Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


8. Chapter 8

    Niall's P.O.V.
  We get into me room and i walk up to Bell and kiss her. I want her so bad i never felt like this before. I moved my hands up and down her back and she played with my hair. I didn't want to rush into anything so i pulled apart "why did you stop" she said i was shocked but i moved in and kissed her again, soon after my tounge is in her mouth, god this girl is perfect. I move my hands to the bottom of her shirt and ripped it off her body, i picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my wast. I pulled away and  brought her over to the bed. I took off the shorts she was wearing, now she only had panties and a bra on. She moved her hands up and down my chest and she brought her hands to my wast band on my underwear, i groaned she ripped them off so i ripped her panties and thrusted into her, she started to groan this went for a couple more minutes until we where out of breathe so i fell down beside her. "That was amazing Niall" she said before she fell asleep on my chest.
    Bella's P.O.V.  
I woke up the next morning to the bluest eyes i have ever seen, Niall's. last night was awesome. "Good morning beautiful" he said and i blush and bit my bottom lip. "Good morning" i said back "are you hungry, because i am starving""yeah i am hungry" "well then lets go eat" he said and jumped out of bed and picked me up with him and started running for the kitchen. He put me down on the stool at the kitchen table. I have a big smile on my face "why are you smiling so much" Niall ask "well i am with you and you make me so happy" i said "and you do the same to me" he said "well what do you want for breakfast" he ask "i can make breakfast" i said getting up and making him sit in his chair. "Well in three days it is summer brake for us and we are going to be staying in a cottage and i would love it if you could come with us, all the boyz are coming and Eleanor Lous girlfriend is to and we aregojng to stend the summer together, there are 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms one in each room and on connected to the kiving room. There is a kitchen dining room and a living room. Outside we have a big pool a hot tube and a big yard. We have a little place with a fire pit and chairs for a fire place out side and it is a big land. There is a gate keeping the paps and fans away from us so we can enjoy are summer. So now it is up to you to see if you want ot come." I am just standing there and staring at him i dont know what to say "well...." He said "YES" i yelled and jumped into his arms. "Well El is going to be coming two day here to meet you and have some girl time with you because i am going to be going out with the boyz with Uncle Si for a meeting and the keys for the house and then i will be back and we can pack together, but we need to be out of this house by 9PM tonight so us and the boyz are all staying a Uncle Si house for tonight and then towmorrow we are going to be starting to head to the cottage." He said "okay so whe...." I started ro say until Lou and this beautiful girl comes in the door. "Well hello mr. and mrs. Horan" Lou said as Niall gets up and smacks him across the face and i start to laugh "oh you rhink that is funny" Lou said as he came up closer i started to get scared so i fell to the ground and starte to yell "no i didnt mean to to beat me i wont do it again i don't  want to go to the dark room again please" i said and started to cry. Niall came to my side and rubbed my back "it is okay Bell Lou wont hurt you he was just joking around" he said "what about my father he is going to find me and he is going to kill me and.. And" i started to whisper "and what" he said "and you" "he will not don't worry" he said "i a so sorry Bella i was just joking around i didn't mean to" Lou started to say and i got up and hugged him "it is okay Lou" i said and i let go and i wiped all the tears away "so who is this beautiful girl Lou" i said "well this is my beautiful girlfriend Eleanor but we call her El" "it is nice to meet you El" i said "it is nice to meet you to Bella" she said back and we hugged. "Well we have to go girls you two have fun" Niall said kissing me and whispering in my ear "stay strong nothing is going to happen i will make shore ok i will see you later" and then he left out the door with Lou leaving a smile on my face. 

~~next day on the way to the cottage~~

  "Last one is is a rotten egg and gets through in the pool" Lou yells and everyone runs for the door and i was the last in the house. Lou, Harry, Liam, and Zayn pick me up and run to the side of the pool i start screaming because i don't know how to swim, they through me in and i just save my arms and legs all around and sink to the bottom.


     Niall's P.O.V.

 i see them through Bell into the pool and she just sinks to the bottom of the pool "Bell no" i yell and jump in after her. I swim to the bottom and grab her and pull her up. I get her out of the pool and lay her on the ground. "She is not breathing" so i do mouth to mouth. I have to do it three times until she starts to cough and then she opens her eyes "thank god" i say giving her a hug "N..Niall you saved me" she said "of course i did" Lou comes closer "i am sorry Bella" he said and Bell just hugs me "we are just going to go to the room" i said as i pick her up and start to walk to the room. I still haven't ask if she wanted to share a room or not. "Hey Bell, do you want your own room or do you want to share a room with me" i said "could we share" she said "of course love" i said as. Walked t the closes room. I lay her down in the bed and start to walk to the door " please don't leave" i hear her say. "Okay i wont" i said as i walked over and laid down next to her. We fell asleep holding each other. 

    It has been a week sense the pool thing and Bella has been abel to talk to them now i think she is okay but she is still scared around people but not me. We are all done unpacking and the summer has begun. "Hey Bell do you want to go swimming" i ask "i don't know how to" "we can stay in the lower part of the pool" "okay" she said as she walked into the bathroom to get change. I was already changed so i just waited for her to get done. She walked out of the bathroom in a bikini it was hot pink and it made her look hot to. "So when we are in the pool can we play a game of questions" she said "what is it" i asked "well you ask the other a question a d they have the answer it" "yeah sure and all the Boyz are gone some were so it is just you and me" i said as we walked to the pool. We got in and sat on the benches on the side of the pool. "Okay me first" she said "okay i want to know your age and birthday" "okay my age is 18  and my birthday is september 13 and yours" "i am 17 and my birthday is July 10" "s your birthday is n 23 more days" i said excitingly. "Yeah"  "well we are going to have to celebrate it then" "sounds fun". We spent the next hour in the pool until we got tired and went inside to eat. 

  We were siting down deciding what to eat and all the boys come running in with bags yelling Niall. "What is going on" i yell back "we got you Nando's" "YEAH GIVE IT TO ME NOW" "what is Nando's" and i start to stare at her "Niall are you okay" Liam asked "no because she has never had Nando's before" "os that a bad thing" she asked "YES YOU ARE GOING TO EAT SOME PERI PERI CHICKEN" i yelled "okay" "Niall LOVES food just to tell you he eats it all the time he loves Nandos it is his favorite place to eat" "well i know that he loves food a lot but i didn't   know this much and how can he be so fit and have abs and eat so much" she said and i laughed "i don't know he is magic, he is a leprechaun " Liam said and we laughed. "Okay now eat it" i said as i put some in her mouth "this is good" she said "i know right" and everyone laughs.


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