

I was about to land at the airport. I hope Madison doesn't hate me that I left her without saying goodbye. but it was my only girl cousin out of ten. I got off the plane and went to get my luggage and I saw Madison with it already. she was always one step ahead of me. I ran over to her and tackled her with a hug. even though I tackled her, she didn't fall she was short but strong enough to stand tall. "omg madz I missed you sooo bad!!!" I screamed to her "I did too emy! im just glad your back!! you've misted soo much!! I have a boyfriend now!!" when she said those last words I was so happy for her. when we were in middle school our friend Delaney and I had boyfriends and Madison didn't all through her life. im just glad that she finally found love. now "I just have to meet the guy to see if hes right for you and he better not be a total douche if you get what I mean" I was always protective of her. "em he's wonderful he's taken care of me and so have his friends you will love them they are really sweet guys" she told me "ok im convinced" then we went to the car there was a guy in the front seat "madz who is this guy?" I asked her "oh em he's driving us no go get lunch" she told me "oh okay then were are we going to lunch?" I had to ask "im driving you two to nandos" the driver said. I've always wanted to try nandos. they only had one in America. we soon arrived and lead to a table in the back were four boys were sitting in a booth with menus covering their faces. "boys this is my friend Emily. Emily these are my friends; Liam, zany, harry, and niall" she introducted me to the boys and they put down their menus they were all cute accept for the niall guy. he was HOT. "Emily they are also knwn as one direction" when she said that I just fan girled "oh my fucking god!! Madison why didn't you tell me that these boys were your friends!!" I just screamed at the top of my lungs "em its ok I have another surprise" madz said "don't yu dare tell me your pregnant!" I had to make sure "no em its just well... babe" she said and the last one of the band came out. Louis Tomlinson. "Emily meet my boyfriend, or Louis Tomlinson" "Madison Taylor Ramos you are dating a pop star!!" I just had to take a seat. this night couldn't get any better. we all sat down and I sat across from niall. I have always thought he was hot but in person damn he was SEXY. I still was so excited for madz. they made a great couple. now what are the secrets that are at home.

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