Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


50. Chapter 50

   *yahhhhh I am finally on chapter 50. I am so happy I hope I will be able to write a lot on this one and maybe a sequel. I will make it as long as I can. Love ya all*


      Louis's P.O.V.

  I wake up with feeling happy. I was feeling happy for two reasons. 1.) I am laying next to the love of my life. Eleanor. 2.) I was just thinking about how prefect a couple. I know i should be saying is me and El are the perfect couple but seriously Niall risked his life for her like five times. I would be to much of a wimp to go after a guy with a knife all by myself. But Niall he doesn't care about himself all he cares about is Bella, and all Bella cares about is Niall. If I were to guess who would get married in the band first i would of picked either Zayn or even me but now i think it would be Niall and with Bella because they love each other so much that it makes me cry but sometimes it makes me want to throw up but i still love them both dearly. 


    Niall's P.O.V.

  I wake up the next morning looking to my left looking at Bella cuddled up into my side. She was sleeping and she was so beautiful. I know that I might be a little crazy about this but i think i want to marry her. I love her so much. We have been together for four years and I think we are in so much love that the only way to show it is to get married. Maybe i should talk to the boys about this. I am going to do that right now because i can't wait any longer.


   I slowly slid Bella of from me laying her o her pillow. I slid on some pjs and a shirt and i exited the room. I walked to the first room which was Harry. I walk in and he is sleeping. NAKED. Ah what ever not the first time i have saw him like this but seriously it is freezing. I walk up to him and shake him. "Harry, Harry" i whispered and he opens his eyes and looks at me. "Niall what do you want?" he said sitting up "get dressed and meet me downstairs I need to talk to you and the lads before the girls wake up" I said and he nods and I walk out going to the next room which is Liam's. 


    I walked in and saw him and Danielle were curled up and i kind of feel bad that i am going to be waking him up but i need to talk to him. I walk over to him and shook him lightly "Niall wat are you doing here?" he asked and i shushed him "I need to talk to you and the lads downstairs meet me down please" i said with a smile and he smiles back and nods and i walk out of the room where i crossed the hall into Zayns room. Well this is going to be a little hard to wake him up, he is a very deep sleeper. I walk over to him and poke him "Zayn wake up" i said but he doesn't I slap him in the face and all he does is groans and rolls over. I then get an idea i stand on the bed and i sit on top of him and is eyes open up "Niall what are y-!" I cut him off by putting my hand over his mouth shushing him "meet me downstairs, I need to talk to you and the other lads" all he does was nod and i left him to get ready.


    Okay now Louis. I walk into his room and he was up and El as laying next to him sleeping. Good. "Whats up Niall?" Lou asked in a whisper "I need you and the lads downstairs before the girls wake up. I need to talk to you" i said with a big smile and he smiles back "okay" he said and he slips El away slowly getting out of bed and walking up to me. We both walked downstairs and into the living room where the rest of the lads were waiting. Me and Lou sat down and everyone stares at me "what you want Nialler?" Harry asked and i smiled "this might sound crazy but i think i want to ask Bella to marry me" i said and everyone smiled big and ran up to me and hugged me "that would be great" Lou said "i am so proud of you" Liam said "wait which one of us are your best men?" Harry asked "well i was thinking my brother Greg my best man and you guys the groms men" i said with a smile. "That is so awesome Niall I am so happy for you" Zayn said and we all hugged.


    All of a sudden we hear some people clearing their throats and we all let go of each other and backed away "yeah so don't tell none okay" i said glaring at them all and they smiled "we wont" they all said together "what are you guys keeping from us?" Bella asked "uhm well n-nothing" i stuttered "oh really" she said coming closer to me "y-yes" i said and she came closer "oh i need to show you something Bella come with me" Harry said getting up and picking Bella up and throwing her over his shoulder and walks away wit the other girls also. "This is going to be hard for you, you might want to do it soon" Liam said laughing a bit and i did nervously and then Harry comes running back and sits on the couch. "What did you do with them?" Liam asked "oh i only shoved them into the bathroom and put a chair in front of it" Harry said with a smirk and we all laughed.


    "OKay so when should i do it?" i asked and everyone started to thinking "well christmas is coming up in 26 day so why not then. You will have enough time to talk to you parents and brother and get a ring and you can bring her to that part of the beach she always talks about" Liam said and i smiled "perfect" i said and everyone smiled "well then lets hope she says yes" i said "she will she loves you" Liam said "and you are probably a pretty good in bed to" Lou said "well you are going to have to see for yourself" i said and laughed "okay" and Lou jumps up and starts running for me but i run away.


     I am running and i turn a corner and i run into a chair and fall on the ground "NICE IDEA WITH THE CHAIR HARRY!" i said and all a sudden Lou jumps on me and the bathroom door opens and the girls walk out "Lou get of from me" i yelled in his ear "hey you were the one that said you are going to have to see for yourself" he said and he pins my hands above my head with one of his hands and he uses the other one to hold my face still "Lou i don't want to be kissed by a man" i said "oh yes you do i am a sexy man" he said and he licks my face "LOUIS!!" i yelled and everyone starts to laugh "i do have others in the line for you know what" and they know what i meant i mean grooms and right off Louis was lifted off from me and all the boys ran away leaving me on the ground with a wet face and three girls looking at me "what are you looking at help me up" i said and they all laughed and helped me up and i ran into the bathroom and washed my face off and ran back into the living room and saw Louis laying on the couch and i got a good idea.


    I ran and jumped on top of him and he coughed "what are you doing Niall?" he asked looking at me "i like the position earlier" i said with a smile and i hear laughs around the room "really" he asked "really" i said and i licked his face and ran away "NIALL" he yelled and i heard him run after me and i ran outside and he fallowed me i stopped because i almost ran into the pool and all of a sudden someone pushed me in but i pulled them in with me and let me say this it was pretty cool. I go back up to the surface and i see it was Louis i pulled in and we start to laugh as does everyone else and me and him climb out of the pool and i ran over to Bella "Niall no no Niall" she said and i laughed evilly and i ran up to her and gave her a big hug "NIALL" she yell at me and i just laughed with everyone else and then i whispered in her ear "maybe you can punish me later like you did last night" and i laughed and she pushed me away and slapped me "watch your mouth" she said "oh you love my mouth" i said and she giggled and i kissed her.


**** I cant believe Niall is 20 he is getting so much older. He is growing up so fast he isnt going to be are little leprechaun anymore*****




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