The boys broke up about 10 years ago... they have families and havn't said much about what they used to work as to their kids. Management decides to have another tour to preform their greatest hits but their parents didn't tell them till two weeks before and that was after Harry Styles daughter brought her new boyfriend home. That is when their parents are forced to explain what they did as a career for most of their lives.


2. A/N--- Character intros

Thanks for the feedback guys thought you needed to see what the families look like..


Jasmin Clover Horan: Age, 19 Nickname, Jazzy currently single. (the pic is actually of one of my friends i just thought she was really pretty and kind of looked like Nialls kid lol sorry)

Elizabeth Lea Malik: Age, 17 Nickname, Ruth currently single and ready to mingle.

Sterling James Horan: Age 16, Nickname Leprachan... currently in a relationship <3

So this is the cover picture in case you were wondering... 

Katlyn Love Lea Styles: Age, 15 Nickname, Kiwi. currently dating Sterling.

Luke Kennedy Styles: Age, 19 Nickname, Lukeis.. SINGLE ladies ;)

Jacob William Styles: Age, 18 Nickname, Jake or Will.. such a player not funny, but currently single.

Yes Jacob and Sterling look JUST like their dads i planned it that way lol

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