Styles Love

Anna Rose was just kicked out of her apartment in London. She then becomes best friends with the boys of One Direction. Or is it something more with Harry? This is Anna Rose's story of love with Harry and the rest of the boys.


5. Work and Other Stuff

Anna Rose's P.O.V


I woke up that morning, and wasnt aware of where i was. I was a little scared! Then i remembered that I was ONE DIRECTION'S FLAT!!!!!!! OMG!! Jk  i was pretty cool around them now.


With all my things together, and the blankets and borrowed clothes folded up, i decided to write a note. which said:


Dear boys or whatever i should call you,

Thank you so much for letting me stay here, and i hope to see you around! Also heres a suggestion on a scary movie to watch 30 Days of Night( vampire movie) or anything Alfred Hitchcock!!

Love, Rose


I left the note on the coffee table, and left. As i was walking to work( yayy i love waiting on rude people!) i pulled out my phone,(Thank God i got my phone and my charger before i was kicked out!) and called my friend, Jess, asking if i could crash at her place before i get a dorm at school. She said of course! Being my best friend and all! Ahh Thank God for her!


When i arrived at work, of course i got yelled at! Knowing my luck and all! But i didnt do anything my boss doesnt like me at ALL! Well.... i take that back, i didnt show up in uniform, so thay had to give me a new pair. Its black, all black, makes me feel goth or something i dont know.( let me know on your feeling of black) So then the day went on as usual. Ughhh.


Harry's P.O.V


I woke up, and walked down to the kitchen like usual. Then i remembered we had Rose here! Wait why am i so excited? Do i have feelings for her? Yes.. but its complicated.Ohhh whatever. I ran, i mean cough cough, walked casualy to the couch. She wasnt there!? Where was she?! Then i saw the note. I read it over like 20 times! I was freaking worried! So that answered my earlier question i do have feelings for her. Thats when the boys came down, and saw my worried face. I handed the the note. And Louis then said, " Sorry mate how can we help?" " Well we can start by looking for her at the diner." I stated. " Wait why the diner??" Asked Liam. " Yesterday she said she worked at the diner. Were any of you paing attention?" " Not Haz we didnt obsess over her like you." Said Zayn.

Then they all sand in unison " Harry and Rose sittin in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g!!!" Ill pumel them later. We have to find Rose.


We walked into the diner, and immediatly Niall goes to the counter to order food. Damn that kid is so skinny, but he eats like a truck driver!!

I scope out the place looking for Rose. Not seeing her i ask the cook " Has a girl named Rose been here?" " Yeah kid, she works here. She just stepped out to make a couple calls. She walked down the street. Oh and dont tell my boss about this, covering up for her and all. K?" I smiled and nodded. I then went out leaving the boys there. I walk down the street and then i see her, walking right next to an alley! I run to her and pick her up and bring her into the alley. I was so happy that she was safe!

She looked frightened. She was up against the wall, with my arms blocking her way out. " Rose, Rose its fine. Its me Harry." I said softly. She then loosened her nerves a little. Then she says " God Harry you scared the crap out of me! I thought you were a mugger!" She was practically yelling!

"Rose you left so early, and i know that you dont have a place to stay, so why did you leave?" " I dont need to be your sympathy case. Okay. And i do have a place to stay at. Im staying with one of my friends, until im able to get a dorm at my school."

Your stunned by what she said."NO your not staying with your friend, just come and stay with us!" i said raising my voice. "Harry stop im fine on my own! Please for me! Just go back!"

I couldnt help myself anymore. I cupped my hands around her face and kissed her. Like i couldnt restrain myself anymore!!


Anna Rose's P.O.V

OMG HE KISSED ME!!! It took a while for it to register, but i kissed him back!

We stayed that way for what seemed like centuries! I pulled away and looked into his green orbs.

" Rose will you please stay with us, at least for a couple of days!?" He begged. i have to admit he was damn sexy.

" okay" i said in a whisper. " i will stay with you, but before i get off of work i need to go get some clothes." i said half laughing.

He chuckled and said" Haha alright sounds fine, i cant wait!" You both laugh.


You both walk back together, and you called Jess and said you are staying with One direction. She said " Nice try but im not that dumb!" Harry takes the phone and talks to her. Looks Like im staying the night with the Boys!!! Still cnt believe this is happening!


The rest of the day goes by in a blur. And i found myself on my way to the mall with One direction looking for some basic clothing. What girl could be luckier?? Really anybody got answers??:))



So do you guys like?? I realized that my chapters arnt very long, i will try to make them longer!! And btw to my readers tell me your opinion on the black diner uniforms!! Also a quick shooutout to my bffs abby, gracie, and erica! They kinda sorta helped me get inspiration!! Bye y'all!!!! Haha im all southern!! i crack myself up!!

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