Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


52. Chapter 52


         Bella's P.O.V.

  I wake p the next morning feeling like yesterday, sick. I don't know why I just feel a weird feeling in my stomach that something is going to happen and i dont know if it is good or bad. I look over to my right and i see Niall. His blond hair is all messy and you cant see his eyes but he is still beautiful. I started to feel a little tried so i close my eyes again and fall back into peace.


     It felt like i was only sleeping for five minutes when a very cold liquid spills over me and i shot up screaming and falling off the bed in pain "ouch" i said and then i heard some laughing and i look up and Louis and Harry are standing there laughing and then Liam and Zayn run in and are looking at everyone Niall is just looking around and then he saw me and he jumps up and runs over to me "what happened?" Liam asked "Louis and Harry spilt water on me and i fell off the bed and it hurt" i said and Niall hugged me trying not to laugh "are you okay?" he asked "yeah" i said and Niall helps me up and i glare at Louis and Harry laughed harder and I just sat down on the bed. "So what are we doing today?" Zayn asked "well i have to go some where" Niall said and al the boys smiled and so did Niall "where?" i asked looking at him "uhm" he started "he got a call from Simon and they are meeting up" Liam said and i can't tell if he is lying or not so i believe him "alright I am going to have a lazy day with the door closed and LOCKED"  said glaring at Harry and Louis and they both laugh. "Okay so i better get ready to go so... Get out" Niall said pushing everyone out of the room and closing it and locking it and then he faces me.


        He walks over to me and wraps me in his arms "i miss you. We do cuddle much" he said and i smiled "i miss you too" i said and he leans down and kisses me passionately. When he pulls away i smile widely "I love you" he said pecking my lips quickly "I love you too" i said and he kisses me again before he gets ready for his 'meeting with Simon'. 


            Niall's P.O.V.

   Before i leave I give Bella a kiss and i wave to all the boys and then leave out the front door to the car that is waiting for me outside. I climb into the back seat and he brings me to where i need to go. I made sure i called Simon and told him what i was doing and he loved it and congratulated me and i also told him if Bella called to tell her that he was in a meeting with me because what i am really doing it buying Bella's engagement ring. When i got to the shop i walked in making sure i had something on like a hat and sun glasses so none knows who i am.Because if the papes get me then that wouldn't be good in So many levels. I open the door and walk, there were many different Kinds of rings bracelets and necklaces. I Walk up to a glass box were there were many rings So many different ones how am I going to be able to chose.


   "how may I help you?" a man behind the tables ask me"I am looking for an engagement ring" I Said and he smiles "wws the lucky ladies?" he ask and I smile Widely "her name is Bella Carter" I Smiled and his eyes widen "wait are you Niall Horan?" he asked and I Smiled took off my hoodie and sunglasses "well Mr. Horan I and proud of you " he Said and my Smile gets even bigger if it can "could you please not tell anyone I was here" I ask with a Sly Smile "of corose Mr. Horan" he Said and I smiled "You can just Call me Niall" I Said "of Curse" he replys "okay lets find a ring for your lovely girlfriend"he Said and we started to looking for a ring for Bella.


          Liam's P.O.V.

  Me, Harry, Zayn and Louis were home with a very annoying Bella. She Kept asking us where Niall Was going and we would Say to meet up with Simon but she Said she can tell that we are tieing and it is very hard to keep a secret from her but I am not going to tell her that would ruin everything. we were all sitting on the Couch with Bella. "Are you Shore that he is with Simon?" Bella asked and I laugned a bit "do you want me to tell you what he is really doing?" I asked with a smile"yes" she Said "no" All The other boys Said "Okay I didn't want to tell you this but Niall is well he's pregnant"and With that every one laughed but Bella and Louis "wait Niall'S Pregnant hold ON I will be right back" Louis Said and he ran away "did he really thing I was teeing the truth?" I asked"I don't Know why don't you tell me the real reason and then I will" Bella Said "he is with Simon for a meeting" i said and all she did was sigh and Stand up and leave the room.


     "Thank god thought she would never leave"I said and the boys laughed"I though You were really going to tell her what he's doing" Zain Said "me too" Harry said "no I would never do That and I can't believe Louis thought Niall was Prego'" I said and we all laughed. awe "I am going to make pizza for everyone So Someone text Niall and ask when he should be back" Harry Said Walking ino the Kitchen "im on it"I said taking out my phone and finding Niall's number.

          To: Nialler

   'when Should You be bacK?'




        From: Nialler






Just left the shop should be there in 10 minutes, what we having for Supper? Is am starving.'    







 To: Nialler




 'when arnit you hungry? But we are having Pizza, Harry's pizza So hurry !! CU Soon'





     From: Nialler




 'yay I love Harrys cooking and will be there in well just Pulled into the driveway. '






     Soon enough the front door open and there was Niall with the biggest smile on his face. "I'm back" and all of a sudden I hear two people coming down the Stairs, Louis and Bella and the zayn and Harry coming out of the Kitchen. "Niall" Louis yells and runs over to him "let me See! think You Should name it Louis if its a boy and Louise if its a girl" Louis said "what the hell are you talking about?" Nian asked "Liam said You were Prego" Louis said "and you were the only one that believed me" " I said "no Bella did" Louis Said looking at Bella "no I didn't You were the one that Jumped off the couch and ran upstairs I didn't believe Crap that he said" Bella Said and then She Looks at Niall oh No "so What did Simon have to Say?" she asked with a smirk and Niall looked Shocked. "oh he just wanted to know how I have been With every thing and how managment was doing" he said, wow that was a nice lie "well that is good how did it go?" Bella asked "awesome" he Said with a wide Smile. "okay well pizzas done it you guys want to eat?" Harry Said and and we all said yes and walked into the kitchen.








         Niall's P.O.V.





 We all sat down at the table and ate some pizza, the ring was in  my pocket in a little box and I just relised, where am I goi g to hide it? I quickly pulled out my Phone and texted Liam.





 TO: LiLi




 'What am I going to do with the ring, how am I going to hide it'   -



     I Sent the text and I saw Liam Look down and look at the text. He then tcooked up and Shrugged and then looked back downs and started type. Soon enough my iPhone ggartg to buzz and I look out the text that he Sent me.


       From: LiLi


     'you can give it to me and I can hide it'


    after I was done reading the text I Looked up at him and smiled "aww LiLi You would do that for me" It just slipped out and I Covered my mouth after. "Do what for you?" Bella asked me and I looked at Liam"oh it is a long story right Liam?"I Said looking at Liam "yah" he said and we all ate in Silence.



  When we were done eating Zayn and Bella were nice enoughto clean the dishes. Harry and Louis were running around and me and Liam go into the bathroom. "okay give it to me"he said "Okay make sure She does't See it or you don't loss it because I am telling you right now if you brake that, I will brake you"I said hAnding it to him walking out of the bathrooms with Liam behind me.

We all decided that we were tired so we headed off to bed for the night. me and Bella enter the rooms and walk over to are dressers guayqahd I use one of your shirts to  sleep in?" I look over at her with a smile 9 Sure only give ms a Kiss first"I said with a smirk and She walks over to me, she kisses me about to pull away but I grab her way and back of her head and I Kiss her harder. I lick her bottoms lip but she doesn't open up so I try again and something I then get an idea. I move my hands down her waist to her thighs where I rub the up and down and then I. go dwse to the inside of her legs and she Lets out a groan on my mouth and I take the time to shove my tough into her mouth.


µ, of a sudden I feels Belkis hands on my Stomach. She moves them down until they get to the helm of my shirt and she Shoves her hand up under my Shirt. Her hands were Cold So I shivered at first, She then starts to bring her hands to my waistband. I pull away from her For a second to get some air. I look into her eyes and I smirk she looked confused and then I pick her up making here Squeal and I through her on the bed jumping on top of her and looking at her face. She had a big smile on her face ,"I love you''I said and she Smiles widely "I love you too"She said "I mean it Okay, you are the first girl I really loved, I love You So much that I wish I could just lay with yos For the rest of are lifes and Kiss you. I really love You and don't forget it Soon I will Show you that Sooner then you think" afterI said that She-ss smiled and gave me a big Kiss "thank you Niall I love you So much I have never had anyone who as ever cared about me as much as you and I am SO happy to be with you" the rest of the night we just laid together until we fell asleep.


***i am so sorry about the caps and the things i did wrong but it was becsuse i tryed wrighting with my new tablet and i am not used to it. I tried fixing the most that i could with the miss spelled words though but i am sorry***



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