Sugar and Spice Makes Everything Nice

So, I remade this. It the same basic story as before... but better. Enjoy.


1. Chapter 1

~Courtneys POV~

The cool spring breeze whipped my face with force. My birthday was nearing, as was the end of the school year. Soccer was coming to a wrap and the other two sports that occupied my time (Volleyball and Basketball) We're invading the continuation of the school year. It was Friday, May 3rd, also my turn for our annual Sleepover extravaganza. Every first Friday of every month, we rotate whose house we spend the night at, trying to make it better then the last. I clung the donuts and my white hot chocolate from Tim Hortons close to my chest, trying to protect it and keep the goodness nice and warm.

I walked up to the house that I had called my home for 17 years of my life, and opened the white door with the gold knocker, where Schroter was scrawled carefully. The door released an abundance of music and horrible singing, originating from my mother. "You know I'm a crazy Bitch, I DO WHAT I WANT WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT CUZ YOUR FUCKING CRAZY ROCK AND ROLL!" She screamed through the abandoned house. I walked over to the iPod and speakers, and unplugged it. "WHO STOPPED THE PARTY!" She cried. She round the corner with her hands bubbly because of the dish soap she used. "Oh. Hi Courtney..." She awkwardly smiled. "Hi Mom. Canadians today?" I asked exasperated. Every day she went on one of my playlists and screamed out the lyrics, you may think its funny, but try walking in on your mom dancing to 'Sexy And I Know It'. Let it sink in. Imagine that. Yup. Its some nasty stuff. "Yup!" She bounced. "Now turn back on my jam!" She smiled. "Good God No." I smirked walking into the basement to set up the food.

~*~59 Minutes Later~*~

Almost an hour later I finished setting up the basement. My basement was large with a gray shag carpet and brown wood panels lining the wall. It was the size of two rooms, made into one. Near the TV I had a stack of movies neatly organized, and the Wii hooked up with games in the cabinet. Sleeping bags where formed in a circle with some chips in the middle. In a corner, it was designated for the bags and all the other crap they brought. My Air Hockey table was covered with a table cloth and a variety of drinks. Glow in the dark items were strung all over my roof. It looked pretty damn good. I walked over to the couch and plopped down on the plush leather surface.


The shrill doorbell rang through my empty house, awaking me from my sleep... on the couch... no it wasnt comfy... it was actually unconfortable. My parents had left a while ago, leaving me to wait. I heaved off the couch and assended up the stiar case. Sighing, I unlocked and pulled open the door.

The average hight blonde girl, with bluish-green eyes stepped into my house and took off her teal converse. She smiled at me and closed the door behind herself. "Hey Courtney!" She bounced. "Hey Lisa, you can claim your spot down stairs, Im gonna just get my iPod radio thingy" I smiled pointing to the basement and climbing up the trail of stairs.

I unplugged my radio and walked down the dozens of stairs, only to reach where Lisa had made herself comfortable, already munching on chips. Usually, Sam and I started the party. Lisa was the outgoing one... But she was shy as well.... When you first met her, she would be outgoing, but then she would grow shy. We aren't very exiting with just 2 of us. We are the three musketeers.

Lisa stood, holding her PJ's and walked to the bathroom. We were always quiet around each other. I told each one of the girls to bring they're cellphones and laptops, and iPods or iPads since Sams iPod was first generation, and she preferred her iPad. Lisa's electronic bag layed beside the sleeping bag farthest from the couch and closest to the stairwell.

The same annoying doorbell interupted my thoughts, and I repeated the process, but to my surprise, Sam opened the door herself. The dark haired girl with Hazel eyes (who was like 5'7 so a little taller then myself) smiled at me and engulfed me in a hug. "COURTNAYYYY" She shouted in my ear. "SAMMAY FROM MIAMI" I screamed back. We leg go of each other as she jumped down the stairs to greet Lisa. I followed her, but landed on my face instead. Truthfully, that really really really hurt. Like scale 1-10 it felt like a God Damn 10... The two girls laughed historically as I glared at them. I shall seek revenge?

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