dont you forget about me

Madison, a 18 year old and her best friend, Emily, move to London for Madison's birthday and when Madison meets up with an old friend, everything changes for everyone. Is anybody safe when the girls come?
~for those who have already started reading I have done an update cuz some of this got mixed up, sorry


9. telling and remembering

Madison's pov:

I just walked away from Louis just to be funny, I just laughed and walked into our bedroom "oh heck na girl! you did not just go there!" Lou yelled to me "well I just did so kiss my dixie crystal!" I had to say but he didn't know what it was so I was ok to say it "babe come back here!!! I miss you!" and he followed me into the room and threw me on the bed and started tickling me "Lou stop!! I will kick you in the balls!!!" then he just kissed me and he stoped and it turned into a make out session but about five minutes later the lads and Emily came home. I shot up and went to the bathroom fixed my hair makeup and shirt. I always wore alittle blush on my nose because I have a freckle right in the middle of my nose and I was always teased about it and I couldn't stand it. I ran down stairs and everyone was sitting on the couch "ok so I guess ou guys want to know how me and liam know each other don't you," they all shook their heads "Liam get up here! ok so my mom and his mom were best friends in high school and well, my mom met my dad, got married and moved to Fresno and I've grown up there but through the years me and Liam have done a lot. one year my grandma took us to a horse sale and my Mimi got Liam his own horse. and Liam, I still have our horses." then I looked down I knew Liam loved that horse because I got it from him. I looked up at him and he was crying then hugged me "really Madison, you really still have char?" he asked me crying like a baby "yes Liam but stones is gone," I nearly cried "madz im sorry" Liam tried to comfort me "Liam its fine its just, stones had a foal, charcoal  is still with the foal back in sanger but they are fine trust me now can we please change the subject please I don't feel like talking about maybe later but not now ok" and I ran off, I cant believe I just did that. I just ran to my room and crawled under the bed that's the only place were no one could find me then someone knocked on the door "madz can I come in please I want to know what happened" it was liam he walked in and sat on the floor, damn why did I do this when I was younger "madz come out I know your under there, please tell me" I crawled out from the bed and sat next to him " ok fine only because you wont leave me alone until I tell you," he nodded his head "well ok when I was fifteen I was riding him in the mountains with my grandma in the mountains at her ranch and well, I went down to the riverside a little while away and I saw a mountain lion 100 yards away I got out my gun and shot it  but it came back and attacked me. I fell off stones and he was fighting for me and I shot the lion again but I don't want t talk about it anymore I know that when we go back you will know" it I had to let it out but not all of it I.. he rubbed my back and took me back to the living room. all eyes were on me but I looked cool I just kept my head up and not looked at them, I was a pro always had to do it in school I can do it now I sat on Lou's lap and he kissed my head. we watched a movie until it was 1:30 then Emily started complaining she was hungry "Emily if we go out for food will you shut up!!!???" I asked so pissed off "yes!!! yes to the moon and back just get me some food!!" and with that I walked out the door, nothing but my phone and $50 in my back pocket.

Louis pov:

Madison just left to get us food. she did so much around the house she cleans every week but she's not a neat freak. that's one reason I love her. I went up stairs to our bed room and got on her laptop, I signed in and her background was a puppy coming out from under a bed, I must have been hers when she was younger. I got on to forever 21 to order madz a dress. we were surprising our girlfriends with dresses for a photo op. I found a dress that had a blue and white striped top part and red bottom, it was strapless and short. I like it, so I ordered it just in time. Madison just walked in the door and I ran down the stairs "hey babe-" I said to her giving her a kiss, "what did you get us to eat?" "oh not much just a couple baked potatoes, filet minion, salads, lobster, and salmon" how did she get all that in 10 minutes "then where is all the food?" she didn't have a single bag "where do you think ones in the room" she sassed as I looked and not a living form was behind us "oh ok then. niall leave some for us!!" I had to worn the lad as me and madz walked in everyone had a plate getting food and there was one of everything for each person. we dug in t the food and within minutes we all couldn't eat except niall. we all waddled to the couch and watched a movie. we all started laughing like crazy "I think im getting a six pack!" I screamed "please I've gotten a six pack from waking up in the middle of the night to hear you saying 'maddie win me that teddy bear' and 'oh you sooo sexy' I wonder what your dreaming about. NOT!!!" ok that was messed up I cant believe my girlfriend just did that. but damn I cant be mad at her. I looked to my right and see nialls arm around Emily, Madison must have planed it. then I looked down and saw madz asleep on my left shoulder when I felt my pocket vibrate, I got a text from Simon to pack in a couple days because we had to go to Walt Disney world  to preform. I was so excited I wanted to jump up and scream it out loud but I couldn't. I picked up madz and took her to bed and covered her with a blanket and I went back down stairs to relax with the boys. the movie ended and we started playing Fifa. "oh boys I got a text earlier saying in a week we are going to preform at Walt Disney world by the way-" and that's when I got weird looks then they jumped on the couch and started screaming and going nuts, "but guys calm down and shut up Madison is sleeping! sit your asses down and listen, look during this trip I want to propose to Madison-" and their jaws drop "but lads please don't tell her what ever you do ok, and don't give it away please I know she's the one and I don't want anyone else having her. and we will sing live while were young, magic, and what makes you beautiful. and when we sing magic that's when I will propose and after my solo that's when it will all happen got it boys?!" I had to make it perfect. they all nodded their heads yes. I knew I could count on the lads. but now i have to get some sleep

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