Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


7. Chapter 7

 It has been 5 weeks and we are going to be getting are case off today. Also i have a crush on Bell so i am going to tell her today when we are alone at my house later. Liam just helped us get into the car and we are off for the hospital I am so excited and so is Bell. We get to the hospital and Liam helps us into are room and then leaves when that doctor comes in. "Well hello there" "hello" me and Bell both say together "are you two ready to get these things off" "yeah" we both say "are you guys feeling better""i feel a lot better" Bell said "me to""so Niall have you been getting any headaches" "well some but not many" "okay that is good, okay lets get this done with" she said as she and another nurse start to cut the case off form us Bell keeps on laughing "what is so funny" i ask "nothing it just tickles" she said giggling. When they were done she told us to get up and try to walk so we did. Fell flat on my face and Bell laughed "hey i have two hurt legs and you only have one so you can use the other one more i said" "what ever" she said as i got up and started t walk around the room and then Liam walked in "you guys ready to go" he said and we both yelled yes and walked to the car. We got to my place and Liam dropped us off because he had to do something so he left witch gave me some time to tell Bell how i feel. We got in side and we sat on the sofa. "So are you happy you got it off" she asked "hell yeah" i answered and she laughed "do you no what" i said "what" "you have a cute laugh" "well thank you" she said and she laid back on the sofa. "Why are you staring at me. Didn't even notice i was staring at her. "Because you are beautiful" i said "i have to ask you something well tell you something" i said "and what is that" " well i kind of like you" "really" "yes really, and i was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend" "yes" she yelled and she jumped on me and i kissed her and she kissed me back. We sat there kissing until the door swings open "hey you....... Whoa" Harry said as i turn around "what are you two up to" Zyan said with a smirk "is Niall keeping it in his pants" Lou said "shut the fuck up louis" "sorry" he said back and Bell started to giggle "what are you giggling about" i said "oh nothing she said as she leaned into my ear and whispered "you look like you are getting a little hard there" she said laughing and she was right "what is going on" Harry said "oh Niall is mmmmmm" she started to say as i put my hand over her mouth "shut up" and then she went to get up and i pull her back down "what was that for" she said and i whisper in her ear "well i don't want them to see you no what and you caused it so you are siting on my lap until it is gone" and then she started to laugh again "it is not funny it is your fault i said and all the boys are sitting on the other sofa staring at us "okay i am good you can sit up now" i said to Bell "are you shore because, mmmmmm" i put my hand over her mouth again and had her sit on my lap again because it is happening again. "Oh god Niall" she said "oh shut up i will get you later" "okay are we missing something" Harry said "no it is nothing what d you want to do" i said "TRUTH OR DARE" Lou yelled "okay that could be fun" i said "well can i get up" Bell said "yeah i a, good now" and she giggled and every one sat i a circle on the floor and Lou went to go find a bottle. When he was gone Liam showed up and joined the game, and Lou came back with a bottle and put it in the middle and spun it and it landed on Harry. "Harry truth or dare" Lou said "dare" "okay i dare you to call Demi up and tell her that she has a nice ass" "well. Would IF i had her number" Harry said "well we all know who has her number" and they all started to stare at me, "why are you looking at me for" i said "oh well lets see well you have been in love with her for like ever so you must have her number" "yeah i do have her number" "oowwww" "i don't like her anymore because i have a girlfriend" "and how is that" Liam asked "Bell" i said and i looked at her and she was blushing "oh i didn't know you toe where dating" Harry said "well we are, but lets get back to the game okay" "okay yeah so can i use you phone to call her" Harry said "hell no because she has caller ID and she has me in her contact so she will no it is me but i will give you her number" "okay what is it" "it is **********" "okay thanks it is ringing, Hello, you have a nice ass" and then he hung up. And we all start to laugh "okay Niall truth or dare" Liam asked me "um, dare" i said as i get on my knees and rub my hands together. "I dare you to go to the house next door and jump into there pool and run back here, and with no cloths on." He said as i loss my smile and every one laughs "okay i got this" i said as i ran out side and jumped over the fence into the neighbors back yard i run to the pool and take of all my cloths and jump in. I get out and put my underwear back on as i run to the fence and jump over it and run back inside. "I cant believe you did that" Liam said "well it was a little cold but refreshing and i haven't been skinny diving for awhile" i said laughing and everyone one laughed along.


  Bella's P.O.V.

oh my god when Niall got up to go jump into the neighbors pool naked everyone got up but me to go look out the window "you don't want to watch Bella" Harry said minutes after the door opens and there standing Niall with just his underwear and it is skin tight but he has his shirt also over his underwear."i cant believe you just did that" Liam said "well it was a little cold but refreshing and i haven't skinny dives for awhile" Niall said and everyone laughed. "So why do you have your shirt over your underwear" Harry said "well it happened s  to be that today i decided to wear white underwear so you can see through it because it is wet so if you dont mind i am going to go change and Bell you should to come with me" he said as he held out his hand "well we better get going" they all said and they said there good byes and Harry came up to me and whispered 'don't have to much fun'. Me and Niall made are way to his bedroom i don't know what is wrong with me but i just want Niall like in the naughty way.

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