Styles Love

Anna Rose was just kicked out of her apartment in London. She then becomes best friends with the boys of One Direction. Or is it something more with Harry? This is Anna Rose's story of love with Harry and the rest of the boys.


6. The Mall

Anna Rose's P.O.V


On the car ride to the mall i was seated between Harry( of course) and Liam. In the car you realized actually how well you got on with them! Especially Harry and Louis! AWESOME FOR YOU!!!!


in the mall i tell them, " Okay you guys dont have to go in with me." " You kidding i want you to give us a little fashion show!!" said Louis a little too excitedly. Harry was glaring daggers at him. Was he jealous? Well he did kiss me.


 We walk into Ambercrombie, and immediatly they all fan out looking for clothes for me to try on. Great! Clothes for me to try on! I really hate shopping! Its so boring, i was only looking for essentials. Looks im gonna be here for a while.


I find a couple shirts in the graphic t section that i like. Which are:

The first one: KEEP CALM AND FLY ON( this is a saying from the Maximum Ride Series)

The second one: KISS ME IM NOT IRISH( you love it cause you arent irish!)

I then walked over to the dressing rooms, where we said we would meet. I see them with dresses. shorts, skirts, ts, and anything you could think of! " so what did you find for yourself?" asked Niall. I held up the KEEP CALM AND FLY ON SHIRT. " What is that from?" asked Liam. "its from the book series, Maximum Ride." I said staing a fact. " Cool" said Liam.

Then i held up the KISS ME IM NOT IRISH shirt. They all laugh histerically, but Niall is blushing. " Sorry, im not irish so thats why i got the shirt, and it shows off my personality." i said apollegetically. " Haha its fine! And i like your personality!" I blushed. " What nationalities are you?" Harry asked. " im Russian, Swedish, German, and haha British.Ohh and one eighth French, Dutch, And Belgium." i said matter- of -factly. " im one eighth Belgium too!" yelled Louis sounding very excited!


Harry's P.O.V


She tries on the clothes, and comes out and shows us. She looks awesome! "Soooo when are you going to ask out Rose?" asked Louis curiously. " Soon Lou, after she comes out trying onthe clothes. Shes coming out soon right?" "Right." Shes says walking out of the dressing room. "okay guys ill meet you outside im going to go and pay for these." she says holding up the clothes. I grab them out of her hands and yell" Lou hold onto her while i pay for these!!" I ran to the counter to pay. She is struggling under Lou's hold, but he manages to hold onto her.

I come back and she looks totally pissed! Haha i havent had this much fun with a girl in a while! Its so easy with her! I love it! "Styles, what the hell is your problem??" Styles, i like it. " For starters when a girl is around i always pay for everything, and that is one way on how i am going to win you over." i said smiling at her. " what do you mean win me over?" she asks. " well i was wondering is you would go on a date with me, thats  why i said that." I feel myself gaining confidence.

We all laugh when she stutters " uhh sure." " You can really charmspeak a girl cant you Haz??" Asks Zayn. you laugh and say " damn straight" She smirks at this.

"thanks for the clothes then" she says gratefully.




We walk out of the mall and i see a mob of fans coming at us. I love every single fan, but i dont want my ass pinched by dozens of girls right now. But i love it though!! I then see Rose run in the oposite direction. " Rose wait!" I yell. then i ee why she ran. she didnt want to get run down by the fans! Damn that girl was smart!


Anna Rose's P.O.V

I ran away from the crowd, to avoid getting trampled. Then i thought i hope they are okay! i then thought of everything that has happened to day, and how sweet harry and the other boys are!! I put my thoughts on hold as i see the security guards holding the fans back. Thank god!!



Harry then comes and gravs your hand and leads you back o the car. You try to shake him off, but he is too strong. You are also worried about what the fans will say. You get into the car and Harry then whispers into your ear," Everything is okay Rose, i know what your thinking, you think the fans will hate you, but i heard some awwwws out there." i felt him smile into my ear. i smiled as well." Okay, so the fans dont hate me?" I ask " No if they are reall fans they wont hate you." i smiled. then thought wait ths is like the twilight zone! whats going on??!!


"Alright, what are you trying to do here?" i ask. " i really like you Rose and i feel protective of you, that why i grabbed your hand back there." says Harry. " Okay but, but, oh nothing!" you say frustrated! i then looked into his eyes and i calmed down completely. Everything was going to be okay.

 Harry then kisses your cheek. OMG he kissed my cheek! I was shocked and then saw the other pairs of eyes looking at us, and blush, " what its not like i havent kissed you before." says Harry " WHAT??" they all sayin unison. " Yea i kissed her" Harry said casually.


Today was a weird but great day! And i cant wait until my date tomorrow with HArry! According to him we are going to dinner, i think. But sadly i have work tomorrow, i dont think it could go by fast enough.




Heypeole! Just want to say thank you! And i will update sometime every week!! Hope you guys enjoy!!

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