Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


46. Chapter 46

~Skip to Bella's birthday July 10th~
       Bella's P.O.V.
  I woke up to Niall staring at me "good morning beautiful" he said "good morning handsome" i said back and we both had a big smile on are face "happy birthday you are 20" he said and i giggle "yep i fell old" i said and that made him laugh a little "wait so are go calling me old" he said lookingg at me with a smirk "no i was just joking" i said and he pulled me closer. "do you know what?" he said with a sexy smirk on his face "what?" i said with a smile "i might mix up the rules a little" he said "what do you mean by that" i asked confeused "well for your birthday you are supose to have 20 spankins and a pinch to grown an inch because you turned 20 but i am going to do it differently, it is going to be 20 kisses and a pinch to grow an inch" he said and i smiled "i like that" i said and he pulled me even closer and he kissed me and pulled away and he did that 19 more times and then he pinched me and i sequealed.
   Instead of getting out of bed we just cuddle in bed. "do you know what?" Niall said "what?" i said looking up at him "i miss you" he said and i giggled "but i am right here" i said "no i mean we dont kiss a lot or cuddle a lot anymore and we dont do the dirty stuff as Louis would call it" he said that and i smiled "well then i think we have something planned for tonight" i said with a smirk and he smiled big and he started kissing me. He rolled over on top of me but keeped him self up on his elbows and kept kiss me. I flipped him over so i can controll and i decided i wanted to tease him so i put my lips so they are just barly touching and i looked into his eyes, he didnt have a shirt on but he had sweat pants on so i slowly moved my hands down his torsal and to the strap of his sweats and boxers and i grabbed them. When i did that he groaned, he tried kissing me but i kept on moving back "Bella" he groaned as i lightly pressed my body down on him and back up and groaned. I decided i teased him enough so i jumped off from him and ran out of the bedroom.
   "BELLA YOU LITTLE" I heard Niall yell and i giggled, i heard him start running after me and i ran into the kitchen where everone eles was and i ran behind the counter "what are you doing" Liam asked and then Niall ran in "Bella what the heck was that for" Niall asked "hey i did nothing dont blam anything on me" i said with a smirk "get over here" he said "no" i said and he started to run around the table but the other way away from him "get back here" he yelled and i giggled "never" and i ran over to Liam and hide behind him "Li Li save me" i said and he laughed and Niall sneaked up from behind me and picked me up over his shoulder and started to run back to are room.
   "NIALL LET ME DOWN" I tried yelling "NEVER" he said and he ran into the room through me on the bed and shut and locked the door. "what are you doing?" i asked as he had a smirk on his face "well we ae going to have a little fun" he said and he started to walk over to me "well i like the sound of that" i said and i bit me lip "i thought you would" he said and he pushed me down on the bed and hovered over me. He moved down and kissed me. I rubbed my hands on his chest and stomach and he groaned on my lips and i smiled. He pulled away and he looked down at me "i love you" he said and i smiled "i love you too Niall" i said he moved his lips back down and started to kiss me again. I started to fell his hands run down the sides of my hips and back up. His hands stoped right at the end of my/his shirt i was waring and he started to pull it up. He pulled away from the kiss and smiled/ smirked at me as he pulls off the shirt and now i am laying beneath him with only my bra and underwear on. I moved my hands to his neck and i pulled his head down so he would kiss me again which he did. I pulled away and i looked into his eyes and put my hands on his sweat pants and underwear strap and i pulled them off together and he smiled and u giggled "someone is eager" Niall said and i smiled next thing i know  Niall took off my bra and panties so we were both naked. Niall slowly moves his fingers down to my thighs and he started to kiss me again. I fell his fingers move into my inner thighs and slowly move and start to rub my entrance which makes me groan into his lips and him smile. He then oushes his two fingers into my and i groan louder and he keeps his lips on migh to stop me from makig to much nosie. He slowly moves in and out of me making me groan some more and then he pulls this hands out of me and he takes his lips of from me and he smiles at me. "are you ready" he asked and i nodded and he pushed him self into me which made us both groan and he moved in and out of me and i started to grined againsed him. After like three minutes of this everything is wet and he pulls him self out of me and kisses me once and lays besided me. "I love you so  much Bella" Niall said and he pulls me closer to him "i love you too Niall" i said and we cuddled.
   The rest of the day me and everyone chilled and we had cake and ice cream and i go gift cards from everyone and i got and lap top that everyone got me that had a case on it that has me, El, Danielle and the boys all together In a group photo. I had one more present from Niall which was a scrap book. I went from when me and Niall where getting case when we first meat to when we where at home with them then at the hospitle getting them of and then are first picture as a couple and then much more that we had took togter and then there were lots more spaces to fill for are futar. "thanks guys i love it all and i love all you too" i said and we all got into a group hug.


  For the rest if the day we all sat down on the couch and watched movies and laughed an talked and Niall ate a lot of food surprise surprise, but I had a lot of fun. On my laptop my screen savor is me and Niall and I am kissing his cheek and he has his eye shut very tight and a big smile on his face. I also took a lot of pictures with the boys and El and Danielle.

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