Styles Love

Anna Rose was just kicked out of her apartment in London. She then becomes best friends with the boys of One Direction. Or is it something more with Harry? This is Anna Rose's story of love with Harry and the rest of the boys.


7. The Date

Anna Rose's P.O.V

Work couldnt have gone by any slower! But luckily i just had to work the bar part of the diner. With of course the little tv we have was on, watching the boys interview.

So Harry Styles, you were seen holding a girls hand yesterday at the mall. What is that all about??

Oh that was Anna Rose. But we call her Rose. We were at the mall shopping.

Ok but why were you holding her hand??

I was because she needed to get to the car, and well shes.... shes.... my girlfriend.



What??!!! Did he just say girlfriend!!!! The whole diner( or the few people that were in it) all were staring at me! I was shocked by what he said, ill ask him later about it. But for now i will take it! Apparently i am Harry Styles girlfriend! YAYYYYY!!!!!



I got off work and walked over to their flat. Which is also mine now, i think? I walk in and see them sitting in the kitchen drinking some tea. Remembering what Harry said, still just a little bit angry about that, i said, " WHAT THE HELL STYLES? WHY DID YOU SAY I WAS YOUR GIRLFRIEND?" He laughed, so did the other boys. " Love i said that because we kinda are." I stared at him confused. " What are you talking about?" i asked. " I am kinda your boyfriend because i've kissed you twice, we've held hands in public, and i am taking you on a date in like an hour." He said like he was sure of himself.

"Umm." i said sounding defeated. " Alright fine you do have a point." i said not really mad anymore. Now im pretty happy. " Alright love, go change in to something else besides your work clothes, and then we'll get going." He said with a smile. I nodded, and went to go change.


Harry's P.O.V


Rose came back and she looked great! In her shorts and t. " You look great!" i said excitedly. She blushed. i guess i have that effect on her. " Alright boys were off!" i said." Kk Haz have fun!" said Liam.


As we walked out the door i grabbed her hand. She was hesitant at first but then she relaxed. " Where are we going?" she asked. " thats for me to know and you to find out." I said with a devilish smile. " Haha thats the oldest line in the book!" She said sarcastcally. " Well you know you love it." i teased her. " Yes i love the sappy romance lines." she teased back. we both laughed then. Its so easy to laugh and talk with her. I love it!


We arrived at the theatre, and i said, " Here we are. We are here to see The Possession." She laughed. " Hahaha Its like you read my mind! I've been dying to see this movie!! She said happily. " Great im glad your happy! But i hope you dont mind im not the person to come to for comfort if you get scared. Im kinda a chicken myself!" i said while blushing. " Its okay. you can always hold my hand if you get scared, Styles." She said with a wink, and then burst out laughing! She has the best sense of humor!


She was right. During the movie, i jumped numerous times! And yes i had to hold her hand for comfort. When it seemed like nothing too frightning was going to happen, i put my arm around her. This time she didnt pull away! This means she is beginning to maybe like me back!


" How did you like the movie love??" I asked as we were walking hand in hand. " i loved it!!! But it wasnt as scary as i thought it would be!" She said. " What?! That Was freaking scary!!" I said surprised." Sorry your talking to someone who doesnt scared during thoses kind of movies!" She said while laughing. " Oh yea thats right you dont get scared." i laughed along as well.


Anna Rose's P.O.V

 Atfter the movie we walked to a restaurant. i have to say i was having a blast!!!


We ate and talked for what seemed like a lifetime. After harry payed the bill, and me arguing about it, we walked back to his flat. We were still hand in hand. I guess we were boyfriend and girlfriend. WOW so i am Harry Styles's girlfriend! Still cant believe that this is happening especially to me!!!


We walked in and they were sitting onthe couch watching tv. Exactly the way i first met them. " Awwwww the love birds!" said Louis teasingly. We both blushed at that. He was apparently noticing us holding hands.

Harry and i just settled down and watched with them for a while. Today was the best day of my life!! Cant wait to go on another date! Also to meet the other boys' girlfriends!



Hey people! Just wanted to ask if any of you would be Nialls gf? Just comment back, and tell me what your name is and a little bit about yourself! Thanks y'alll for reading!!!!

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