I Just Want to be Loved *Completed*

When Brittany's mum get's remarried, she got a surprises when she finds out who her new step brothers are. When she starts living with one of them and his friends, and starts 'dating' one of them, she starts to question herself. Was her life to complicated? What's going to happen when her past catches up with her? Will Louis ever tell her his secret? Are one of the boys going to fall for her? What will Liam do when she becomes known as 'Mummy Direction'? And most importantly, will the boys be understanding about her past and help her in the future?


11. Finding Out

When we got back inside, everyone was finishing their coffee's and muffins. Well, except for me because somebody *Cough, Harry and Louis, Cough*, ate my breakfast.

After a couple of minutes sitting at the table, we were talking about everything, yet nothing, Harry sent me a text.



We should tell them and just watch their expressions.



To that I replied:



You and Louis are on your own with that, have fun! But don't be creepy.



Harry replied:



No promises




"So, question time," Harry sang.

"What do you mean by, 'question time?'" Meghan asked.

"You guys can ask us anything, and we'll answer as long as you PROMISE not to put it on twitter, tumblr, or anything else really," Louis said.

"Okay, did you and Brittany have sex," Meghan asked, and Louis and I blushed.

"Please clarify that question," Louis told her.

"When you and Britt went outside, did you have sex?" Aspen said.

"No, no we didn't," I said before Louis could say anything. Louis nodded in agreement to what I had said.

"Who is this girl flat mate of yours?" Lyndsey asked seeming kind of jealous.

"She's a friends of ours," Harry said.

"What's she like?" Greg asked.

"Well, she's really nice and funny," Harry said looking at me from the corner of his eye.

"What does she look like?" Aspen asked.

"She has shoulder length brown hair, and," Louis leaned over to make eye contact with me, "very green eyes."

Harry grabbed my arm and made me stand up and then put his hand on the top of my head. "She's about this tall," he said, and then made me sit back down again.

All my friends we're staring at me as the gears in their brains slowly started to figure it out.

I sat there for a few moments smiling until Louis said, "And lastly, has a bra size of," then he grabbed my boobs and started to play with them, "36DD."

I stared at Louis with my mouth wide open, and I could tell that a smirk was crawling towards his mouth. I hit his hands away, and he lowered his hands, then went back and grabbed my boobs one more time just to piss me off.

My friends were staring at me. "What's her name?" Meghan asked slowly as if she needed reassurance about what she had figured out.

"Brittany," Louis replied and through his arm around me.

"WHAT!" all of my friends screamed in unison and stared at me like they couldn't believe what they had heard, even though that they knew it was true.

"Yeppers, Britt is our flat mate," Harry said.

"Oh my fucking god. You've got to be shitting me," Lyndsey said in shock.

"What, when you said 'Niall,' did you mean Niall Horan?" Aspen asked and I nodded.

"Oh my god you're so lucky!" Greg yelled and all of the girls nodded in agreement.

"How long have you been living with them?" Meghan asked.

"Since yesterday, but it feels like it's been forever," I said and the boys nodded in agreement.

"Why are you living with them?" Greg asked. He was obviously jealous of me.

"You guys all know Bob, right?" I asked and they all nodded. "Well, he has two kids. One of them is named Niall Horan."

My friends just started at me in amazement for a few minutes. Louis broke the silence.

"Oh, by the way, Brittany and Niall are fake, not dating."

"What the fuck does that mean?" Lyndsey asked.

"That means that Niall and I are going to have a very close brother, sister relationship," I said. "We're going to hang out a lot, go to dinner together, but never kiss or say that we're dating."

"Seems like fun," Meghan said.

"But you can't tell anyone anything," Harry said.

"If paparazzi question you about anything, just don't talk," Louis added.


I took my phone out of my pocket and looked at who it was.

"Hi," I answered.

"Where are you, Harry and Louis? Should I be worried?" Niall asked.

"No, everything is okay. We're just at the Coffee House talking to some of my friends."

Harry then stole my phone from me.

"You want us to get you some food don't you?" Harry asked. "Okay, okay, we'll be back soon," Harry said, and then handed my phone back to me. "Niall needs food, like now."

"Well, we have to go," Louis said and him and Harry grabbed my arms and pulled me outside of the Coffee House.

We then got into the car, and drove to McDonalds, where we ordered praticly half of the menu.


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