Styles Love

Anna Rose was just kicked out of her apartment in London. She then becomes best friends with the boys of One Direction. Or is it something more with Harry? This is Anna Rose's story of love with Harry and the rest of the boys.


4. The Sleepover

Anna Rose's P.O.V


After the movie i realized how tired i was, because i almost fell asleep during it! Thank the good lord that i dont have school tomorrow! But sadly i have work:( i work at a diner down the street from my school.

The movie was over and the boys got up and stretched, as well as me. "Anna Rose you can sleep here on the couch, if that is okay with you?" said Niall politely. " Thank you so much that sounds fine, and you can call me Rose if you want!" you say nicely. "And could i have another towel so i dont get the couch wet?" i asked politely.

" You know love, if i can find some old sweats you can wear those while your clothes dry."

" Thank you but......" Before you could finish your sentence he was out of the room. Okay then i thought. Then i looked at Harry and there was something in his eyes.... like..... envy..What was that about????

Not noticing that he left, Zayn came back with some blankets and a pillow. " Thank You so much!' i said gratefully.


Harry's P.O.V


Lou said he was going to get some of his old clothes. And i felt.... i dont know.... envious. Why do i feel this way about her? we just literally met! Is it possible that this is love at first sight?? Is that even real?? I thought about and decided to keep my mouth shut about it.

Louis then came back with the clothes. She took them and i directed her to where the bathroom was.

Minutes later she came back, and i couldnt help but laugh! the clothes were so big!! seeing us laughing she laughed too!!


Anna Rose's P.O.V


With the big clothes on, i said good night to them and thanks again. When they were upstairs, i just was lieing there on the couch for a moment thinking of what just happened. OMG I WAS IN ONE DIRECTION'S FLAT!!! HOW COOL!! Then i thought their also just normal people and i get on with them pretty well. the only thing was, is that Harry acts weird, because he had his arms around me, then he was looking at Louis like why did you give her clothes and i didnt?? Well whatever. I then fell asleep, into what seemed like the best sleep i have had in a while. Ahhhh.



A little shout out to my friends because they kinda sorta helped me with this. And the word legitly is used by one of my friends so that goes out to her!! thank u to everyone who reads this and i will update whenever i get the chance! ohh and sorry about how short it is! Ill try to make it longer next time!!!



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