dont you forget about me

Madison, a 18 year old and her best friend, Emily, move to London for Madison's birthday and when Madison meets up with an old friend, everything changes for everyone. Is anybody safe when the girls come?
~for those who have already started reading I have done an update cuz some of this got mixed up, sorry


3. do you remember

liams pov

we started the concert and it was a rush. by the time we were finished I was so sweaty. its not attractive but when you have to preform in front of fans that adore you. I took a long nap. when I woke up it was about 8pm I walked around the stadium and I herd foot steps. I hid behind a corner. I saw the girl. she was beautiful. wait. "wait!" I screamed "Liam?" she asked "its you! its actually you!" I said so loud "omg Liam you remember me? I thught you would never remember me because its been so long and I missed you!" "and I missed every part of you" we hugged there for a minute until I said something "why don't you come over to my house so we can talk" "sure" I could see the hope in he eyes when she said that, she was always an awesome friend even though she left when she was three. we walked to my car I was just about to hold her hand but when I touched her hand she looked at me with a smile and held my hand I let out a little chuckle and we got in my car and I took us back to my house. wow I found her. I found my best friend. my sister. when we walked in she gasped at the sight of my house "well do you like it?" "its amazing Liam!" I cant believe I got her back.

Madison's pov:

wow I cant believe her remembered me "oh god" I said "what's wrong you cant be seen with your friend" he said wrapping his arms around me. as we started messing around I jumped on his back and then I heard a door open and asked Liam "Liam you never told me you had company?" and as soon as I said that four boys came running down the stairs and I hid my head behind liams. I looked over his shoulder and saw that one was only in his underwear, one had a sharpie mustache, and two others were covered in silly string. it was pretty funny so I just laughed. "oh hi Liam" the with the boxers on said "boys would you like to explain to me what you were doing?" Liam asked pissed off. "well would you like to tell us who is on your back?" one asked that was covered in silly string "oh yeah boys this is my friend Madison. shes shy at first" he shook me around on his back I still wouldn't show my face but said "liam nock it off! that's not funny!" "don't make me kiss you!" he yelled at me I then jumped off and yelled "ew liam cooties!" and jumped on the couch forgetting that I had booty shorts on. "hahahahahaha always works madz this is Harry in the boxers, Zayn in the mustache, and Niall and Louis in the silly string fight." Liam said "boys his is Madison she's my friend" "oh your girlie friend" harry joked "hahaha that's not something to joke about" as I said jumping off the ouch and landing on my heels like a pro. "Madz don't be a show off!" Liam said to me "please Liam you know I have nothing to show is I did why then don't I have a boyfriend the closest thing that came to one was you when we went to my uncles wedding and you kissed me cuz I had frosting on my lips" then Liam blushed "oh come on Liam you know you liked it!" I said teasing him "ok maybe I did but we were three and your mom was goanna wipe it off your face but that would have been a waste!" we all then laughed. I looked at the time and yelled "son of a biscuit eater!" "what's the mater Madz Liam asked me "oh its nothing I just haven't had dinner" "none of us had "said Louis "well do you guys want me to make some?" "sure" all the boys said. I was kind of creped out of how as soon as I went to the kitchen they followed. "Liam you have no food. niall how much did you eat while Liam wasn't home?" "not-wait how did you know that?" "well I guess its the note on the fridge saying sorry I ate all your food-niall" niall blushed like nuts "niall did you get into my make up and use all of my blush" at that point everyone was laughing

Louis pov:

wow she was beautiful she was so funny too. when she was on liams back it was kind of cute. her curls were full of life. I just wish she could be mine.  she's just so beautiful when she said she never had a boyfriend I couldn't believe it one bit but someone like her wouldn't lie.

Madisons pov:

we got done with dinner and the guys just stared at me when I was sitting on the counter waiting for something to happen till I said "okay either we can watch a movie or all go to sleep because I have a feeling that if I sit here for another minute im goanna get raped" after that last word they all looked shocked except for harry who said "well we could do that" "first off that was disturbing to hear from you, second I couldn't do that because I know how you play your games, and third you don't know one thing about me" I said back "ok can we watch a movie now" liam asked "ok I guess"

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