Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


60. Chapter 60

Niall's P.O.V

I felt a slight movement beside me waking me up from my sleep I was it. I looked over to my left to see Bella curling up closer to me. I smile to myself as I watch her sleep. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. We've been through a lot together and I would do anything and I mean ANYTHING to save her and I know she would do the same.

"Would you stop staring at me while I sleep" I heard Bella say as I look down at her and her eyes were still closed but she had a big smile on her face "and it's starting to freak me out" she laughed a bit.

"Sorry your just so beautiful when you sleep" I said and I lean down and kiss her forehead "it's hard not to stare" I said kissing her noise "I love you sooooo much" I said finally kissing her lips.

She sits up a bit to kiss me back and I smile into the kiss. I flip her onto her back as I climb on top of her pulling away from the kiss to look down at her. She was so beautiful. I just loved looking at her.

"You're doing it again" she said smiling "your staring" she laughs a bit and I laugh back.

I smirk down at her "it's hard not to stare at a girl that looks as sexy as you" I said leaning down and kissing her lips again.

I slid my hand down her arm and grip her hip. I slid he other hand down her arm and grip her other hip. I slowly grind down on her and I hear her groan a little. She slide her hands down my chest and stomach and grabs the hem of my shirt and pulls it up. I let her pull it over my head smiling leaning back down kissing her again. When I hear her groan again I left myself off from her and stand up off the ground.

"I'm hungry I'm going to go get something to eat" I said Turing around and walking to the door. Once I got there I looked back to she her laying on the bed with a shocked face. I smile to myself as I step out of the room. Luckily I wore pj bottoms to bed last night because if I just had boxes on that would be weird because I had no shirt on.

I walk down to the kitchen and smile when I see the hold gang sitting down talking and eating. I walk over and grab a plate and fill it up sitting down.

"Where's Bella?" I heard Louis ask and I smirk a bit at the sound of her name "I think she will be down any time now" I said and right when I said that she walks into the room.

I smile at she and she just glares and I laugh a bit. "Good morning everyone" she said grabbing a plate and filled it with food coming and sitting next to me. Everyone said good morning back to her as they looked back and forth between us confused.

We all started eating in silence when I felt something on my leg. I looked down to see Bella's hand on my knee. "So how did everyone sleep?" She asked as she lead her hand up my leg.

"Pretty good how about you?" Liam asked "very well" she said and then she slid her hand to the hem of my pants. She slid her hand into my pants. I tried not to groan or anything. I looked over to her and I saw her smirking.

"So the party tonight" I said and then she grabbed me and started to rub me and I groaned standing up "I I'm going to go take a shower" I said glaring at Bella "your not going to finish up eating?" She asked smirking "actually I have something to show you why don't you come with me?" I asked her "no it okay you can show me latter" she said and then I smirked "no you need to see it now" I said grabbing her wrist and pulling her out of her seat holding her in my arms before running out of the kitchen with her yelling for me to put her down but I ignored it.

We ran past the guards and I smile and greeted them good morning as I run up the stairs into our room slamming and locking he door. By this time she had her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist and her head was in the crock or my neck.

I pined her up against the wall and she laughs as she looks at me. "I love you" I said and she smiles "and I love you to now kiss me" she said and I didn't even hesitate I smashed my lips into hers and our lips moved together perfectly. They mover fast but with lots of love.

Her hands tangle in my hair as I grab her butt and rub. I backed away from the wall and slowly walk over to our bed. I dropped her breaking out kiss as I stare down at her as she stares up at me smiling.

"Your so beautiful" I said "you don't even understand how lucky I am to have someone as beautiful and amazing as you" I said and she sat up "I love you too. With all my heart" she said and I smile "if it wasn't for you I could be dead right now you saved me more then once and I'm glade to have you too" she said "but let's stop talking and let's get moving" she said as she grabs the hem of my pj bottoms and pulls me down on top of her as we both laugh.

Louis's P.O.V.

After Niall and Bella ran out if the kitchen I turned to the rest of the gang "Niallers going to get some" and everyone laughs "I'm so happy for them" El said as she lays her head on Lous shoulder "yeah their the cutest" Dani said and that's when the two guards walked in. "What the heck was that all about?" Guard number 1 asked "what?" Harry asked "Niall and Bella running up stair?" Number 2 questioned "oh nothing just some unfinished business they needed to finish" Zayn said and everyone laughs.

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