Here We Go

Just a small town girl dancing for her life and her brother wont let any boy touch her


5. I Dont Care

Harry's P.O.V.

I had to park a little ways down the street from Megan's house so her brother didn't know what was going on. I called Megan and her lovely voice picked up. 'Hey Harry I'll flicker my light so you can help me down' 'Okay sounds good see you soon.' I hung up and walked around to find her light flickering. Once i found her window i climbed the tree that was by her window it was very easy. "One way or another I'm gonna find you I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha. One way or another I'm gonna win ya I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha" Megan sang along with my part and danced around. "You dance lovely" "Oh my god you saw that oh ummm i feel so embarrassed." she said looking at the ground. I climbed through the window and lifted her chin. "how about we go and get that pizza." she smiled and climbed down with me. 



Megan's P.O.V.

I was getting ready and i picked out my black blazer my white short sleeved shirt, my dark blue jean shorts and my black converse.


Harry's P.O.V.

I walked her to my car and it was really awkward. I opened her door for her and walked to my side and started the car. We arrived at Domino's and got a booth to sit at. "So Megan whats your favorite thing to do when your not at school" I asked her as i put my hands on the table. "Um well i dance so I guess dance is" she said and smiled down words. "Oh thats cool I like to play football well soccer for you guys out here i guys" I smiled hoping she would look up. "Im sorry Harry im just nerves I haven't really been on a date before my brother wouldn't let me and he wouldn't let me know is he knew I was here." She said looking into my eyes and me doing the same to her she had lovely blue eyes that were like Niall's but only prettier. "Its okay I wont hurt you I haven't hurt any girls in my life." i said grabbing her hand and smiling at her she did the same but soon moved her hand away from mine. We walked to the car after pizza and started to drive back to her house. "Well thanks for tonight Harry i really enjoyed it maybe tomorrow we can see a movie." she said as she leaned in. I nodded and leaned into. Our lips were getting closer as I started to look down at her. I looked into her eyes one last time before our lips moved in sync and nothing would stop that. "I have to go Harry ill see you tomorrow." She started to walk away when i grabbed her arm and kissed her again. Her lips were so soft and warm I felt the sparks fly the first and second time we kissed. "Good night Megan." I said and walked away thinking about what happened. "Harry wait" i turned and saw Megan come towards me. "I dont care if my brother knows that im going on dates with you. All I care about is that he knows I'm happy come on lets go tell him." she said pecking my lips and walking with me to the front door. "okay if you really want to I'm ready." I said looking at her while she grabbed my hand and letting our hands intertwine.

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