Styles Love

Anna Rose was just kicked out of her apartment in London. She then becomes best friends with the boys of One Direction. Or is it something more with Harry? This is Anna Rose's story of love with Harry and the rest of the boys.


10. Family Questions

Anna Rose P.O.V


We were just in the lounge area talking about random stuff, and getting to know each other more, when Liam asked the question i had been dreading.

" So Rose what does your family think about you moving to London and all?" Liam asked. I must have looked like I was on the verge of tears because that question does really hit home.

" Well I don't really know what my parents would think of it." I stated while holding back tears.

" Rose what's wrong? Why wouldn't you know what your parents think??" Harry asked sounding concerned. He also grabbed my hand to comfort me.

" Well in the past year, like as in January, my parents were killed in a car crash." I said. I couldn't take it anymore, some of the tears I had been holding in slipped down my cheeks.

" Ohhhh Rose we didn't know. Im so sorry. I can't even imagine how that feels, love." Harry said sympathetically. He also took me into his strong, muscular arms to comfort me.

" No it's fine. I miss them but, I still have to go on with life." I said while wiping away my tears.

" Well that's a good atitude about I think." Said Louis. I just nodded. Well that was awkward, but Im glad they finally know. Also their reaction to it was nice. They didn't want to pry on the subject, like most people would. The question also made me feel a little bit homesick for Chicago. Ohhhh the deep dish pizza, how I miss you. I also miss my other family and friends, but I guess when I go back in a couple weeks  I'll see them all. YAYYYY!!! That thought made me feel loads better!

" So do you have any siblings?" Asked Zayn. Great the cursed siblings.

" Hahahaha oh yes I do. Five of them to be exact." I said while laughing. Yeah I got siblings, and just like any other family, I can honestly say they are the most annoying siblings in the world!

" Whoaaahhh Five??!!!" They all exclaimed in unison.

" Yea I gots myself five brothers." I said not sounding the happiest. Louis then got up and came over and gave me a hug.

" You poor,poor girl. Stuck with slobs!" He said while sarcastically being sympathetic. I rolled my eyes. The other boys howled with laughter. Apparently I make them laugh.

" Aww Lou you're not that messy." I said sarcastically. I was referring to the fact that they were all quite messy. Well boys will be boys. They laughed at first, and the looked at me with fake hurt expressions. I was the rolling on the floor laughing! God i crack myself up!!

" Haha! Awww poor boys!" I said sarcastically. If you haven't noticed I am very sarcastic.

" Don't worry Rose, you laugh now, but you will pay!" Niall said menacingly. He thinks he's qutie the evil little Irish lad. But his face, well just doesn't strike me as evil.

" Oh okay, Im shaking with fear." I said teasingly. The boys couldn't help but laugh, even Niall laughed.

" OHHH BURN!!" Screamed Louis. He then high fived me.

" Thanks Lou, I try!" I said while laughing. Good times, Good times.

" So back to our earlier convo. What are your brothers names??" Asked Liam.

" Well my first older brother T.J he's 22, and he's serving overseas right now. Then there's Jacob he's 20 and he's in college. Then my twin brother, Michael he's well obviously19. Then my younger brother Danny he's 16. And finaly Patrick my 12 year old brother." I said while taking a large breath, you know to be dramatic and all.

" WOOWOOWW!" They said in unison. " Yea I know, think of living with them." I said. "Was life hell for you?" Asked Niall." You can betyour Irishness on it I was!" I said teasingly. They all chuckled.

"Cool. So you going to visit them this summer?" Asked Liam.

"Yea im going to in a couple of weeks. I haved enough money saved up to buy a round trip ticket." I said.

" Whoa. Hold the phone. Your leaving us? For exactly how long??" Asked Harry nervously. They all looked at me worriedly. Their celebrities and their gonna miss me? Something is wrong with that picture, but whatever.

" Yeaa.." I said a little confused. Apparently they are going to miss me.

" Wait do you mind if we come with you? We all need a little vacay. Right boys?" Harry asked and half stated. They all nodded furiously.

" Yea I guess you can come with me. But you guys kinda have to pay for yourselves." I said. "Thats totally fine! We can't wait!" Said Harry excitedly. They all cheered.

" Well okay then I guess you guys will me my family. That ought to be fun!" I said sarcastically. They laughed. Im so happy they think Im funny! It does mean a lot!

" Which reminds me. When is your last day of school, love?" Harry asked." Crap. That's right! I forgot I have my last day of school tomorrow!! YAYYY!! Thanks babe!!" I said excitedly and gratefully. Whoa wait did I just say babe?? Well it doesn't matter it happened in the past.( My friend says this, and I guess it stuck!)

" Babe. I like it, babe." Harry said cheekily, and with a wink. I face palmed. Ohh great.




Hey people! Hope you liked the chapter!! It was a little depressing, but it did have a happy ending!! Also a massive thank you to the people who have read my fanfic!!! It sure does mean a lot to me!!!!



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