The boys broke up about 10 years ago... they have families and havn't said much about what they used to work as to their kids. Management decides to have another tour to preform their greatest hits but their parents didn't tell them till two weeks before and that was after Harry Styles daughter brought her new boyfriend home. That is when their parents are forced to explain what they did as a career for most of their lives.


1. Dinner and a Surprise?

I got off the bus with my boyfriend, Sterling. "Sterling what's your favorite color?" I asked looking up at him. I curse being short! Considering my family was freakishly tall. "Um... Green." he said, smiling down at me. We started towards my house. Tonight was the night he met my crazy family! With my two annoying brothers and my parents. I have two older brothers, Jacob and Luke. Then there is my mother Adriana and my father Harold. We got to my house and walked inside as my brothers were on the couch wrestling over the remote. "LUKE JAKE THIS IS MY BOYFRIEND STERLING!" I screamed over them. They both stopped and turned to look at him. "Hello." Sterling said, his accent making my heart flutter. He was Irish, like his dad but then they moved over here to England. "Hey look its a leprachan!" Luke said, laughing at his accent. I rolled my eyes and walked outside onto the back porch.  "Mum, Dad this is Sterling. Sterling Horan my boyfriend." i said, smiling at them. My dads mouth dropped. My mum smiled and sort of laughed. "A Horan? Why is your mum Jessica?" she asked looking at Sterling. "Yes." he said, smiling back at her. My Mum glanced at my dad. "Hear that Boo? It's Nialls boy." she said, grabbing Harry's hand. My dad looked like he was going to kill some one! He got up and went inside. I looked at Mom who shook her head and walked into the kitchen too. I took Sterling into the kitchen and sat down at the table. My annoying older brothers came into the kitchen too. "Kids look there is something i havn't told you..." my dad started looking at his plate.

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