Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


41. chapter 41

       Niall's P.O.V.

  I wake up in the morning and roll over in bed and i fall on the floor "ouch" i groaned in pain and i just laid there "are you okay" i heard bella say and theni see her head above me. "Yeah i am fine" i said sitting up and kissing her lips. I pulled away "so do you want to have some fun" i said with a smirk "it depends on what kind of fun we are talking about" she said with a smirk "well you will have to just wait and find out" i said and i jumped up and i jumped on the bed on top of her and i think you know what happens next.


 * I just dont feel like wrighting all of it this time but i will wright the sex sense other times if i fell like it*




  I am out of breathe i am just laying in bed next to Bella after we just had you know what 'sex' and it was amazing. "Bella i love you" i said "i love you too" she said and i kissed her one more time before i curled up next to her and we both feel back to sleep even though it was around 9 in the mmorning i was tried because of what is just did. (hahaha do you get it, nevermind)


     Liam's P.O.V.

 "Okay why isnt Niall answering his phone" I said "i know he always answers" Louis said "why dont we just go in and chill him and Bella will be up later" Zayn siad "are you going to be good" Lou said to El "yes i am going to be good i am not mad at her" El said. I opened the door and we walked in "at lease Niall doesnt lock his door even though there was a guy a couple mouths ago that almost  killed him from out side that door but i dont think he cares" i said and the laughed and we all sat in the living room and lou turned on the tv to big bang theory and Harry got some chips and we all watched it together.



 A half an hour later Niall walked out into the living room in gym shorts and no shirt "good morning sleepy head" i said "good morning" Niall said all tired "why are you eating all my chips" he wined "dont worry Niall you can have some of ares" Lou said "thanks Lou how thought full" he said and he sat down next to Zayn and laid his head back and i think he fell asleep "is he sleeping" i asked zayn "i think so" Zayn said and i laughed and then Bella came walking out in her pjs and she also looked tried "good morning" i said "good morning" she said as she came out and laid on th floor and i think she fell back asleep to "did she also fall back asleep" i asked "yeah" Lou siad "gosh what did they do last night" i said and Lou laughed.


   An hour went by and Bella was already up but Niall was still trying to sleep "is he still sleeping" i asked "yeah he is tried" Bella said and she walked over and sat next to Niall. "Niall, Niall, Niall wake up" she started to say and got louder and Niall slowly opened his eyes "hey sleepy butt" Bella said "i am so tried" he said "oh poor Nialler" louis said "oh shut up boo bear" Niall said and he got up "now i need to eat" Niall said "i got you some egges and toast right here Nialler" i said and he came into the kitchen and took it and started to eat.


   "So whats going on today anyone goinng to do some packing we have a week left" i said "i will" Harry said "me too" Zayn said and everyone but Niall said they were so i looked at Niall and he had his head down and his hands in his hair like pulling them and i saw his phone next to him. He picked up his head and he took his phone and through it across the room. "Niall are you okay" Harry said "shut up Harry" Niall said and he slamed his fist on the table "Niall what happened" i said "nothing" he said nad he got up and walk acrossed the room and grabbed his phone that was a little cracked but was ringing and picked it up.


     Niall's P.O.V.

  I picked up my phone that i through across the room. Stupid managment what did i ever do to them why cant they just leave me alone. I pressed answer "what" i said in a angry voice "Niall it is Tom" he said "i know that what do you want" i said "i am sorry" he said "about what" i said "Niall you know what i am sorry for" he said "well let me think no i think you need to tell me again" i said with a little smile "do you now what i dont think i am sorry anymore" he said "oh really" i said "yes i think you need to have a brake from the band and go into the real world where i m not going to be there to hep you or any one" he said angrly "so you call Bella names you say i am worth nothing but i still need to be in the band because lots of fan and i get you money, you say that i am messing up my life and you yell and i have been in so much pain and my life is crazy right now and you just want me to go out into the real world and see how life is without managment or the band do you now that isnt that bad for me because i dont have to worry about you anymore or anyone else, if you want to get rid of my go right a head lets see how the fans think about that but if you want me i will  be some wheres. I will pack  my things and i am leaving so you better be happy" i yell into it and everyone was looking at me worried "Niall i dont mean it like that you.." i cut him off "do you now how hard my life is right now this band these boys and El Danielle and Bella are all i got do you even care that i almost got killed or that i lose my baby or anything" i said angrily "Niall come down here and we can talk" he said "you expect me to walk all happily down to you and sit down in your chair and just listen to you talk about things i dont really give a crap about right now" i yell "Niall come one" he said "i will talk later have fun" i said and i hung up and i though my phone on the ground again "fuck" i yell and i punched the table and pain rang through my arm and i just sat down holding my arm will every one looked at me.


  "Niall what happened" Liam said "do you want to know what just happened, fucken managment thinks i need to get out in to the real world wants me to leave but when i told him about how people will be mad about me leaving he new he was going to lose money so now he wants me to walk down and sit and talk with him" i yelled "it is going to be okay, why does he want to get rid of you"  Liam said "well because i am making bad decitions in  my life and all this crap" i said "just dont listen to them Niall you still have us" he said "thanks Liam but now my phone is broken and my arm is killing me" i said holding my arm. "We will get you a new phone and we can stop at the hospitle" Liam said "thanks" i said "now problem" he said and came and hugged me "you are just to good that you are showing them up is all" he said and i laughed a little "yeah" i all i said and we all just sat and watched tv and Bella cuddled up with me.

*gosh managment is really mean in this book but at lease Niall has the boys and Bella El and Danielle he will keep fighting. keep reading.      -Niall's girl*

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