Styles Love

Anna Rose was just kicked out of her apartment in London. She then becomes best friends with the boys of One Direction. Or is it something more with Harry? This is Anna Rose's story of love with Harry and the rest of the boys.


3. Watching Paranormal Activity

Anna Rose's P.O.V



As you walk in the boys attention is turned from the t.v. to you. YOU ARE LIKE LEGITLY PARALIZED!!!!!!!!!!



Louis's P.O.V



Great! Harry brought another strange girl home again! But then you realize something in his eyes telling me that this is no ordinary girl, she might even be the...... one.

i then saw that her arm was covered in blood! you immediatly jump up and yell "i'll grab the first aid kit!"

i came back and reached out for her arm to wrap it, but Harry rips the gauze out of your hands and positions his body between mine and hers. WHAT IN THE NAME OF HELL IS UP WITH HIM!!!!!!???????


Harry's P.O.V



i grabbed the gauze out of Louis's hand and began to wrap her arm, but the i realize the four other pairs of eyes staring at me in shock. After i finished wrapping up her arm i realize her clothes are soaking wet, and i yell to Liam to run and get her a towel. i then wrapped the towel around her shoulders and held her close.


Anna Rose's P.O.V


i was then lead to the love seat, with the towel AND HARRY'S ARMS WRAPPED AROUND YOU!!!!!!!!! Thats when the questions started rolling in.

Louis was the first to ask a question which was "whats your name love?" me being me i decided to give a short speech about myself:

"Okay" i started." im Anna Rose Lewis and as if you haven't noticed i am American and i came here this year to go to school at the art school here in London. I love music and drawing, and that is what i major in. I am 19 years old and recently turned this in February ( fyi it is the beginning of june) i came here from the southside of Chicago. i was apparently late on my paymnets so i was kicked out of my apartment. And i just want to thank you for taking me in while it is raining outside."

"Well welcome and you are very much welcome to stay the night, because of the rain!" Niall said enthusiastically!

I accepted his offer, and all of them seemed very excited...especially Harry.... what was that about??......Hmmmmmm???

i then turned my attentio to what they were watching... it was Paranormal Activity!!! One of the cheesest movies you had ever seen!!!! So you begain to laugh!!

They all stared at you like 'why arent you peeing your pants?' then i heard Zayn say " why are you laughing??? this isnt a comedy??

In then said " sorry horror movies just dont scare me, i love horror movies though!! i saw my first one when i was three!!!

They all laughed and Harry said "WOW shes beautiful. funny and she isnt scared of horror movies!"


You Blush ( of Course)


Harry then Said "what a girl!"

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