Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


47. chapter 47

      Bella's P.O.V.

  Its the day after my birthday and i am up taking a shower. I step out of the shower and wrap a  towel around me and around my hair. For some reason my boods are hurting and they are very sour. I walk into my room to see Niall with his sweat pants on with no shirt "hey" i said "hey babe" he said with a smile. I didnt feel like dressing up today so i decided to just put somme demi shorts on with a Free Hugs shirt on. "I like that shirt but i think it should say free kisses" Niall said with a smirk "well it doesnt need to say that" i said with a smile "and why is that" Niall said with a smirk "because you can kiss me any time you want any place you want" i said with a smirk and Niall got off the bed and walked to me and pulled me closer to him so my body was touching his "well i want to kiss you rigt now" he said and he pulled me in for a long and passoinite kiss. When he pulled away he smiled at me "what?" i asked "i have the same shirt as that" he said "well you should wear it" i said and he nodded and he walked over to his dresser and changes his sweat for some plane kakis and then he put on a hugs me shirt and some socks and walked over to me with wide arms "FREE HUGS" weboth yelled at the same and we hugged.


    When we were hugging i heard this loud noise and then Louis runs in "FREE HUGS, FREE HUGS, I WANT FREE HUGS" he was yelling and he hugged us and then i hear lots of feet and everyone runs in and me and Nialls little hug turned into a group hug with the boys and El and Danielle. We were hugging and my boods started to hurt me and i unraped me arms from around Niall and rubbed them quick. "What are you doing" Niall asked "nothing" i said and everyone pulled apart and then i got a really bad craving of ice cream. "Niall can i have ice cream" i asked "yeah sure, are you sure you dont want breakfast first" he asked "no i want ice cream" i said and we all walked down stairs and i got out a tube of ice cream and it was cookie dough ice cream. I took out a spoon and i opened the tube of ice cream and i started digging in.


  "Are you okay" Niall whispers in my ear as he sits downn next to me "i dont know my boobs hurt and i am craving Ice cream very bad but the second thing isnt that bad but the first one is" i said and he laughed "stop making fun of me" i said and suddenly my mood starts to change to angry and i get up and walk out of the room and walk out side and sit on the yard.


       Niall's P.>o.V.

 We sat down "Are you okay" i asked Bellla "i dont know my boobs hurt and i am craving ice cream very bad but the second thig isnt  that bad but the first one is" i said and he started to laugh and then she started to frown and she said "stop making fun of me" and she got up and walk out of the room and then i heard the door open and shut. "Okay what the heck just happened" El said "i dont know" i said and i looked at everyone confused "didn't she already have her period" Harry said "yeah i dont know whats wrong but this is going to be a long day" i said as i started to get up "wait let me and El go out and talk to her" Danielle said "yeah it might be a girl thing" El said and i nodded my head and they left out the door. "nice job Niall making a girl cry" i heard Harry say and and looked up at him with a death stare "sorry i will stop" he said and i looked away.


     El's P.O.V.

 We walk outback and we see Bella sitting in the yard and we walk up bth of her on each side and sit next to her. "Whats wrong" i asked and she looked at me "i don't know i didn't mean to do that, is Niall okay" she said with a tear coming out of her eye. "He is okay he is just a little confused" Danielle said "okay well i dont know what happened but i am going to try to control it" she said "okay lets get you back inside so you can eat your umm ice cream" i said and she giggled a little "thanks lets go" Danielle said and we all got up "race you to the door" Bella yelled and we all ran.


   We were almost to the door and Bella was in front and she got to the door and swung it open and ran in "Bella slow down it is dark in there you are going to run into the couch" i yell and then i hear a loud bang "ouch" i heard Bella say and me and Danielle stop and look at each other and ran into the house to see her laying on the other side of the couch and me and Danielle started to laugh "stop laughing it is not funny it hurt" Bella said and then all the boys run in "what the heck happened" Liam said and Niall ran over to Bella and helped her up i stopped my laughing "well we were coming back and Bella had the idea to race to the house and we did, she got to the door and opened it and i yell to her to slow down or she was going to run into the couch and then all of a sudden i heard a bang and we ran in to see her on the other side of the couch and we started to laugh" and then i started to laugh again and everyone else did to and Bella also "yeah its not funny it hurt" Bella said laughing "sorry we will stop" Harry said and we all stopped.


~later on that day~

   Bella's P.O.V.

 I get up and walk into the kitchen to find Louis sitting down "hey louis" i said "hey cow Bell" he said and i walk over to the frige and i took out some ingredence and started to make some cookies.

~when Bella is done the cookies~

  I was taking out the cookies and everyone was in here now. I gave one to every one and i ate one myself "oh my god these are so good" Liam said and everyone nodded in agreement. "I think I lo9ve you even more" Niall said finishing up his i dont know "how many have you had?" i asked Niall "umm three"  he said and everyone looked at him "i havent even finished my first one" Harry said and everyone eles agreed with him "i like food" he said with a big smile and everyone laughed.


   "Okay what time is it?" Harry asked "uhm it is 6:56PM" Zayn said "okay i am going to bed" Harry said "yeah me to" Liam and Danielle said "i geuss we will too" Louis and El say "i am going to bed also" Zayn said and they all got up and headed to bed.


   "Well i geuss it is just you and me" I said to Niall, I am curently siting right next to him "well we get alone time" he said as he starts kissing my neck "i geuss we do" i said trying to keep me moans in. He started kissing my neck all the way up to my lips where he started to kiss me and i kissed back. he started to deepen the kiss and he licked my bottom lip for an entrance to my mouth which i gladdly exepted. As we start kissing it gets deeper and deeper and i cral on top of him and i grab both sides of his face and he grabs my hips. I pull away and i look into his eyes "I love you so much" he said "and i love you so much to" i said and i pecked his lips "i think we should finish up what we were doing in the hot tub" Niall said smirking and i giggled "i like what you are thinking, lets go" i said and we jumped up and ran to are rooms and we changed into are bathing suits even though they are not going to be on long.


   We run down stairs trying to be quiet and then out side and to the side of the house to the hot tub. Niall grabs my arm and spins me around so i am facing him and he kisses me. He starts backing me up until i hit the back of the hot tub and he lifts me up and ii wrap my legs around his torsal without braking the kiss. He steps into the hot tub me on him with are lips conected. I can fell the hot water on my feet as it gose up and soon enough Niall is sitting on his butt in the hot tub chair and i and facing him with one leg on both sides of him and are croches are touching. He braks away from the kiss and just stares at me. "What?" I asked "nothing you are just so bueatiful" he said and i giggle and i kissed him. I put both of my hands on both sides of his face and he put both of his hands on my hips. He starts to move his hands up and down my thighs annd sides and he was teasing me and i let out a groan. Two can play at that game, i though to myself. I moves my hands to his toarsal and i move my hands all the way down until i get to his swim suit band. I grab onto is and i pull it out. I can hear his groan onto my lips and i smile. I fell his hands get to the sides of my swim suit bottoms and soon they are off. He brings his hands to the back of my swim suit top and unties the back. He then brings his hands up to my neck and unties that one and soon i am completly naked. He pulls away from the kiss and looks me up and down. "I love you" he said and i giggle "Horan is a little horny" i said and he smirked at me as he turns us around so that he is on me and he brings his hands down to my entrence and he pushes two fingers in. I groan in plesurre as he moves them in and out. My hands take his band again and open it up and i shove my hands down his trunks and i play with his dick and he groans. Soon enough we hear a door open and we both stop what we are doing and look at each other. "ho crap" Niall said "here put this back on fast" he said and he handed me my swim suit and i quickly put it back on.


   I got it on and we both jump out of the hot tub and Niall tells me to get on his back and i did and he started to run "where are we going?" i asked because all he was doing was running away from the houes down the yard "i don't know" he said and i started to laugh and so did him. All of a sudden Niall slipped and we both fell to the ground laughing. We finally stop laughing and now are both laying in the yard beside each other staring at the night sky which has millions of stars scatered every where. "Bella i love you so much i cant even explain it" i heard Niall said "Niall i feel the same way" i said and i hugged his arm. We just laid in silence, and soon i found mysef drift off to sleep in Nialls arms.

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