Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


53. Chapter 53


       Bella's P.O.V.

  I got up the next morning and Niall was still sleeping next to me. I decided to get up so i could make some breakfast fro everyone. I slipped out of bed not waking uo Niall and i slid a pillow under his arms as I leave the room. I walk down stairs and turn up the heat in the house because it was cold because it was December. I just relised that in 16 more days christmas is going to be here. It feels like just yestureday Niall saved me from my father, but when it has really been four years. I walk into the kitchen and grab all the ingrediants to make some pancakes.


    I was just taking them off when i hear some people walk in. I look back and i see all the boys come into the kitchen. Niall walks up to me and kisses me "good moring" he said and i smiled "good morning" and Louis comes up to me and gives me a hug "i see you made us pancakes" he said huging me tighter "yep now can you let me go" i asked and he let mego smiling at me like a little kid wanting something. I set three pancakes onto a plate and i gave it to him "now go sit down" i said "YAY" he yelled running over to the table and sitting down and i gave all the other boys three pancakes and Niall six and me two and we all sat down at the table.


   "I cant wait till' christmas" Louis said "I know this christmas is going to be very special" Harry said and Zayn and Liam elbow him in the sides "oww" he said "what do you mean by special?" I asked and everyone stares at me with wide eyes and then Niall shifts weirdly in his chair beside me "anyone going to answer me?" I asked "well all the girls are going to be here and we are going to have a lot of fun and prisents they are going to  be good" Liam said "right boys" he said and all the boys but Niall says right "right Niall" Liam said and i am pretty shure he kicked him under the table "yeah yeah very good presents" he said with a big smile and so does the rest of the boys. "Okay i guess" i said and we all ate in silence for a little bit.


    "So are we going to decorate?" i asked "yeah well not today but maybe when the girls get back in three days and we can all go out and get things and we can have the best christmas ever" Liam said and we all agreed "we should skype the girls today" i said and the boys agree "okay i will clean the dishes and you guys get the skype ready" i said "i will help you Bella" Niall said and everyone agreed and all the boys but Niall left to set up the laptop while me and Niall get all the dishes and put them into the sink.


    I filled up the sink and Niall squirted some soap into it and we both started washing. I was washing my dish when Niall bumped me with his hip "what was that for?" i asked looking at him and he had a smirk on his face "what did i do?" has asked with a inisent voice and face " oh i dont know this" i said and i bumped his hip and he dumped a cup of water on him self. "Hey look at what you did?" he said and i filled the cup up with more water and dumped it on me and that is how are water fight started.


        Liam's P.O.V.

  Me, Louis, Harry and Zayn walking into the living room leaving Bella and Niall alone to clean the dishes. I grabbed the laptop and we all sat down and i loged in and signed into skype where i called Danielle. She answered and there was El sitting right next ot her "ehy boys" they both say to gether "hey girls" me and the boys say together and then there is a big bang "whats going on in there" Danielle asked "we let Niall and Bella do the dishes" Zayn said "NIALL BELLA GET OUT HERE" i yell and they both come running out of the kitchen wet and jump on us. "NIALL BELLA WHAT THE CRAP" Harry yelled and i could here the girls laughing and Niall and bella as well. "Sorry Harold" Bella said and her and Niall got up and Bella sat on his lap.


    "Hey El and Dani" Niall said waving to them "hey Nialler" they both said together "hey girls" Bella said "hey Bella you haveing fun with the boys?" they asked "they are every annoying and crazy but i am doing fine" Bella said and me and they boy disagreed and all the girls laughed a bit. "So we have good news" El said "and whats that" I asked "well we were talking with both of are managers today and they said we can leave early" Danielle said "yay" everyone yelled "when you guys coming back?" Zayn asked "well either tomorrow of the next day only if the plane isn't canceled tomorrow" El said and we all cheered "yes not on my own in this weird house" Bella said "hey what is that suppose to mean?" Harry asked "well you five boys have been acting really weird expecally you Niall so now i have some other people i can hang out with" Bella said "wait what is going on?" Dani asked and me and all the boys say nothing all at the same time very fast. Nice going. "What are you boys hiding?" El asked "n-nothing just cant wait to see you two tomorrow" Niall say and we all look at him and he is tying not to say anything else.


    "Yeah and we were planing when you guys get back we were going to decorate for christmas the whole house, it is going to be the best christmas ever" I said and the two girls both said "yes that will be fun" "okay then when you get back that is the plan love you Dani" i said "love you too Liam" she said "love you El" Louis said "love you Lou' El said "love you girls" bella and the other boys said "love you bella and boys" the girls said and that is how we ended are skype.

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