Styles Love

Anna Rose was just kicked out of her apartment in London. She then becomes best friends with the boys of One Direction. Or is it something more with Harry? This is Anna Rose's story of love with Harry and the rest of the boys.


1. The Meeting

Anna Rose's P.O.V


I woke up to the screaming of my landlord. I was apparently late on my payments. As I was thrown out the door with only the clothes on my back, i scraped my arm, and felt the warm blood ooze onto my sleeve.( Not that I was wearing anything fancy schmancy, just a t- shirt and jean shorts.) On top of that it was pouring rain on a cold summer night. Fyi im at school all day so i go to bed once i come home. Scratch that no more home to come to any more.



As I was walking down the streets of London with my head down to avoid getting rain in my face, i bump into someone. I immediatley say "im so sorry i should pay more attention to where i am walking!"


The guy i bumped into says " its alright love, i wasn't watching where i was going either."



Then you notice something very familiar about him. His emerald green eyes, his dimples, and the small twinkle in his eyes.


It was Harry Styles. One of the boys from One Direction. One of your favorite bands!





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