What If?

Taylor has always been friends with Niall, SInce they were in their mothers woumb basically. But the more time they spent with each other the more she fell for him. Should she risk their friendship and ask him out or should she just keep all of her feelings locked inside...
The question remains; What if/


2. Today

Well of course prom is right around the corner and I have no date. I miss Niall, a lot. Anyways I'm on my way home from school, carrying all of my books because my teachers are all low lives who don't have lives... I get home and throw my bag on the couch, I turn on the TV and guess who I see, Niall on the news, He's on tour of course. The X-Factor was his big break. And I have to admit, I'm proud of him. He always used to call me his brown eyed girl. I loved when he called me that. I only met the boys twice. Harry Seemed to have an interest in me and he still texts me every so often. Liam is the sweetest, he is always here when I need him and he texts at least once a day. Louis, I think he hates me. He always mouths me and calls me Peasant. But he is sassy anyways.. Zayn is pretty hot in my opinion but him and Perrie are perfect for eachother. Niall, seems to have lost my number. He never texts and when he does, the conversations end quickly. I just wish I could go see them again, I miss them. I snap back to reality and go to my homework, it's Friday but I have no plans. Suddenly my phone is blowing up. I look over and It's Niall. WOnder what he wants? I answer.




"Hey I'm gonna be in town in about an hour, you wanna hang? Like old times?"

"Umm, Sure."

"Okay! The boys and I will be there shortly! See ya then Princess"

Then he hangs up. Did he say the boys were coming? More importantly, did he just call me PRINCESS? Niall Horan just called me Princess? Am I fangirling? What is wrong with me.. Ugh.

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