Styles Love

Anna Rose was just kicked out of her apartment in London. She then becomes best friends with the boys of One Direction. Or is it something more with Harry? This is Anna Rose's story of love with Harry and the rest of the boys.


8. Do I remember you?

Louis's P.O.V


That morning i walked downstairs to find a note from the boys "Lou, we went to the store to get some groceries, and to get some breakfast for you and Rose" They had all signed their names. Okay i thought finally i have some time to think of what has been happening lately! Where so i even start! First we have just ended our tour, and now a girl is living with us! Not that i dont love having Rose with us. Also im so excited that Harry found a girl that makes him that happy! But there was something strange about her. She just seemed so.. so familiar. Like i have seen her before. Maybe at a signing, or a concert? Was she a girl from school back in Doncaster? No she isnt from there shes from America. Wait a minute! There was that family that rented the house across the street from us during the summer! Maybe that was her!




I came back to where i was seated on the couch with my photo album. I flipped through the pages until i found the pictures of our friends and families from Doncaster. Then i found exactly what i was looking for. It was a picture of all the kids that lived on that block. And she was smack dab in the middle of the picture.


So apparently i did know her. I cant believe i didnt know it was her the moment i saw her here! Maybe thats because i never bothered to learn her last name. Man, i can be so stupid sometimes!


Anna Rose's P.O.V


I walked dowmstairs from where i was sleeping on an air mattress in Harry's room.  He was the one that insisted on me staying in his room.  I guess it was okay because we were dating now. Whatever, i thought putting my thoughts aside as i saw Louis sitting on the couch. I plopped down next to him and said, " Wazzzz up Louis?!" " Oh hi Rose, morning. And nothing much." He said hiding what i was guessing was a photo album. Then there was a very awkward silence.

Louis then broke it asking, " So how did you like Doncaster during the summer?"


I was utterly shocked.

" What are you talking about?" i asked.

"You know, living in Doncaster during the summer." He said.

I was then trying to remember all my summers in Doncaster. I didnt think it was important to tell him that i had spent my summers in Doncaster. I mean what was it to him? Its not like it was something huge, like me not telling him that i murdered someone. Which of course i didnt.

" Um i didnt think it was important to tell you that i had spent my summers in Doncaster."i said.

" Really because i think its important because you lived on the same block as me!" he said sounding angry.

" Louis i think i would remember that." i said.

" Ok let me refresh your memory. Do you remember a kid that was a little strange, but had a great sense of humor. The kid that you hung out with, but only knew his first name?" he said angrily.

I began to remember a kid named Lou. But i never thought about. And he was right he was strange. OMG it was Louis! How can i not remember!?

" Louis I am so sorry i didnt remember you! i yelled apollegetically. And gave him a hug. " I didnt realize it was you, when i saw you here in London!"

" Rose its fine. No wonder we got on so well.  We had already known each other." he said sounding like his old self. " Im just mad that i never learned your last name while you were in Doncaster."

" I know we were dumb. But just one question." i asked.

" Whats that love?" he asked.

" How do we tell the other boys about this? Do we just say ' oh yea we've known each other for like ever, just so you know.' Really Lou what do we do?" I asked starting to panic.

" Rose this is a problem thats going to take time. We are going to have to keep this to ourselves. At least for a little while." He said.

" Alright." i said.

Looks like i have a huge secret to keep. Well this is going to fun!



Hey guys you like the surprise?? tell me if you did. Thanks to everyone that has read! it really does mean a lot to me!!!

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