I Just Want to be Loved *Completed*

When Brittany's mum get's remarried, she got a surprises when she finds out who her new step brothers are. When she starts living with one of them and his friends, and starts 'dating' one of them, she starts to question herself. Was her life to complicated? What's going to happen when her past catches up with her? Will Louis ever tell her his secret? Are one of the boys going to fall for her? What will Liam do when she becomes known as 'Mummy Direction'? And most importantly, will the boys be understanding about her past and help her in the future?


19. Meeting New People

"Thanks Harry," I said. "I would invite you to stay, but you seem to be wanted over there." I gestured behind him where there were girls with his name on their shirt and were in tears.

"I seem to be," he said and walked over to them.

"Hello there," I said to the girls standing in front of me.

"Hi," they said together.

"So, you wanted to talk to me?" I asked.

"Um, yeah," one of them said.

"What's your names?" I asked.

"I'm Sil," one of them said. She was the skinniest and had long dark brown hair that was in her face.

"I'm Angie," the (not to be racist) black one said.

"I'm Tay," the one is the back said. She had long dirty blonde hair that was in a messy bun.

"And I'm Fe," the ginger said.

"Well, nice to meet you," I told them with a smile.

"Are you really friends with the boys?" Angie asked me.

"Yeah, when we were on stage we weren't putting on a show. That's how we really are together."

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Fe asked.

"Not currently, no," I told them.

"Have you ever?" Tay asked.

"Okay, I'm starting to feel like I'm being interrogated," I said.

"I'm sorry, it's just that you're like our romodel," Sil said to me and my smile faltered.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you seem like a down to earth person," Fe said.

"You seem to be kind of like us, and you're confident," Tay added.

"Thanks, but I'm not the best romodle. I've done so many things that I've regretted, and only one good thing has happened in my life. But's it's all gone now." I could feel tears coming to my eyes.

"I'm sorry, we didn't mean to make you cry," Angie said and she walked over and hugged me.

I hugged her back and said, "It's not you guys's fault. All I know is that my past is going to be brought up, and then you'll hate me. Everyone will hate me." Tears were streaming down my face.

"We'll like you," Sil said and all of the girls nodded.

"No you won't," I told them.

"What could be in your past that could do this to you?" Sil asked. She had a concered look on her face.

"Everything," I said.

"Okay, what are you doing after this?" Angie asked and pulled away from the hug.

"Probably going back to the guy's house and watching a movie or something," I told them and wiped my cheeks off.

"Do you want to hang out with us?" Fe asked.

"Sure," I said and I could feel a smile slowly creeping towards my face.

"What do you want to do?" Sil asked.

"What time, and day, of the week?" I asked and they gave me a weird look.

"It's six twenty eight on a Friday," Tay said as she looked at her phone.

"Who say we go to the mall and try on clothes that we'd never buy because their either really freaky or to expensive?" I said.

"Me," all of the girls said.

"Do you guys wanna go now?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure," Sil said.

"I'll drive," Fe added.

"Okay, just give me a sec," I said and walked off towards the boys. When I got to Zayn I said, "I'm going to go and hang out with some people, can you tell everyone for me?"

"Who are these people?" he asked.

"Just some girls that I met."

"That seems weird," he said.

"I promise I won't get killed," I told him.

"Wither you die is not in your control," he said with a smile, "but you go and have fun with your new friends. I'll make sure to tell the boys."

I stated to walk away, but I added, "You better. You know what Niall and Louis are like."

"I will!" he yelled, and I walked over to the girls again.

"So," I said, "are we off?"

"Yep, follow me," Fe said and all of us walked outside.










We got into Fe's car and I sat in shot gun. Everyone else had to squeeze into the backseat.

Once we got to the mall, I stopped everyone.

"Okay, where to first?" I asked.

"Ummmmm, Deb?" Sil asked and the girls nodded.

"I know there was a reason I like you guys," I said and they all laughed.

"You like Deb?" Angie asked as we walked into the story.

"You have no idea," I said.

I saw Paula (one of the workers at Deb that I got to know pretty well the last time that I was here) walking up to me, when she got near, she said, "Hey Britt."

"Hey Paula," I replied.

"Back again?" she asked.

"I seem to be."

"Did you bring those two really attractive guys with you?" she asked.

"I did not," I told her and she frowned.

"Okay, just to clarify something, they we're Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, right?"

"Yes they were," I told her with a smile.

"I would love to be you. You get to live with them!" Paula yelled.

"It's not all fun and games. It's a lot of work."

"Brittany, come here," Sil yelled for over by the clothes.

"Sorry, but I have to go," I said to Paula and walked over to Sil.

"Try this on," she said as the shoved a shirt to me.

"I would, but I already own that," I told her.

"Well, then trying on something else," Tay said as she walked over to me.

"How about dresses," I asked because I had a mojority of the clothes that were here. All of us headed over to the dress area and started digging through the racks.

After five minutes, all of us had some dresses we wanted to try on, and were in the dressing rooms.

"On the count of five?" I asked.

"Sure," someone replied.

"Okay, five, four three, two, one," I said and all of us walked out.

"I love your dress!" Sil said to me and I smiled.

"I love yours too!" I told her. "Paula!" I yelled, "Can you come here?"

When Paula walked over to us, I handed her my phone. "Can you take a pic?" I asked.

"Sure," she said with a smile.

"Girls, come here," I said and everyone huddled around me. "Okay, normal one," I said and my phone flashed. "Okay, funny one," I said and we pulled the stupidest faces ever.

"Here you go," Paula said and handed me my phone back.

"Thanks," I replied and she walked away. "Hey," I said to my friends, "what are your twitter names?" Once I followed them, I posted the pic.



Me, @fefe321, @angiebaby2, @silie22, and @taytayiscool at Deb! I may have just met them, but they seems to be pretty awesome!!!



"Oh my god, I can't believe you're following me," Tay said and I laughed.

"I had the same reaction, but worse, when I found out that I was 5/5," I told them and their eyes widened.

"You're 5/5?" Fe asked in amazement.

"Well I live with all five don't I?" I said.

"True," Sil said and nodded.

"Okay, time to change!" I yelled and we all rushed back into the dressing rooms.

After about an hour and a half, we left Deb and walked to the food court to get an early dinner.

We sat down at a table and started to talk. Around fifteen minutes later, I overheard some girls talking about us from a table near by.

"Look at them," one of them said.

"Why are they even here?" another one whispered.

"They're just so fat," the third one said.

I wasn't sure if any of the other girls heard them, but I didn't think they did since they were smiling and laughing. I had to force a smile on my face and it felt like a flash from the past when I never had a real smile on my face.

Then, one of the girls at the other table said excitedly to her friends, "Oh my god! Is that Louis Tomlinson?!?"

All of them turned around, started to fangirl, and ran up to him.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," they were all saying while jumping up and down.

"Can I have you autograph?" one of them asked.

"And a picture?" another one of them said.

Louis looked shocked. "After you talked about my friends like that? Hell no bitch!"

Everyone looked at him in shock as he walked over to the table I was sitting at and pulled a chair up next to me.

"So," he said as if nothing had just happened, "what we talkin' 'bout?"

"Lou, you're fuckin' awesome," I said and threw my arms around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"I'll do anything to defend family," he replied with a smile and hugged me back.

"Wait," I said, "how did you know where I was? I didn't tell Zayn where I was going."

"Twitter," he said.

"That makes since," I replied nodding.

"So, who are your friends?" Louis asked.

"Well, this is Fe, Angie, Tay and Sil. Fe, Angie, Tay and Sil, this is Louis Tomlinson. AKA, a member of One Direction."

"Hi," they said with huge smiles on their faces.

"Hello," Louis replied.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Well, Liam and Zayn went to hang out with some friends that aren't us," Lou said.

"Those arses," I added.

"I know! Them hanging out with people that aren't you or me, that's just not right! But the point is that Niall and Harry got into an argument over the last piece of pizza and, well, it sort of got a little bloody," Louis said and I could feel my eye's widen.

"Bloody?" I asked.

"Well, it's not that bad. Harry just slipped and hit his head on the floor and got a concussion. We already took him to the doctor and everything."

"This is exactly why I don't like to leave the house."

"It's not your fault Britt," Louis said. "But Harry said that he needed a nurse so I came to get you!"

"There is such a thing as a phone, you do know that right?" I said to Lou.

"Phone's are to mainstream," he said and stood up.

"Okay, well I'm sorry, but it seems like I have to go," I said to my friends. I pulled a pen out of my purse and wrote my number on a napkin. "All of you, send me a text with your name so I get your number, and feel free to call me," I said as I stood up.

"Bye," they said.

"Bye," I replied and I followed Louis to his car.


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