dont you forget about me

Madison, a 18 year old and her best friend, Emily, move to London for Madison's birthday and when Madison meets up with an old friend, everything changes for everyone. Is anybody safe when the girls come?
~for those who have already started reading I have done an update cuz some of this got mixed up, sorry


1. Movin' out


Madison's Pov:

I just got finished packing everything of mine and Emily's that we could fit into the moving truck. I was at my home saying goodbye while Emily was at her house. my mother just made it dramatic and made me cry a little, I got over it fast. its not that I don't like my parents its just I don't cry often and when I do everyone else cries I don't know why but it happens. I was driving to Emily's house when my phone buzzed. "hello?" I asked curiously, "hey madz!" "oh Emily its just you. what's up?" "well we are supposed to leave a half an hour early sorry." "alright Em, ill be at your house soon" "okay! bye!" I hung up and drove a little while. picked up Emily and we were off to the airport.

Emily's Pov:

Madison drove us to the airport. once we arrived people started placing our things into a lane and we went inside. "wow" I gasped seeing the amazing airport. "plane 126 to London will now be boarding" I heard and walked with Madison to the gate. we held hand in hand and walked into the tunnel. when the plane took off w started to watch a movie and about 5 minutes into it I got hungry and went to get food. when I got back Madz was asleep. I knew she was nervous about all of this. we only decided to move because she was only being hated and I couldn't put up with it. I ate my food and passed out as well. I woke up from Madz shaking me to death "hey! what's the matter with you! you are so lucky I love you!" "Em we re about to land. do u want to stay in here or go shopping?" I suddenly woke up. we got off and went inside and was about to grab our stuff when screaming girls and big gaurds rushed through. they lead them to the baggage where I found Madison. we soon got to our new house. it was beautiful but we couldn't stay long. so we got a hotel room for the night.


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