Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


48. Chapter 48

      Niall's P.O.V.

   I felt the sunlight through my eyes. I slowly open them to find that i was outside and Bella was laying right next to me and she looked cold and i have to say so myself i am pretty cold myself me and Bell are just in are bathing suits. I picked her up brightly style and headed for the house.


   I walked  into the house and there was everyone and they were all looking at me and Bella "uhm Niall wh-" Harry started to say but i stopped him "quiet down she is sleeping" i said "but why are you to just coming in and why are you guys in your bathing suits" Liam said "because we were swimming last night and we feel asleep outside" i said "oh okay" Zayn said and i walked away up the stairs to me and Bella's room. I lay her in the bed and i cover her up. I take of my swimming trunks and put on some boxers and sweats on with now shirt and i headed down stairs. I walk into the kitchen and there was everyone.


      "So antthing new" i asked "well i am going to be leaving tomorrow but i will be back in three weeks" El says and i look at Louis and he looks a little sad "when did you find out" i asked "uhm i found out last night" she said "well we are going to miss you" i said "oh yeah and also i am going to be leaving for three weeks to for dance classes" Danielle said "well i guess we are going to have to do something fun tonight" i said and then Bella walks in "why do we need to do something fun today" she asked streching. She was wearing one of my big shirts "Danielle and El are going to be leaving tomorrow morning" I said "so i am going to be the only girl around here and the boys dont have anyone to protect them and i also dont have anyone to protect me" she said in a whinny voice and everyone started to laugh "its okay we will be back in three weeks" El said "i guess i can handle them" she said and she ruffled my hair and i had a retarted grin on my face. "Well i am going to make some pancakes" El said as she gets all the ingredence out and starts to make them.


   El was finally done making the pancakes and she set a stack of pancakes and i took four and everyone else to one or two. Ha i know i eat a lot. "So what should we do today?" Harry ask "uhm why dont we go to the beach and then we can come back and watch some movies with popcorn" Liam said hugging Danielle "that sounds fun" Bella said "luckly i have my bathing suit already on" she said "you still have you swim suit on?" i asked "yeah i didnt feel like taking it off" she said "okay then i am going to go and get mine on" i said and everyone but Bella agreed and we goot up and left to are rooms.


   I walked back down stairs with my towel and everyone but Zayn is down here and then there he is walking down the stair. "Okay lets go" Louis said but then i had an idea we were going to take a car there but then i remeber the path "uhm you guys go me and Bella will take another car" i said smiling at them "okay are you sure" Louis asked "yeah" i said and they all left. "Why did you say that?" Bella asked turning to me "because we know where the path is and so we have more time for me to do this" i said and then i crashed my lips to hers. We pulled away from each other and smile "i love you" i said to her "i love you too" she saids back and i take her and and we run out of the doors and down the back lawn to the hiden path that goes to the beach.


  We walked down the path and the rest of them arent even here yet so me and Bella lay out are towels and lay on them. It has been five minutes and the rest of them pull up and all pill out of the car "wait what?" Liam said "how did you get here before us" Harry asked "oh you know we ran" i said and me and Bella started to laughed. "Well okay then lets swim" Zayn said "no i though we were here to sing" Bella said "okay we can do that" Louis said "My carrot brings all the girls to my feet and they know there better then theirs and damn right there better then theirs" Louis started to sing but i jumped up and picked him cutting him off and i ran into the water "NIALL I ALWAYS THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL" Louis yelled and i through him in the water and i walked but and sat next to Bella.


       Bella's P.O.V.

   Harry stood there eyes wide open "my boobear" he said and he ran out there and picked him up and brought him back out here "Niall look what you did to my boobear, get over here" Harry said and him an Louis started to run after Niall and Niall jumped up and ran away "come and get me" Niall yelled "Nialler get back here" Louis yelled "I love you" he yelled again "what about me?" Harry yelled "and me?" i heard El yell and i laughed "HAHA I BET ALL YOU LOUIS LOVES ME AND I LOVE HIM, COME HERE LOUIS I AM SO SORRY" Niall said and Louis ran up to him and jumped into Niall's arms and he went to kiss Niall and Niall dropped him on the ground "what the heck Louis?" Niall said and Louis jumped up with a smile and ran back over to us and he took my hands and pulled me up and took El's hands and we took Danielle's and we started to jump around every wheres. After we were done i looked at Liam and Zayn how haven't really talked the whole time.


     "Liam Zayn you are so quiet" i said and they smiled at me. All of a sudden they ran toward me and i tried running away but they caught me "Liam took my arms and Zayn took my legs and they started to run to the water "NO YOU GUYS HELP ME, STOP" I yelled but i was to late and i was thrown in the water. I came back up to the surface and got some air and i saw Liam and Zayn were laughing so hard and i ran over and jumped on Zayn's back "BELLA" he yelled and he fell backwards and fell on me. He got up and i did to and i started to laugh has he tried caughing his breathe and then i ran over to Liam and jumped on him and did the some as i did with Zayn and then i skipped out of the water and all the way up the sand and grass and across the road and into the grass across the road.


    I didn't notice that there was a a small hole and i stepped in it and fell on my face and i rolled down the hill. When i stopped rolling i just laid there. I felt someone next to me lay next to me. I opened my eyes to see Niall laying there and i smiled. "Hey" i said "hey beautiful" he said and he looked at me and smiled and i smile back. We both just laid there for a little while until Niall sat up "come on lets go swim" he said and i nodded. I tried to get up but a sharp pain went through my ankle. I then noticed that when i tripped i probable twisted my ankle. "Bella are you okay?" Niall asked concerned "i think i twisted my ankle when i fell" i said "here let me carry you" he said and he picked me up.  We walked up the hill and down to the beach ad he laid me on the ground, he sat across from me and lifted my foot onto his lap. Right now everyone was walking to us. "Tell me if this hurts" Niall said as he ushes my toes toward me and a big wave of pain hits me "Niall what the fuck stop" I yelled "sorry" he said and he looked bad "we'll I think we should go and get it checked out" Niall said "get what checked out" Harry asked "Bella tripped over a hole and twisted her ankle" Niall said "nice going Bella" Harry said "shut up styles" I said "so lets go get it checked out" Niall said "now I will be okay just give it a night or twos rest ad it should be fine." I said "okay whatever you say" he said and he gets up and picks me up with him and he runs into the water. We all play in the water for the next hour until we decided to go home.




       We all piled into the car. Zayn driving Harry in the passenger seat. Louis with El on his lap Liam with Danielle on his lap and then me sitting on Niall's lap. "I think we need to get a bigger car" i state "why you dont like sitting on my lap" Niall said and i look at him "shhh" i said to him "soo what time do you two leave" Harry said pointing to El and Dani(Danielle- Dani for short, or nickname) "it think around ten o' clock we already have all are things packed" Dani said "i'm going to miss you two" i said "well you better keep in touch and tell us when the boys are being mean or if you have any you know what to tell" El said and then she whispers in my ear "make sure you tell us when you are pregnant" she said and my eyes widen and i slap her playfully and she laughs "shut up" i said crossing my arms and laying back into Niall "i am just saying" she said and then we pulled up into the house.


    I jumped on Niall's back and we all ran into the house. He set me on the couch and Liam came in with a ice pack and put it on my ankle. "I feel like i have five dad that i have never had" i said and everyone laughed. "So what does everyone want to eat?" Louis said "PIZZA" Niall yelled and i looked at him and he smile "okay we will get some pizza for little Nialler" Louis said "oww come here my little baby" i said to Niall and he came over and snuggled over "maybe i only have four dads that i have never had" i said and Niall shot up "hey just because i have a child personality sometime doesn't mean anything" he said crossing his arms and sinking down in the couch. 


    "Okay i will call how much what kind" Louis said "large with pepperonis" Niall shot up "only for me" he finished and everyone laughed at him "what i have a big appetite" he said and he smile brightly "okay we will get three large pepperoni pizza to share" Louis said and everyone nodded and he sat up and walked into the kitchen to call.


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