dont you forget about me

Madison, a 18 year old and her best friend, Emily, move to London for Madison's birthday and when Madison meets up with an old friend, everything changes for everyone. Is anybody safe when the girls come?
~for those who have already started reading I have done an update cuz some of this got mixed up, sorry


6. the date

Madison's pov:

I woke up to sun shining through the window and also Louis in my bed with me I didn't care I knew he loved me and I didn't want to hurt him. I tried to move but he woke up "oh sorry did I wake you?" I asked him "no its fine. it means I just get to see your face more" he said then kissed my nose. "awe Lou don't get ahead of yourself now" I teased him "no promises" he said back like a smarty. he got out of bed and said come on get up we are going out for coffee ill be back at nine" he said and left liam stayed behind and helped me get ready. I threw on mint high-low dress with a cream lace top. Liam took my picture like how a mother would. I laughed and gave him a hug. "Liam why are you crying" "im not crying its man tears" he said trying to hold it back then Louis pulled up. "bye Liam ill be back later" and I kissed him on the cheek and waked out the door. Lou was in his car wearing shades trying to look cool. "Lou are you trying to impress me?" I asked him "haven't I already" "oh lord the sass master has come out" I was making fun of him a little bit too much "you know you're funny" "Liam didn't tell you?" I asked him. we talked for about five more minutes then pulled up to a Starbucks.

Louis pov:

we got to Starbucks and went in. they gave me a private room so crazed fans couldn't see us I got hot tea and she got hot chocolate. we laughed for about 20 minutes then we left. we walked around for a couple minutes then went to the park. we sat down on a bench and she nuzzled into the crook of my neck, I knew it was my chance to ask her out "madz will you g-go ou-out wi-with m-me?" how in the world did I just stutter that much "what?" "will you go out with me?" I had to ask a second time "Lou I would love to" I then just smashed my lips into hers but she kissed back then we heard "yeah!!! hoot hoot hoot!! go Louis!!" I could feel her smile then pull away so she could laugh and I did too. the boy were hiding in the bushes and following us all day long. we all got together and walked around for a little while then went back to madz house. tomorrow would be the first day of our relationship, but I knew that Liam would kill me if I broke her heart and I was her first boyfriend. wow that's a hole different feeling. I knew now that I loved her, it didn't feel like my other relationships, she was the one for me I knew it.

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