Here We Go

Just a small town girl dancing for her life and her brother wont let any boy touch her



Megan's P.O.V.

"Megannnnnnnnn go put the bases in please." "Can't you see I'm doing something Fortman." I said back to Fortman my brother with a snobby look while I was getting up. We had this bond like brother and sister mostly because we are. "Your the best boo" he said smiling at me while he winked. "Welcome and don't call me boo." "Megan put some clothes on" Cole yelled at me. "Its called dance it's what people do to keep in shape but you wouldn't know since you don't try" I yelled at him from across the field. All the guys in the dug out said ohhhhhhhh. I just smiled and giggled a little. I walked to the bench I always sit on and started to read my book. "Megannnnnn." I looked up to see Drake. To inform you all Drake was  beautiful. He had blonde hair like mine always had a smile on his face and had lovely blue eyes that you could get lost in. "Ye yes Drake." "My cousin and his friends are coming and when they do don't freak out because they are like me, hot and pretty." "Ok what ever you say Drake ill try my best its not like it's one direction or anything." Once I said that he walked away with a smirk on his face. "Hey Megan can you go and get my helmet." Liam asked well told me to do (not Liam Payne). "Here Liam" I threw the helmet and he caught it. I walked over to my bench and heard Drake talking to someone who's voice I didn't recognise. "Who's Drake talking to? No way is that Harry Styles oh my god I'm going to die Fortman help me I'm going to die." Fortman grabbed my hand and took me to the closet. "Megan before you go and get a crush on Harry  I have to tell you something". "You cant date harry i forbid it." I was shocked Andrew (Fortman) had no right to tell me that I mean he is my brother but he has  no right. "Andrew I know you care  but you cant decide who i can or cant date even if its just a crush . " I walked out but before Andrew grabbed me. He pulled me into a hug. "I'm sorry I just care about you." I walked to my bench and sat down while Andrew and the guys went to warm up.  Andrew smiled and waved.

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