Styles Love

Anna Rose was just kicked out of her apartment in London. She then becomes best friends with the boys of One Direction. Or is it something more with Harry? This is Anna Rose's story of love with Harry and the rest of the boys.


12. Swimming and Scars

Harry's P.O.V

When Rose walked in I got up and gave her a quick hug before I grabbed her hand. She smiled, as we both walked over to the boys, who were seated in the lounge.

" Hey guys! Wazzz up?" She said playfully. I chuckled.

" Nothing much, Rose. How was your last day of school?" Asked Zayn.

" It was okay. But I was pretty close to getting a detention." She said while blushing.

" What?!" We all said in unison." Well, Haz it's official. Your dating a troublemaker." said Niall mischieviously. When he said that, I was a little freaked out, but then thought of all the positives of dating a girl like that. Hehe I guess it's because i'm sorta the same.

" How did you get the detention?" Asked Zayn. " Well Mr. Pickles and I, being partners in crime and all, decided to erase Mr. Carters' name and put Mr. Farters'. Mature I know. Note the sarcasm." She said as if this happens on a regular basis.

"Ummm... A couple questions. First, do you get detentions alot, second, what kind of name is Mr. Pickles, and third, I thought I was your partner in crime." I said with a fake hurt expression.

" Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Hold. The. Phone. I thought I was her partner in crime." said Louis.

"Nuh-uh. I'm her partner in crime." said Liam. Which then caused all of us to fight over the title of 'partner in crime'. I also found this odd because Liam is usually the one to put an end to the supposed 'crime'.

" Boys! Boys! Stop! Mr. Pickles is one of my best friends. His name has come from when we were little kids. I've known since like before birth, if that's even possible." She said matter-of-factly." Define best friend..." I said. Beginning to become jealous and over -protective. I don't know why i'm like this. I just really care about Rose.

" Harry!"She whined. I just chuckled and wrapped my arms around, but not forgetting to give her a kiss. She just sighed.

" Anyway. Getting back to our earlier conversation. I have had my share of detentions, but that's my own fault, because it kinda comes with the job of class clown." She said.

" Ohhhhh." We all said in unison. " I knew I liked this girl." Louis said with a smile. She glared daggers at him, and he, realizing what he said, hung his head. I gave him a ' What the Fuck' look, and just wondered what the hell that was all about.

Anna Rose's P.O.V

I glared at Louis, because he was kind of giving off hints about him already knowing me. He hung his head. After that we just played it off, but I think Harry saw. Shit.

" Hey, since it's actually nice outside, why don't we got to the pool!?" Asked Liam excitedly.

" Yea, let's do it!" " I'll get my swimwear!" They began to plan it. I just stood there not saying anything because I have a little problem. I love swimming and everything, but ever since that time, I've been insecure about my body.

Harry seeing my discomfort asked me what was wrong, " Love, what's wrong?" This grabbed all the boys' attention.

" Ohh... umm.I-I'm a little insecure." I stuttered.

" Why? Your so beautiful." Said Harry.

" Well I am because.... I have some scars." I said in a small voice.

" What? Where? What happened?" Harry asked concern written all over his face.

" Umm.. uhh. I was in a very abusive relationship recently, he abused me physically." I said.

" How did he hurt you, love?" Harry asked while grabbing my hand to comfort me.

" Well, after my parents died I started dating this guy. He was sweet at first, but then he wanted more from me, which he forcefully got, but not without me putting up a fight. So he began to beat me, once he used a knife on me." I said while lifting the back of my shirt to reveale the scars from the knife, and some fading bruises.

" Oh my god. Did he go to jail." Asked Harry while touching the small of back lightly, where the scas were.

" Yea. He went to jail, and I havem't seen him since." I said. After a couple minutes of an awkward silence, they all got up and gave me hug.

" Thanks guys. It helped to tell someone what happened." I said wiping some of my tears away.

I got up and said with a happy voice," Well let's go swimming! I'm not gonna let that stop us!"

I got my suit on, and we were off.


We came back exhausted. But it was awesome! And so much fun! We did what anybody would do at a pool. Chicken- fights, Water -gun fights, and splash fights! After a day like that we all ended up crashing on the couch.


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