What If?

Taylor has always been friends with Niall, SInce they were in their mothers woumb basically. But the more time they spent with each other the more she fell for him. Should she risk their friendship and ask him out or should she just keep all of her feelings locked inside...
The question remains; What if/


1. The beginning

 Niall's mother and mine had always been great friends, and when they found out they had the same due date, you can assume they were ecstatic. Niall was born on September 13th 1993 at 8:04 a.m I was born September 14th at 9:35 a.m. I was born on my due date. He was not... I always teased him, telling him how he ruined our mothers dreams. He would always laugh. His laugh, oh how I loved his laugh, it always cheered me up.. I remember we always used to play all those cute little games.. 

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