I Just Want to be Loved *Completed*

When Brittany's mum get's remarried, she got a surprises when she finds out who her new step brothers are. When she starts living with one of them and his friends, and starts 'dating' one of them, she starts to question herself. Was her life to complicated? What's going to happen when her past catches up with her? Will Louis ever tell her his secret? Are one of the boys going to fall for her? What will Liam do when she becomes known as 'Mummy Direction'? And most importantly, will the boys be understanding about her past and help her in the future?


23. Coma's Suck

Niall's POV




After two days, neither Harry nor Brittany had moved or woken up. We'd go to the hospital right when visiting hours start, and leave when a nurse would nicely tell us we have to go.

Today (which was the third day), when we got there, Doctor Marshall walked into Harrys room, which was were all of us were, and informed us that if we talked to Britt and Harry, they might be able to hear us.

Right when he walked out, we all stood up and looked at each other.

"Dibs on Brittany," I said and ran from the room.

When I walked into her room, I heard a steady beep, beep, beep, coming from the monitor and it made me smile.

I pulled a chair up to the side of the bed and took her hand.

"Hey Britt," I said to her. "I'm not really sure if you can hear me or not, but whatever...I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I shouldn't have made you come and live with us..." I could feel tears start to slip from my eyes.

"If you didn't live with us, you wouldn't have been in the crash... Your life would have been more normal..."

"I wish you were awake," I told her. "Without you or Harry with us, we've been living off of take out and hospital food... It really suckd... I've gotten so used to you being at home...and cooking all of our meals...You're better at taking care of us than Liam is... and that's saying a lot." I said and laughed at myself. 

"Britt, you've got to wake up... All of us love you and we miss you so much...I need you here with me."

I kept a hold of her and laid my head on the bed and started to cry harder.

"Britt, we need you...we all need you... please, wake up. Or move, or something. Anything," I said to her.

All of a sudden her hand tightened around mine for a seconded. It scared me so much that I screamed and fell of the chair. When I got up, I ran from the room.

Liam and Louis were sitting in the hallway, and Zayn was in Harry's room talking to him.

"Mate, what's wrong?" Liam as he stood up.

"I was talking to Britt and she squeezed my hand!" I screamed and Zayn ran out of the room.

"She moved?" he asked quickly and I nodded.

"Thank god!" Louis screamed.

Liam pulled out his phone and sent someone a text.

"Okay, Paul now knows, but he said that we should tweet something to explain what happened," Liam informed us a few moments later.

"What about, 'Hey everyone! Harry and Brittany got into a car accident and are now in the hospital, bye!'" Louis suggested.

"Okay, that seems good enough. Everyone send out a tweet along those lines," Liam said.

"Just don't say that they're at Mercy," I added and everyone looked at Liam.

"I won't, okay?" he said and I nodded.

I sent out a tweet.



@Harry_Styles and @Btommy got into a car crash and are now hospitalized. Sorry if that ruined your morning, it's ruined mine.



Within seconds, people started tweeting the boys and I questions about what happened, if they were okay, or what hospital they were at, but we just ignored them.

"Dibs on Brittany!" Liam screamed and ran into Britt's room.

"Dibs on Harry, again!" Zayn yelled and ran into Harry's room again.

That left just Louis and I in the hallway. We both leaned against the wall and slid slowly to the floor.

"Her hand really moved?" he asked and I nodded. "That's awesome. Maybe she'll wake up soon!"

"Yeah, that would be pretty frickin 'awesome. I miss her around the house," I muttered.

"Same," Louis mumbled.

"Do you have a crush on my sister?" I asked him, and he blushed.

"I am not required to answer that question," he told me.

"So, that's a yes?" I asked.

"It's just, I have feelings for her, but I'm not sure if their romantic, or just like friendship feelings," Louis replied and I looked at him in shock.

"Well, I was not expecting you to answer that question. But since you did, you better have good intertions. Also, if your feelings are romantic, I will kill you if you ever hurt her. I don't care if I'm not threatening, or if you're praticlly my brother, Brittany is my sister, and I would die for her." I informed him.

"I would too," he said and I smiled.


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