Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


55. Chapter 55

*** sorry i ended the last chapter weirdly, it wouldn't let me wright anymore on it so i decided to continue it on a new chapter, so here it is.***

Niall's P.O.V.

    "That was very close" Harry said and we all agreed "sure was" Liam said and we all walked over and took a seat in the living room. "Okay so what are we going to do with it now?" Zayn asked "uhmmm we could.... have Harry hold on to it, there is none staying in his room or Zayns" Louis said looking ateveryone for an answer "thanks" Harry said sarcastic "sure thing" Louis said giving him a big smile which Harry just sticks his tough out to and Louis doing the same back "i vote Zayns" Liam said and everyone but Harry agrees "hey what about me?" Harry said and everyone looks at him "Zayn is more responsible" i said and i handed Zayn the ring box "okay now Zayn you go hide it in your room and we will go and get the girls and we can go out and get some Christmas things" i said looking at him seriously "okay i will, and Niall i am so proud of you" he said and i smiled big and he gave me a hug and gets up with the rest of the boys and we were off.


 Bella's P.O.V.

   "Okay so Louis and El you go and get wrapping paper, ribbons and tags for the presents, and anything else you want to get. Me and Danielle will get decorations for  decorating the house, Harry and a Zayn you get the tree decorations for decorating the Christmas tree, and Niall and Bella you find a good Christmas tree and put it into the living room and sense Niall loves food you guys can also get the food, or baking things and we can all bake" Liam said "okay daddy" we all said "whatever be safe" Liam said and we all laughed and went in different directions. (One direction)

     "Okay let's go fine a tree out in the words out back" Niall said "okay ill race you there" i told him and started running "cheater" i heard him yell and i laughed. I was almost there when all of a sudden i felt a arm go around my waist and lifted off the ground "Niall let me down" i yelled and he laughed letting ,e down and i turn around and look at him and he ha a saw in one of his hands, "i had to grab this saw and i still caught up to you, in the snow" he said with a smirk "shaddup" i said and i turned around and started walking. Niall caught up with me and held my hand intertwining are hand together, "Christmas is almost here" Niall said with a smile "yes it is isn't it" i said "i don't think you are getting anything from Santa this year" he said with a smirk "and whips is that?" I asked "because you have been a pretty naughty girl" he said doing a hip thrust "NIALL!" I yelled and i slapped him "what it's true." He said with a laugh. "Whatever lets just get a tree" i said and he laughed a bit more. 


We were walking through the woods trying to find a good tree, we were both split up because Niall thought it would be better because we can both be in different places looking instead of both looking in the same place. It was pretty cold so i was walking fast and looking around when all of a sudden i heard Niall yell "found one" and i ran over to his voice and i saw him stranding in front of a beautiful tree. It was perfect, filled in all the way not to big not to small, it would perfectly fit into are living room, and there will be enough room for presents. The rest of the gang will love it because it will probably be the best one we will find out here anyways. "It's perfect, cut it down the rest of the gang will love it" i said "perfect" he said and he smiled and bent down starting to cut it, as i just stand there trying to stay warm watching Niall slowly cut down the tree with a little saw.


  I was still standing in the same spot as i was when Niall started to cut the tree, it has been like hours, well not really, about two minutes but i am really cold out here. "Niall hurry up i am freezing" i whined "i am trying my fingers are freezing i can't feel them" he said and i laughed a bit "shut up don't laugh at me" he said "sorry, but are you almost done?" I asked impatient. "Yes move out of the way, i am going to push it down" he said getting up and i move out of the way. He them starts to push it and soon enough it falls to the ground. We both just stand there and look at it, both not wanting to grab it, "okay how about we both get it?" I said and he nodded and we both grabbed it "run?" He asked and i nodded "okay 3...2...1...Go" we both yelled and we ran as fast as we could in the cold snow.

   We made it to the house and Niall opens the door and i push the tree inside "i will grab the tree holder" he said leaving and coming back with the tree holder, sliding it on and setting it up in the corner of the living room. We both stood there looking at it "it looks good" i said "it does" he said and then there was a long silence before i talked again, "Do we have to go get cooking things?" I asked "we could just say we did and just get some hot cocoa instead" he said and i nodded and he grabbed my hand and we both skipped to the kitchen, "okay i will make some hot cocoa you go and get some blankets and turn up the heat" i said to Niall and he nodded and runs away and i laugh.

     I grab two coffee or tea cups and fill them with some water. I then set them into the microwave to heat them up because who can have hot cocoa cold because it is called HOT cocoa not COLD cocoa, anyways i watched the two cups got round and round waiting for the beep. It goes off and i carefully take them out without burning myself , i set them on the table and pour some cocoa in them and mixed them up adding a little bit of milk to cool them down, don't want them to burn your tough. I then very carefully cared them into the living room where Niall was sitting with three blankets with the tv on waiting for me to watch frosty the snow man with him, really frosty the snowman, whatever i like it anyways. "Here" i said and i handed him his cup of hot cocoa and i sit down next to him and cover up with all the blankets he brought down "thanks, we are watching frosty the snow man okay" he asked looking at me "that's fine with me, i like this movie anyways" and i gave him a small peck on the lips and we both started to watched the movie.

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