I Just Want to be Loved *Completed*

When Brittany's mum get's remarried, she got a surprises when she finds out who her new step brothers are. When she starts living with one of them and his friends, and starts 'dating' one of them, she starts to question herself. Was her life to complicated? What's going to happen when her past catches up with her? Will Louis ever tell her his secret? Are one of the boys going to fall for her? What will Liam do when she becomes known as 'Mummy Direction'? And most importantly, will the boys be understanding about her past and help her in the future?


54. Animal Kingdom

Right after we walked through the gates to get into the Animal Kingdom, Liam stopped us all from running off. 

"Okay, we're more likely to get noticed if we stay in a large group, or we should split in two." 

As he said that, Meghan locked arms with me. 

"Meghan and I are sticking together," I announced. 

"Okay, so, Meghan, Brittany, Louis and myself and Zayn, Perrie, Niall, Harry and Danny?" Liam asked and everyone looked happy except Harry. 

"Hey Meghan, Brittany," Harry said innocently, "Wanna watch my kid so I can go on roller-coasters and do other fun stuff?" 

Meghan and I shared a quick look. 

"Fine," I told him, "but only because I can't go on roller-coasters either." 

"Yeah!" Harry said and shoved the stroller to me. "Thanks." 

Everyone was about to split up when Liam stopped us again. 

"Don't go on the River Rapids or the safari. We're doing those together at the end. Meet at the big tree in an hour and a half because we're heading over to Epcot." 

"Okay," Zayn said and took Perrie's hand and ran off with Harry and Niall close behind. 

"Where to?" Louis asked me and I shrugged. 

"I don't care. Any where's fine with me." 

"To anywhere!" he announced and ran off pushing Danny in his stroller. 


An hour later Liam, Danny and I were sitting on a bench outside of Mount Everest. 

"So, having fun?" he asked and I nodded. 

"A lot. This place is amazing. What about you?" 

"This place is pretty cool." 

"Why aren't you on the roller coaster?" 

"They're scary," he replied and looked down. 

"It's okay Liam," I said and put my head on his shoulder, "we all have fears." 

"I have a weird question for you," he said, changing the subject. 

"And that is?" I asked. 

"What's it like to be pregnant? Like, how does it feel?" 

"Well, that it a weird question," I told him. I thought about it for a second. "It's...different. I get cramps all the time, I always feel like crap, I get headaches, my feet hurt, I'm hormonal and moody, but then I'll feel them kick and I forget about all the bad things." 

"Do you ever get weirder out by the fact that you have little humans inside of you?" 

"Sometimes," I replied. 

"Is having a baby painful?" 

"Noooo," I said sarcastically. "Shoving and eight pound thing out of your body is a walk in the park." 

"So it's, like, really painful?" Liam asked and I nodded. 


"More painful than getting kneed in the balls?" 

"I don't know, how about when I'm in labor I kick you there and we see who screams louder." 

"You made your point," Liam said and I chuckled. 

"So," I said and changed the topic, "how's Miam going?" 

"Pretty well to be honest. What about Lany?" 

"Not bad." 

"I'm pretty sure that there are thousands of girls out there that are upset that Biam isn't real." 

"Probably," I responded. "And I'm thinking of trying to pass the title of Mummy Direction onto Meghan. I feel like it would make for since if Mummy and Daddy Direction were a couple." 

"No!" Liam said. "Meghan might be my girlfriend, and it might make more since, but you're the mother of this group, and you are also an actual mother." 

"Yeah, I know, but if you think about it like that and how that parents should be the parents of the group, then shouldn't Barry be real? Harry is a father after all." 

"But nobody knows that yet." 

"When are we going to announce that Danny is Harry's kid?" 

"Well, the lads and I were talking about this the other day and we think that we're just not going to tell anyone, but instead have Danny call Harry Daddy and have people figure it out that way." 

"That's actually a really good idea." 

"Brittany!" I heard someone scream and I saw Louis running towards me with Meghan at his side. 

"Yes?" I asked when he got to me. 

"Nothing," he said and sat on the ground beside me. 

"Have fun?" Liam asked and Meghan and Lou nodded. 

"It was pretty awesome." 

"Louis screamed like a girl," Meghan said and then showed us the picture that she was holding and Liam and I started laughing. 

They were at the front of their cart in the picture and Meghan had her hands by her face give a double thumbs up and Louis was holding onto the cart for dear life looking terrified out of his mind and was screaming. 

"It's not funny," Louis said. 

"Louis sweetie," I said to him after I stopped laughing, "it's hilarious. Now don't look embarrassed, just embrace the fact that you're a pansy." 

"Never," he said and crossed his arms. 

"Okay," I said and patted his shoulder, "you just go ahead and deny the obvious." 

"Will do, now let's head to the giant tree," he replied as he took my hand and pulled me away leaving Liam and Meghan to push Danny. 



As we got neared the tree, we saw a line of people leading up to Zayn, Harry, Niall and Perrie. It was almost like they were one of the characters because they were signing things and taking pictures. 

"Should we go up to them?" Liam asked and Meghan and I shrugged. 

"It's up to you two," Meghan told them. 

"Yeah, if you want to take picture and stuff, go ahead," I added. 

"Okay, we'll be right back," Liam said and he and Louis went to join the rest of the boys, and Perrie. 

Meghan and I sat down on a bench and I took Danny out of his stroller and set him on my lap. 

"So Meghan," I asked her, "how's your first time to Disney World?" 

"Amazing. I can't believe that we get to spend the next three days here!" 

"Yeah, me neither. I haven't been here since I was in seventh grade." 

"It's just so pretty here. I can't wait until we get to see Cinderella's castle." 

"Yeah, I think we're going there on the thirty first and then coming back at midnight to celebrate New Years and watch the fireworks. I'm just afraid that Louis is going to propose then." 

"You think he's going to ask while we're here?" 

"Yeah, he told me that one of the main reasons that we came here was for my proposal." 

"Brittany, we all know that you're going to say yes eventually so why don't you just cut the boy some slack and say yes already?" Meghan asked. 

"I'm not going to say yes until the babies are born." 


"Because when I'm no longer pregnant I'll be able to clear my head and decide wither or not I actually want to marry him." 

"Well, what do you think now?" 

"Honestly?" I asked and she nodded. "Well, I want to marry him. I really do. It's just that all my feelings towards him might just be because he's the father to my soon to be born children." 

"You know that's not true," Meghan said. 

"Yeah, I know," I muttered and the conversation ended by Niall walking up. 

"Let's go see some giraffes!" he yelled. 


When we got off of the rapids ride, all of us were soaking wet. 

"Who votes we go to the hotel to change and then we go to Epcot for dinner?" Perrie suggested and we all nodded. 


Once we got to the hotel, we all stood by the doors and looked at each other. 

"Okay, we only have two rooms so how's this going to work?" Zayn asked. 

"I vote that couples don't share rooms," Niall stated. 

"I second that," Harry agreed. 

"And why's that?" I asked. 

"I have my reasons," Harry stated. 

"Whatever," I sighed. 

"Okay, so, Perrie, Brittany, Meghan, Harry or Niall and Danny in one room and everyone else in the other?" Liam suggested. 

"Why do we get the baby?" Meghan asked. 

"Because," Liam stated simply and Meghan slapped the back of his head. 

"No," she told him. "We'll take Niall, and Danny can sleep with his father." Meghan crossed her arms and looked at her boyfriend as if daring him to argue. 

"Fine," he said. "Meet down in the lobby in an hour and then we'll eat at Epcot." 

Every one nodded in agreement and head to their rooms to get changed. 

Right as Meghan, Perrie and I walk in the room we saw Niall spread out on one of the beds. 

"Hell no this is not going to happen. Get up now," I said looking at the him, but he stayed where he was, not moving an inch. 

"You better move or she is going to go all baby hormone on you," Perrie said. Not even a second after that he was off the beds and standing on the far side of the room afraid that I would yell at him. 

"Okay, so Perrie and I will share a bed and Britt you can have the bed to yourself," Meghan told us. "Niall I'm sorry but you get the sofa. Now if you don't mind I am going to get changed." 

She left room the rest of us got settled in. 

After an hour every one was down in the lobby and ready to head to Epcot.

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