Styles Love

Anna Rose was just kicked out of her apartment in London. She then becomes best friends with the boys of One Direction. Or is it something more with Harry? This is Anna Rose's story of love with Harry and the rest of the boys.


19. Getting Back

Harry's POV

Niall fucking Horan is the fucking father!!!! What?!!!! I immediately got up and ran over to punch him, but before I could, I felt a small hand wrap around my clenched fist. Rose. I immediately calmed, but was shooting daggers at Niall.

" Harry, that's enough!!!" shouted Rose. I looked over at her to realize that she was crying.

" Harry if anything you should be punching me. I was the one who slept with him." She said while sobbing. Louis came up and wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. She sobbed into his chest.

" Rose, don't ever say that! I would never hurt you!" I pleaded. I walked over to her and gestured for Louis to let go. He did so, and I cuddled her into a hug. She nuzzled her head into the crook of my neck and continued to sob.

" Shh, shh. Rose its fine. I will believe that you got pregnant because of a drunken night. Am I right?" I asked unsure. I prayed to God, that that is what it was.

She sniffled and then looked up at me, " Haz it was a drunken night, but Niall wasn't drunk. He was the designated driver, remember?" she asked. Her eyes puffy and red from crying. The anger in me was building and I had to remove myself from Rose, before I hurt her.

I then turned to Niall. " You." I said through gritted teeth. " You bastard! You slept with my girlfriend while you were sober! How could you?! I would expect this from someone else! Never you, Niall! I thought you were one of my best mates?!" I screamed at him.

" Mate, listen. As hard as it is for you to comprehend. You have to remember, Rose is drop-dead gorgeous, and a lot of men are going to want to do that. Ever wonder why you get jealous and protective of her, when she is with her guy friends?" He stated. I was about to reply, but then I processed his words.

He was right.

She is beautiful. Men look at her, check her out. I just become a jealous and protective ass when she is with her guy friends. Dammit! Niall is right!! But that doesn't excuse him for sleeping with her.

" But Niall why did you sleep with her?" I asked genuinely curious.

" Well.... How do I put this? I'm in love with her." Niall stated sheepishly. WHAT?!

Alright Harry keep your cool. I can deal with this, as long as he knows she's mine.

" Thank you Haz!" Niall said and embraced me in a bear hug.

" Why are you thanking me?" I asked confused.

" You said as long as I know she's yours you can deal with the fact that I am in love with her." He said.

" Damn I said that out loud? Oops." I said, blushing. We all chuckled.




We headed back to Rose's place. We decided that when this baby comes we will all be there for him/her. I acting as the father figure, but then telling the kid when he/she is old enough the truth about who the father is.

Also deciding we should go back to England. Rose needs to meet my family. Also I have a very important question to ask her.....





~ Author's Note~


Hey guys I am so sorry that I haven't updated in a really long time!!! but here is one question:



What do you want the sex of the baby to be? You can vote!








You decide. Just tell me in the comments! And I will also be taking suggestions for baby names. both genders!

Comment, vote, like, and favorite!!! love y'all!!!

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