Styles Love

Anna Rose was just kicked out of her apartment in London. She then becomes best friends with the boys of One Direction. Or is it something more with Harry? This is Anna Rose's story of love with Harry and the rest of the boys.


18. I am a Father

~author's note~

Hey guys whats up?! i am so sorry i havent updated in a long time but here you go! but you probably will want to kill me! youll see why in the story;)




Anna Rose's POV

Harry and I walked downstairs to the other boys for breakfast. But since this morning when I found out that I was pregnant, I have felt... guilty. The reason, is because I am not positive that Harry is the father.


" Hey guys! Vas' Happenin?!" asked a very excited Zayn. Which is weird he usually isnt a morning person. I looked over at the other boys' faces and exchanged a glance with the maybe father of the child I am carrying.

" Guys we have a little news to share with you guys." I said. And squeezed Harry's hand.

" SHE'S PREGGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Harry exclaimed. Da fuq?! What the hell was his problem?!

" Harry you don't just say that out loud!!!" I screamed as I slapped him across the face. Hehe I am the devil.

" WHAT?!" They all screamed in unison, all before Lou got up.

He walked over to Harry slapped his bum playfully and winked, " Good one mate." He said.

" Lou we're being serious here." Harry stated. Lou's face immediatly dropped, but then formed into a smile.

" Congrats mate!" Lou said with a huge smile. The other boys were still in shock, but i glanced over at him seeing his worried expression. We really need to take a paternity test just to make sure that Harry is the father.

" Ummmmm, ummmmm, Haz..." I stuttered out. I was so nervous to ask him this. This could be bad. I really love him and want him to be the father but there is still that slim chance that he isnt. Its more like a big chance, but we'll pretend its not likely to happen.

" Yes love?" Harry asked looking down at me. His eyes were just so like I cant hurt him. Ahhhh this is so hard.

" Harry we need to take a paternity test." I stated bluntly. All heads turned to me and jaws dropped, except for one.

" Now why would we need to do that?" Harry asked sounding hurt and irritated.

" Welllllllllll there is a chance that you aren't the father." I said looking down wiping away the tears.

" Okay we will take the test, but either way I still love you. And we will get through this together." He said while rubbing the tears off my cheek.




The whole car ride there Harry had his arm around me. But I kept stealing glances at the boy who could be the father of this child.




The smell of alcohol and sweaty bodies was all around us. I had just had my two shots for the night. I didnt want to drink much, I was also the designated driver along with him. We were watching the other boys party, we were just making small talk until out of nowhere he kissed me.

The kiss got heated, and we found ourselves out back in the alley. We suddenly found that we were having sex, I didn't feel guilty at the time considering that I hadn't slept with Harry yet. But at the time it felt so.... right.




We were in the waiting room, waiting for the results. I felt very uneasy, and the dirty looks from expecting mothers wasn't helping my anxiety.  The doctor then called us in.

" Anna Rose Lewis and people surrounding her. The results have been concluded. I am sorry to say, but Harold Edward Styles is.................................................................................................pausing for dramatic effect........................................................................................











is not the Father." The doctor announced. Harry fell to his knees crying, I felt horrible, but tried to soothe him while rubbing his back. The other boys decided to get tested to make sure. All of them were sure except for two......


Annonymous POV


I am positive I am the Father because I am pretty sure I was the only one besides Harry that had unprotected sex with Rose.



Anna Rose's POV


Harry had finally regained himself and was sitting next to me.

" Okay Rose what I said before still stands. I will always love you. And we will get through this together." Harry said in a smooth voice trying to soothe a hot mess that is also known as me. 

Then bursting out of the room was a boy singing

" your're having my baby!!!" 

I looked to see the father of my child.





Niall James Horan.



~ Authors Note~

 yea you wanna kill but hey thats what I am here 4!;) like, comment, favorite, and fan! thanks!


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