Styles Love

Anna Rose was just kicked out of her apartment in London. She then becomes best friends with the boys of One Direction. Or is it something more with Harry? This is Anna Rose's story of love with Harry and the rest of the boys.


14. Plane Ride

Anna Rose's P.O.V

I woke up that morning in Harry's bed. No, not like that. We were watching a movie and I guess we fell asleep. I tried to get up but he had a firm, protective grip around my waist.

" Haz, we need to get up." I told him. " Mhmm, can't we stay lke this for awhile?" He whined.

" As much as I want to we have to catch our plane." I said. I was reluctant to get up, because Harry was so comforatable, and warm.

" Oh yea that's right today I finally get to meet your family." He said. " Oh this should be fun." I said sarcastically. He chuckled.


I showered and got my bags ready to bring downstairs. I got my phone out to check the time, but was side tracked by the lock screen of Harry. How did I get so lucky? Rose, focus you need to get on the plane on time. 7:20, no time for breakfast out plane leaves in an hour. Niall is going to be fussy about no breakfast, he eats like nonstop, I don't know where he puts it, he's so skinny! Whatever I'll ask him about it on the flight.

" Okay boys you ready to go?" I asked.

' YES!!!!!" They all shouted. " We can't wait to meet your family!" They all said except for Louis. Well, he already kinda has met them. I still need to talk to him about our whole situation. " Yea about them, my brothers are, ummm.. How do I put this lightly? Oh yea that's right their jerkoffs." I said half joking, half dead serious. They all laughed.

" Okay, so it's another set of us?" asked Liam jokingly. " Hey speak for yourself!" said Louis.

" Boys stop the fighting." said Zayn. " That's strange. This is coming from the Bradford Bad Boy." I said sassily.

" Ooooooohhhh burn!" said Harry.

"Ughh your such boys." I complained.




The airport was not that bad, we didn't get mobbed, whick is always good. We grabbed some breakfast burritoes to eat on the plane, and then we boarded.

Harry was seated on the aisle seat, I was next to him, then there was Niall ( which Louis put up a fight about), then there was Louis. Across from us their was Zayn and Liam. Ha! The loners! Hehe jk, lln! ( Sorry I had to!)

I took a cat nap on Harry. ( Hehe see what I did there?) He was just so comfortable! What I thought would only be like  20 minute nap, turned into a 2hour nap. Okay 2hours down 4 to go, until Chicago! Yayy.

When I woke up I saw that everyone was asleep except for Zayn. I wiggled free from Harry's grip and went to go sit next to Zayn.

" Whatcha' doin'? I asked being nosy. Also sounding like Isabella from Phines and Ferb. ( I know childish, but don't judge.)

" Haha nothing just reading." He said.

" Cool what book?" I asked now curious because of my love of reading.

" Nothing you would like. Old school stuff." He said.

" Try me." I said.

" Okay. It's Edgar Allen Poe." He said I was shocked I thought I was the only person that like him! That's one thing my dad and I always had in common.

" Really, like ' Once upon a midnight dreary, While I pondered weak and weary.' Edgar Allen Poe?" I asked, While quoting from my favorite poem by him, The Raven.

" Wow you like him too?!" He asked shocked.

" Yea it's one of the things I always had in common with my dad. I also minor in English literature." I said. " What part are you reading from the book?" I asked.

" Just reading some of the poems. Would you like to look on with me?" He asked. " No, I coincidently brought my own copy,but I think I'm just going to draw to pass the time." I said. While getting up to get my sketch book and pens, from the compartment above.

" Ohh yea I forfot that you drew." He said.

" Yea." I said. I drew a bunch of different things. One I liked so much I think I drew my next tattoo.



Hours flew by and the boys woke up. Harry saw that I was drawing and asked if he could see them.

" Wow! Rose, you're really talented!" He said shocked at my artwork.

" Thanks." I said whilst blushing.


The Plane landed and we got our bags from the conveyor belt. Luckily we didn't get mobbed. My Great Uncle George called. He is the one that watches after my old house and my brothers that are still at home.

Coversation between Rose and her Uncle:

Rose! Are you here?

Yes! And how are you?

I'm great you? School good?


So are the boys with you okay?

Yes there fine.

Great! I sent Josh with the van to fit all you guys. Okay?

Great! See you soon! Love you!

Love you too Rose!


I saw my brother outside the terminal, he ran and gave me a bear hug, lifting me off the ground.

" Rose, I've missed you!" He said. " I've missed you too! Oh and this is-" I started but was cut off by Josh.

" One Direction, I know it's not like the posters are all over your room or anything." He said sarcastcically. My face quickly became red hot. I forgot I am still a Directioner, but I don't look at them that way anymore. And yes my room has posters of them, but not just them. Josh forgot to say that.

" So we are all over your room?" Asked Harry cheekily. Ohh I so have to kill Josh.

" Maybe..'" I said. He chuckled and snaked his arm around my waist.

" Let's go" I said.

And we were off to my house. Oh how I've missed home.

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