Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


56. Chapter 56

Louis's P.O.V.
Me, El and the rest of the gang besides Niall and Bella were all in the car heading back to the house, we were all talking about how much fun we had today, and the car was full of bags for Christmas and we also decided that Christmas is in like 8 more days we were going to have a little party this weekend with is in 2 day which would me there will be 3 more days until Christmas and then we decided to go Christmas shopping when ever we can and then on Christmas Eve we would have a little laity with just the gang. We were pulling up and we all got out walking it the house.

    We walked in an we saw Niall and Bella on the big couch watching movies, "what are you two doing?" I asked "watching movies and drinking cocoa"Niall said "that's no fair" i said "six more cups on the table and more space on the couch" Bella said and we all took of are snow stuff and joined them on the couch with are hot cocoa and warm blankets "now let's watch some movies" Zayn said and we spent the rest of the day watching movies.


   Niall's P.O.V.
 We were all just standing there. We haven't really done any decorating the last past days because we were so tired, and now it is the day of the party and we have to do it all. "Okay i was thinking we all do it together, starting with the house decorations, then tree then cooking, we have six hours so we need to do it quick" Liam said and we all nodded "okay so house decorations, we need two people in the living room, two people in the kitchen, two people outside and then the last two people moving thinks out of were the party is taken place, so something's need to go up stairs" he said and everyone got with the partners we had last time.

   "Okay i think we should pick out of a hat to find out who does what" Bella said and she takes my hat off my head "hey" i whined "oh shut up and grow a pair" she said "you no i have some" i said with a smirk "shut up" she said and she looks back at the group which are laughing "Okay, outside, living room, kitchen, moving" she wrote them all on different pieces of paper and through them all into my hat. "Okay Zayn and Harry are first" she said "i will do it" Harry said and he picked it and read it out loud "moving" he said with a sad face "Okay Liam and Dani" she said and Danielle pick and read it out for us "living room" she said and then next was El and Lou and they pick Kitchen so that meant me and Bella were outside, again "what, every time we have to go outside" i asked taking my hat back and putting it on my head "well look as it this way, you are all alone, no one with you, you can do whatever you want to, but i don't think snow sex will be that fun, maybe a little to cold" Harry said and Bella slapped him as me and the boys laugh. "Okay everyone start we need to get this done" Liam said "wait what about the tree?" Dani asked and was all turned around and looked at the big empty tree, "well we can do that after just everyone do what they are suppose to do, now go, go" Liam said pushing us away from are little group in the middle of the living room.****

     Bella's P.O.V.
     Me and Niall look at each other and he stuck his tough out at me and i did it back and then i heard Liam yell "you two stop acting like babies and get outside" and me and Niall quickly put on are wet outside cloths, once again and head outside were it is very cold out. 

   We step out the door and i feel it slam behind us and then lock and i look back and i see Zayn in the window smiling at us and i see Niall try to open the door and it wont "Zayn what the fuck" he yelled and i hit Niall and he turned to me "what, why did you hit me?" He asked "you swore" i said "sorry but they locked us out of the house and who knows when they will let us back in." After he said that is thought and then i ran over to the door and me and Niall start banging on it and yelling to let us in.


      After a while me and Niall stop, it was no use. They had the music blaring inside so they couldn't hear us, and they had all the shades down so they couldn't see us, they were so dead when we got back inside. "They are so dead when we get back inside" i heard Niall said and i laughed  "same as i was thinking". Niall walking over to me and hugged me "i love you, you know?" He said and i smiled "yeah i know, i love you too" i said and i backed up enough to see my face, "you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen" he said and before I could thank him he kissed me smiling into the kiss as well as me.

    He pulled back and smiled at me showing off his brace-less teeth,"we better get done" he said and he grabbed my hands and we ran to the shed that had two boxes of things. "Okay lights and then decorations" he said and i nodded "okay lets do this" i said and we grabbed some lights and started putting them up all around the house.


   After a while we were done with the lights and were ready to put up the decorations, all there was was a sign that goes on the door saying merry Christmas and a Santa Claus that you put on you front yard. I grabbed the sign and he grabbed the Santa. I ran up to the door and hung it on and i looked back at Niall and he was done with the Santa and he was running back and all of a sudden he slips and falls back on his butt and starts laughing. "Oh gosh are you okay" i said and i ran down to him and he got up "yeah I'm okay just a little slippery, let's go inside" he said grabbing my hand and we ran up to the door and Niall was about to knock when he stopped.

    "What's up?" I asked "i have a better idea" he said with a smirk and he reached down into his pocket and pulled out the key to the house and i laughed "wow they are smart" i said and he laughed putting the key in the lock twisting it and opening the door.

    We walked in and everyone was sittings on the couch with hot chocolate "wait how did you guys get in we locked the door?" Louis said and Niall held up the key "you forgot that i have a key to the house i live in" he said "oh crap forgot about that" Zayn said and we all laughed "anyways we decorated outside and are freezing are asses off" i said and Niall slapped me "what was that for?" I yelled "you swore" he said with a smirk "shut up Niall" i said slapping him back in the butt and he yells and holds him butt "oh did that hurt ." I said "yes, yes it did" he said and i looked over and everyone was looking at us "long story" i said and everyone said oh and started drinking their cocoa.

    "So what you guys been up to in here?" I asked and everyone looked at each other and then at Niall "what's going on in here?" I asked and everyone got up and walking i to the kitchen "we need to put are cocoa cups away" El said and disappeared into the kitchen with everyone but Niall. "Niall what's going on?" I asked for the third time "oh nothing" he said nervously "Niall just tell me" i said "IM COMING, i head someone yell my name up stairs" and he ran away "there is no one up stairs" i yelled and i huffed and sat on the couch.

   El and Dani come i and sit down next to me "what going on guys?" I asked "oh don't worry about it okay" El said with a serious face "it's nothing bad" Dani said and i put on a fake smiled. "It better be" and i got up and walked away.

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