dont you forget about me

Madison, a 18 year old and her best friend, Emily, move to London for Madison's birthday and when Madison meets up with an old friend, everything changes for everyone. Is anybody safe when the girls come?
~for those who have already started reading I have done an update cuz some of this got mixed up, sorry


10. dates and dresses

Madison's pov:

I woke up to being the only one in the bed "Louis?" I called out but no answer "Lou?" I got out of bed and walked downstairs and there was a note on the kitchen that said 'hey babe sorry for not waking you up, me and the boys had to go to a meeting this morning and Emily said that she was going out for the day. meet me at nandos at noon so we can eat together. see you later babe I have a special surprise, love you! xxx' I smiled when I read the note "Lou you just wont stop will you?" I asked myself like a nerd. I looked at the clock and it was 10:30 am. I ran upstairs and put on my floral sundress, red heels, and left my hair down in its natural curls. I went to my bronco and drove to nandos. I pulled into the parking lot and paparazzi was waiting out side. damn.  I went to the back and got to the front and not seen. I stood at the front waiting to be taken to a seat and then a man came up to me "your table is right over here" he said to me and lead me to a table in the back and I saw lou "hello love" what did he do wrong or is about to do something. he pulled the chair out for me "thank you lou" I said and sat down and he sat  down. I looked at the menu and deciding what I wanted when a woman came up and took our orders "we both would have the filet minion and water please" lou said and the lady left "lou how did you know I wanted that?" we was up to something "I just know you that well and well here love," he handed me a card and a note "open the box first" I opened it and a beautiful dress was in there "lou its beautiful thank you!" and I kissed him on the cheek and read the note "omg!! lou!! that's amazing and thank you sooo much how did you get this!!!??? im so happy for you and the lads!!" I just screamed in the reastrant and lunged my self at Louis and kissed him "well you see we wanted to go on vacation to Walt Disney world and its around the time now when they are opening a new parade and they want us to preform at the very first day and only one day and then we have an entire week to just have fun and relax" he told me "lou that's great I cant wait when do we leave?" I wanted to know so bad "well we leave right after and interview on Friday, so about three days" wow only three days I think I can plan it. lou grabed my hand and heald it across the table and our food came "damn this looks great" I dug right into it and within five minutes I was done with my food and lou was still eating. I started rubbing his hand keeping myself but he shook me out of my boredom "babe do you want to leave?" damn he was so sweet "oh no ill let you finish" I tried to reason with him but I ended up losing "look lets get this to go and go home and have some fun?" yup he one "fine but you will not get carried away" I needed to keep it simple "ok ok fine" he said then we heard laughting and looked across the tables and saw Emily and Niall laughing with Emily holding a dress in her lap "well it seems like he had the same idea" lou laughted and I laughted too we got our stuff and payed. "well I had a good night did you love?" Louis asked me "of coarse lou" we got to our cars and drove home. when we got home we couldn't find liam "liam? dude come out before I get my gun out" I really hated being scared "ill go check up stairs" I went to liams room and saw him on his bed "liam? whats the matter?" he was acutely crying "oh nothing" that was a terrible lie "bull shit its nothing tell me whats wrong" "well everyone has a date but me" wow that was harsh "look when we go to Florida we will stop by my place and find you a girl k?" "ok" time for match making to happen

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