Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


45. chapter 45

   Bella's P.O.V.

 I wake up in the morning to a sharp pain in my stomach and then i start to get a cramp, i then remember that it is that time of the mouth, my period. Oh no this isnt going to be good i am such moody when i am on my prieod like last time. Niall sat up "are you alright" he asked "does it look like it" i snap "oh no it is that time of the mouth the last week" he said "yeah" i said and i got another cramp but i pushed it aside "well lets get up i am hungry" i said and i stood up out of bed and started to walked out of the room with Niall falowing me.


   I get down to the kitchem and everyone is done there talking and i find a seat next to Harry and Niall sits beside me "haha nice hair Bella" Harry said playing wiht my mess hair and laughing and i just wanted to slap him so hard "stop get your hands away from me" i snapped and he moves his hands "sounds like it that time of the mouth" He said "iit sounds like its that time of the mouth" i mock him "Bella" i heard Niall say "Niall" i say back "come down" he said "sorry" i said "its okay" he said and all of a sudden my mood changed to cuddleing "i need a cuddle buddy" i yell "i call it" Louis said and he ran over to me and gave me a big hug "fine Louis i will just hang out with Niall today and cuddle with him" El said and ran over to Niall and gave him a big hug "fine she can cuddle with Niall" Louis said and stepped away from me and walked over to El and hugged her and i ended up cuddleing with Niall.


   The rest of the day was me whining and cuddleing and snapping and worst of all bleeding. One time i was on the bed and i started to bleed and i didnt have a pad on and blood was all over to bed and we had to change all the bed sheets. Harry was fooling around with me all day making me mad and making me sad depending on my mood and Niall would laugh sometime and get mad other time or just sit there.


   The rest of the week pretty much was the same way and i woke up erly every morning and either was sad mad or happy and when i was happy i would go around and jump on everyones bed like a child and wake them all up like a little child would do on christmas if there parents were sleeping and there were presents underneath the christmas tree. Most of the time they were all grompy when i did it But Louis would alway have fun and jump up with me and we would run around the house playing.

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