Here We Go

Just a small town girl dancing for her life and her brother wont let any boy touch her


6. Trusting You

Megan's P.O.V.

 Well Andrew was okay I guess about me and Harry. He got that fact that it was my life and I had the freedom to date who I wanted. After that night I kissed Harry goodbye on the cheek though I didn't want Andrew to think we were moving to fast in our relation ship. I slept well that night I don't know if it was the fact that I someone liked me or what maybe its because I was just so sleepy. I had dance today and I have to audition they moved it closer so that they could perfect the opening dance number. They are manly looking for someone who can do all sorts of dance. I manly focus on ballet, jazz, tap, pretty much all sorts. I was nervous but ready I had my point shoes ready and I was all stretched. "Okay so here are your teachers and your fellow dance members if you do make it" a tall man said will black hair. He looked like he didn't want to be here but I guess he had too. ****************************

We learned ballet first than a hip-hop dance and jazz. I did pretty good in all of them but I was mainly focused on who one of the dancers were. She was my idol she had brown and black hair mixed together. Her hair was up so I couldn't see how long it was. I was star struck as soon as she was introduced.  Danielle Claire Peazer. I knew everything about her she was amazing. I loved her even before she was dating Liam. I knew her favorite color: blue. To sum it all up I'm a big fan. I was packing my stuff up when she was talking to me. The Danielle Peazer. "You did really good out there don't worry I'm sure you will make it" I couldn't say anything I was in shock I realized I was just standing there and she was probably waiting for a response. "Thanks so much that means so much coming from a great dancer like you" Oh god what if that was to fan like ahhhh I was freaking out more than seeing one direction at my school. OH CRAP SCHOOL PIXIE STICKS!!!!! "Aww thanks heres my number if you ever need any help or pointers." she said giving me her number on a slip of paper.  "Thanks I will for sure call sometime" I said as I grabbed my self and calmly walked out but as soon as I turned the corner I dashed for my car. I was late like already time for baseball late normally I get there just before lunch but nope. I walked out to the field well actually ran. When I saw something strange. It was romantic strange it was......







Sorry I had to end it at a cliff hanger my brother wants to play a game and yeah so ill try and update soon love you all that read it. make sure you comment I will be doing a contest soon so make sure you keep updated. also read my other book dream come true love you all.

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