Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


42. Chapter 42

       Niall's P.O.V.

  The next morning when I woke up my arm was killing me, I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen because Bella wasn't in bed. I was holding my arm when I walked in and saw Bella at the table on her phone. "Do we have any Advil because my arm is killing me" I said and she looked up at me "yeah I think let me check" she said and she got up ad walked over to the Medicean cabinet and took out some Advil and handed it to me. "Thanks" I said as I got a water bottle and took the Advil. "Management called the boys and said that we need to have all are stuff packed today because we are going to be going to the cottage tonight instead" Bella said "okay we already have all are stuff that we need to bring packed so we can just bring them to the door and when severity comes they can take them" I said "so you are going to stay" Bella said and I knew what she meant "I am going to stay with the boys but I am not going to be in the band for a while probable because of management." I said "everything is going to be alright" Bella said and he came and hugged me tight. And I hugged her back but then let go because my stomach and chest started to itch so I itched it. "Niall don't itch it it is not good for it just take off your shirt and air it out" Bella said and I took off my shirt and just walked around trying to get the itchiness to go away.




  Severity came and took are bags and brought them to the car ad we fallowed. When we were all in the car they started to drive. "So boys we are going to be going to the studio for are last thing before summer at 2" Liam said. It was 12 right now but I don't care I am not going so I just looked out the window because I don't need to be in this conversation but I still listened. "So at 1:30 severity will bring us so we have to be ready and the girls you guys can stay at the house" Liam said "hey Niall are you okay" he said "yeah I am just staying out of he conversation" I said and I looked away again "why?" He said "because I am not in the band right now and I am not going with you so I am staying out" I said and I kept my eyes on the road "come on Niall.." Liam started but I cut him off "Liam did you heard what they have been saying to me I don't think they will really care" I said "but Niall" he started and I cut him off again "don't but Niall me I am serious okay so leave it alone" I said angrier "Niall" I cut him off again "god damit Liam" I said and I hit my bad arm on the door by an accident and I hurt as I grabbed my arm "Niall come down" I heard Harry say and I look up at him with evil eyes "do you really want to talk Harry" I said holding my arm. "Okay fine dont go" Liam said and i kept my eyes out the window holding my arm.




  We get to the cottage and we all run in and all are bags are waiting for us at are bedrooms so that is where everyone headed to unpack all there stuff.


  When we were all down we all headed to the kitchen and i sat down and so did the girls. "so Harry Louis and Zayn" Liam said and looked at me and then looked way "we better get going because we need to work on BAND stuff" he said and Made the word band stick out "okay lets go" Louis said "Niall have fun with the girls well not to much fun, well with my and Liams girlfriends kept your slimy hands off from them" Louis said and i smiled "no promises" i said and i put my arm around Els and hugged her very tight and when i pulled back i smile "oh sorry i jsut got in the moment" i said and he looked at me with  evil eyes and he walked away with the boys.


   So what do you want to do girls" i said "want to just chill and watch tv and play on phones and do what ever we wont" El said and we all nodded and head to the living room where we all sat and turned on the tv and took out are phones and started to play on them.




  Little a haft an hour later we were still doing the same thing. I was o twitter and the girls were doing something on there phones who nows.


  I was just following  girl when the front down slams open and when i looked there were three secerutiy men running towered me "what are you guys doing" i said and they ran over to me "come on you are coming with us" one of them said "and who said" i said "Tom" they said "i though he told me to take a break from the band and that is what i am doing so no i am nott going with you" i said and they all looked at each other and then two of them ran to me and picked me up and through me over there shoulder "hey let me down this hurts my stomach you retard" i said and he put me down and the other guy walked over to me and took my arms "what are you doing" i asked and the other one bent down and grabbed my feet and they carried me like that "put me down i am going to go to the copes about this and i am going to report that you guys and Tom kidnapped me" i yelled as i looked back and saw all the girls shocked. "okay let me down" i said angrily and i kicked and punched them in the balls and they let go of me and i feel on the floor.


   "you guys have a problem" i said and then someone took my arms and i looked back and it was the third one "seriously is this even illegal" i said and looked back at Bella and the girls and they looked confuessed. "Do you know i can walk" i said "yeah no i know you are going to try to run for it" he said and he brought me to the car and the girls just stayed in the house. I had to sit in the middle of the big guys on the way to the studio.




  When we arrived at the studio they got out and they pulled me out with them and picked me up and i tried to get them to let me go "just let me down" i yelled and we entered the building and walked down a hall and one of them opened a door and i was carried in "let me fuchen down" i yelled as he through me into a chair and it hurt my butt "ouch" i said and i tried to get up to rub my butt but when i did two of the guys came and held me down so i had to stay. I then noticeed that Tom and the rest of the boys were in the room to and the boys looked confuessed.


   I moved a little bit and they both squeezed me tight "ouch just let me go that hurts" i said looking at them "okay boys i think we are okay here you can leave" Tom said and the two men let go of me and all three of them walked out of the room. "What that heck was that for i am going to report this bec-" Tom cut me off "you need to be here" he said "well i am not in the band right now i am taking a brake and two more things" i said and i continued "when you slammed my door opened and they ran in and grabbed me and started to drag me away not only did it hurt but also i think it scaryed the girls as well, and what are the paps going to think what happened if they got a pick of them dragging or carring me in here" i said with a smirk at the last part "okay so we will call the girls to see if they are okay and we will tell pap that we were goofing around and dont tell anyone about it okay" he said and i was angry "okay so i have a question, why and how is Niall here" Liam said "duh i just told you they dragged me here and why i dont know" i said with a smirk again "okay i just wanted to tell you guys that we are going to be haveing a little concert before you start your summer, oh and girlfriends arent alowed and it is for three weeks" he said "so that is how you are going to keep her away from me, but just to tell you i am not leaving her, do you now how much she has been through and you just expect me to just leave her for three weeks, you must be crazy because i am not going to do it" i said "fine i will cancel the concert you can stay with your girlfriends but you better show up for meetngs Niall if not next time i will get you here a lot worse" and he got up and left the room and i sat up and took out my phone.


   "what are you doing" Harry asked "i am calling the girls to see if they are okay" i said as i press call and put it on speaker so everyone can hear. It rang two times and then i heard Bellas voice "hey Niall are you okay" she said "yeah i am okay but a little pissed, are you girls okay" i asked "yeah we are fine just a little shocked" she said "well all the boys are here and we will be home soon" i said "okay see you then boys, bye" bella said and all the girls courst in at the bye. We all got up and hjeaded home and we all acted like nothing happened and no one talked about it either so i was happy about that.

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