I Just Want to be Loved *Completed*

When Brittany's mum get's remarried, she got a surprises when she finds out who her new step brothers are. When she starts living with one of them and his friends, and starts 'dating' one of them, she starts to question herself. Was her life to complicated? What's going to happen when her past catches up with her? Will Louis ever tell her his secret? Are one of the boys going to fall for her? What will Liam do when she becomes known as 'Mummy Direction'? And most importantly, will the boys be understanding about her past and help her in the future?


31. Life Changing Moment

Two Weeks Later...


Liam and I were the only one's awake. We were in the kitchen starting breakfast when we heard a light knock on the door. I put down the pancake mix I was mixing, and went to open the door.

"L-L-LIAM!" I screamed and he came running.

"What!" he asked as he jogged over. Then he gasped when he saw what was on the front porch. "What...What!"

I looked at Liam and said, "Is now really a good time for Doctor Who references?"

"It's always a good time for that," he replied and smiled at me. Then we looked to the ground again.

"He's probably so scared," I said and opened the door. I went and grabbed the baby carriers handle and brought him inside. I walked over and set it on the kitchen table.

"Should I get the boys?" Liam asked.

"Just scream for them," I replied and covered the babies ears.

"HELP! OH MY GOD! BOYS! HELP! BRITTANY'S HAVING A SEASURE!!!" Within thirty seconds, everyone was downstairs. None were wearing shirts, and Harry had just got done pulling up his boxers when he got to the main floor.

"Oh thank god Brittany, you're okay," Niall told me and gave me a Horan hug.

"No, actually I'm not," I replied.

"Why?" Louis asked and I gestured behind me. That's when they noticed the baby.

"Why's there a baby?" Zayn asked in confusion.

"Well, what I'm thinking is that one of you guys had a one night stand, and now there's a baby," I told them. "But, then again, it might not be yours. It's just, well, I know it's not mine."

"When did it get here?" Harry asked.

"He got here about two minutes ago. Someone left him on the door step," Liam informed everyone.

"What are we supposed to do with him?" One of the boys asked.

"Well, first you should probably call Paul, then we should take all of you to the hospital, and get some maternity tests done," I told them.

Liam pulled out his phone and called Paul. "Hey Paul, sorry to be calling you... Yes, we know that it's your week off, it's just that we have a slight problem...Umm, well, ummm..." Niall took the phone from Liam.

"Hi, um, well, someone dropped a baby on the front porch and we don't know what to do...No, it's not Brittany's...Yes, we're going to go to the hospital soon...Okay, we'll let you know what happens, bye."

"Let's go get ready, I'll watch the baby," I told them and they all went upstairs. I took the carriers handle and brought it upstairs with me, and into my room.

The baby was asleep, and he looked adorable. I set the carrier on the floor and went to get ready.












Surprisingly, I was ready before the boys. I took the baby back down stairs with me, and he started to cry.

"Shhhhhhh, shhhhhhh," I hushed and I carefully picked him up. "It's okay. You don't need to cry. Shhhhhhhhh." I held him tightly in my arms and bounced him. I was starting to cry and I tried to hold back my tears. I hadn't held a baby since Brett, and I missed him so much.

I heard someone walk down the stairs and I wiped away the tears that were silently streaming down my face. The baby stopped crying, and Louis walked up to me.

"You're a natural," he said with a huge smile.

"I was a mother," I told him with a smile slowly forming on my face.

"Can I hold him?" Louis asked.

"Well, since he might be your kid, yes," I replied and passed him to Louis.

"He's so cute," Lou commented.

"Babies always are. But what will you do if he's your son?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe find his mum, drop out of the band, and raise him."

"As cute and sweet as that is, I want to smack you across the face, but you're holding a baby, so I can't."


"No girl wants you to be with them just because there's a baby," i told him.

"I thought that a girl wanted help raising a baby." Louis sounded a little confused.

"They do, but they want you to be with them because you love them. There was a reason that I never told anyone besides you and Jake the truth about Brett. Even if I found his real dad, he probably wouldn't have wanted to help me with him, but Jake was willing to spend the rest of his life raising Brett with me."

"I doubt that."

"Okay, let's go," Liam said as the rest of the boys ran down the steps. "I called Mercy and told them about our little problem. Their willing to help us out, and not tell anyone."

"Okay," I said and took the baby from Louis. When he was back in the carrier, we went outside and into the Escalade. Louis and Harry sat in the front, and I sat in the back between Liam and Zayn with the carrier on my lap.

After Louis started driving, I asked them a question.

"What are you going to do if the baby is one of yours?"

"I'm not sure," Harry replied and everyone nodded.

I looked at Liam. "Okay, so Liam, three questions."

"Shoot," he replied.

"Did you ever cheat on Danielle?"

"No! Never!" He replied immediately.

"Did you and Danielle have sex?"

"Well, considering the fact that I dated her for two years, yes."

"Before you and Danielle broke up, was she getting fat?"


"Good news people! Liam is not the daddy!" I announced to the car.

"Do you know how old the baby is?" Harry asked slowly.

"I'd say that he's less than a month old. Think back to about ten months ago, and try to think of a girl it might have been."

"By the looks on your faces," Liam said after a moment, "I think you guys can think of some people." All of them nodded.

"I should really call Perrie," Zayn said and pulled out his phone. "Just in case...Hi, Perrie, ummm, well, ummm, uhhhh," I took the phone from Zayn because I know that he was just going to keep mumbling.

"Hi Perrie, its Brittany. I'm not sure if you remember me or not."

"Of course I do," Perrie replied.

"Okay, well, Zayn just wanted to call you and let you know that a baby appeared on our door step, and we're going to go and get some maternity tests done."

"It might be his?"


"Can I talk to him?"

"Here he is," I said and passed the phone back to Zayn. A few minutes later, he hung up. "So, if it's my kid, she's not going to dump me, so that's good."

"Yeah, it is," Louis said and we pulled up to the hospital. We all got out and walked in. A nurse showed us to the room, and took blood samples from Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and the baby. Then they took the baby to a back room.

"I don't want to know," Niall said quickly.

"Agreed," Harry added.

"If it belongs to one of us, we should just raise it together," Louis announced.

"I'm okay with that," Zayn added.

"Are you guys sure you don't want to know?" Liam asked.

"Well, I want to know, but if it's mine, I don't want to be on my own," Harry said.

"I know the feeling," Louis added.

"Okay, so let's make an agreement. It doesn't matter who the dad is, if it belongs to one of you, we all raise it," I said.

"Agreed," everyone replied in unison. 

"And we don't ever say who the dad is," Niall added.

"Agreed," everyone said again.

There was a light knock on the door, and then a doctor walked in with the baby. I went and took him from his arms. "Well, the baby's name is Danny. Do you want to know the parentage?" They boys shared a look of horror.

"Can I see and then tell them?" I asked.

"Of course," the doctor said and handed me his chart. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Thanks," I replied and the door shut. "Can someone hold Danny?" I asked and Liam took him from me.

"Is it one of us?" Niall asked and I looked at the sheet.


"Who?" Zayn asked.

"Well, you should inform Perrie and tell her that you're not a dad!" I said to Zayn who quickly pulled out his phone and texted someone. "Tommo, it's not yours," Louis had a slight look of relief on his face, while Niall and Harry looked terrified. "And Mr. Step Brother of mine, I'm sorry announce that," I paused dramatically, "I'm not an aunt."

"What?" Harry asked with eyes so wide that I feared they would pop out of his head.

"Yes Mr. Styles, Happy Father's Day!" I yelled.

We talked it over, and called Paul. He wasn't very happy, but he told us that he expected something like this to happen. When the doctor came in again, he told us some very shocking news.

"Danny Jennings mother died a few days ago," he announced. "I called her mother, and she told me that her daughter always told her that if she died, to give Danny to his dad, so she did."

"But Ally Jennings lived in America," Harry said.

"Yes, and her mother is flying back as we speak. I called her right before she had to turn her phone off."

"Ally's dead?" Harry asked in shock.

"She died in a car accident a week ago."












After that, we got into the car and drove home. Harry was upset, but he tried not to show it. He went and locked himself in his room. I went up to Harry's door and knocked. "Harry, we've got to get some clothes and food for Danny, do you want to come?"

"No," I heard Harry mumble.

"Okay, have fun in there!" I said and started walking away, then I wet back and added, "Don't do anything stupid!"

I walked down the stairs to Louis who was waiting to do to the store with me. He was dressed in disguise. His disguise was a short black wig, a goatee and 3-D movie glasses.

"He's not coming?" Louis asked and I shook my head. "Okay, well, let's go and take Danny on his first of many shopping trips!"

I followed Louis out to the car and sat down with Danny in my lap. We headed to the nearest Asda (Wall-mart) and went to the baby section.

"What all do we need?" Lou asked and I went to work.

I grabbed all the food that Danny would need for the next two weeks, some bottles, binky's, and I let Louis pick out the toys. We got a lot of weird looks from some mums in the isle, but we just ignored them. Lou and I probably looked like a young couple that was buying food for their baby.

"What else?" Louis asked when we left the isle.

"A high chair, a car seat, a changing table, a crib, a stroller, baby monitors, clothes, diapers, and whatever else I can think of," I replied.

"Are we getting that all here?"

"Not the furniture, and we can go to the mall for clothes if you want."

"I want my baby to have the best things possible, so we're going to buy him the nicest things."

"Your baby?" I asked in confusion.

"Yeah, all the boys except Liam are going to claim Danny as theirs," Lou explained.

"Oh, okay. That sounds like something you guys would come up with."

"I know...Do you know where the diapers are?"

"Ugggg, follow me," I said as I pushed the car to the back wall. "Grab two of those," I said and pointed at the same diapers that Brett used to use. 

Louis and I went and got a car seat, then checked out.

I made Lou put the car seat into the car because it looked like it was going to be hard to do, and after five minutes of swearing and complaining, it was done. I set Danny in it, and we headed to Baby's Я Us.

There, we got everything but the clothes, and we went to the mall for that.

When we got there, we put Danny into his new stroller, and pushed him in. Since Louis had yet to be recognized, I knew he was going to be soon.

"Are you Louis Tomlinson," a group of teen girls asked.

"If you stay quiet I am," Louis said.

"And if we yell?" one of them asked.

"Then I'm not Louis Tomlinson, I'm pissed."

"We won't yell," one of them said quickly.

After a few minutes, they were done taking picture and sighing things. One of them then asked about the baby.

"It's my baby," Louis said and then scratched his fact goatee. "Or maybe it's Niall's, or Zayn's, or Harry's. I can't really remember."

"It's not Liam's kid though," I added.

"What's his name?" I was asked.

"Danny," I replied.

"Is he your baby?"

"Why does everyone keep asking me that? No, he's not mine," I answered.

A few minutes later, we said our goodbye's to them, and walked into the baby clothes store.

"This place," Louis said with wide eyes, "is the coolest place ever."

"I had a feeling that you would like it."












An hour and a half later, we were done shopping for Danny and on our way back home. Danny had fallen asleep by the time we got back, and so I carried him up to Louis room and set him between two pillows so he didn't roll off.

When I saw Zayn, he looked a little sad because Perrie left a little earlier, but he smiled as soon as he saw Danny.

We called Harry downstairs, and had a family meeting.

"Okay, so, where is Danny going to sleep?" Niall asked.

"We can change the guest bedroom into a nursery," Liam suggested.

"Who's going to wake up whenever he cries at night?" Harry asked and everyone looked at me.

"Me? Just because I was a mum doesn't mean that I'm waking up at all hours of the night to take care of him." When I was done talking, I realized what I had just said and I slapped my hands over my mouth. Niall, Liam and Zayn were looking at me with wide eyes. "Shit," I muttered into my hands.

"You were a mum?" Niall asked.

"Yeah..." I replied slowly.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Zayn asked.

I moved my hands away from my mouth and said, "I honestly thought that it would be all over twitter by now." After a few moments I added, "When I was fifteen I got pregnant. About twenty two months after he was born, his heart failed. His name was Brett, and I have a picture of him on my nightstand."

"Okay, so just to clarify, you won't take care of Danny when he's crying at night?" Louis said and changed the subject. I gave him a look that said thank you.

"All of us will. But I probably will the most because you people are lazy," I told them.

Then Danny started to cry. Everyone looked at me and I sighed, then I walked upstairs and into Louis room. I picked Danny up, and then I brought him back downstairs and handed him to Harry.

"He needs changed, have fun," I said and walked out of the house, got into my car, and drove away.


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