Here We Go

Just a small town girl dancing for her life and her brother wont let any boy touch her


3. Pressure

Megan's P.O.V.
"Hello love do you think we could sit with you" I looked up from my book and saw Louis standing I front of me. "Ahhhhhh yeah of course you can" I said kindly as I move y stuff. Harry sat on my right side, Louis sat on Harry's right, on my left was Liam and Niall while Zayn sat on the ground. "Do you see the guy who just waved that's my brother."  "He's seems cool" Zayn said. "I'm sorry I'm just  shocked your Drakes cousin." I said poking Niall. "Yeah he's funny but sometimes annoying." Niall said sitting down on the grass next to Zayn i guess so he wouldn't feel lonely. I looked at Harry ughhhhh he was so pretty. I poked Harry and he smiled looking up from his phone. "Harrrrrrryyyyyy" I said messing up his hair. "Yes can I help you ." "Your not talking." "Oh well sorry Megan."  Harry smiled and poked my side. "Here comes the guys." I said smiling and giving them all my attention. Harry's P.O.V.
Wow Megan. When I was talking to Drake I asked who she was and he just walked away like a clown. Me and the guys were walking over to Megan and the bench where she sat. I noticed that she was reading and sometimes looking up at the guys. Drake said she was off limits because she was Andrew Fortmans sister.
Megan's P.O.V.
"Harrrrryyyyy" I said looking at him. "Yes Megan" "it's time to go" I said getting my stuff together and walking away. Harry pulled out his head phones that he had put on a while ago. "Oh thanks Megan can I ask you something" I turned around and gave him my full attention. "Yes Harry" "do you think we could get pizza tonight" what was I supposed to say I can't date him because of my brother oh well LLL (living like Larry) ok so I watch spongebob calm down. "Um I kind of cant but ill lie to my brother and tell him something here's my number and text me later" I said as I wrote my number on his arm. "Sounds good talk to you later".

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