Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


40. chapter 40

    Bella's P.O.V.

 It is the first of May and we only have 24 more days until we go back to the cottage and i summer vaction starts. Niall is still a little mad well very not to much on Harry but mostly on managment but he still works and trys to avoide it and do his job which he is good at. Right know all of the boys are over and Danielle and El and we all got done eating and now we are in the living room talking but i decide to go and clean up the breakfast mess in the kitchen so i get up.


  "Where you going" Niall said and i looked at him "i am just going to go clean up the kitchen" i said "i'll help" El said "me too" Danielle said and we all walked into the kitchen. "Okay Danielle you pick up the dishes and put them in the sink El you wash the dishes and i will sweep" i said "no why dont you wash the dishes and i sweep" she said "you said you wanted to help so help by doing the dishes" i said "well why do you get the easy job" she said "there is now easy job" i said "just let mme sweep" she said grabbing onne end of the sweep i had in my hand "no i am sweeping" i said pulling it " no i amm" she said and we went back and forth until i ripped it out of her hand and ran to the other side of the table with is.


   "Give me the sweep" she said "no" i said and she ran around the table  but i ran way and to the door of the kitchen "girls stop" i heard Danielle yell but i dont care and i ran out into the living room behind the couch and all the boys looked at me and then El came running out and jumped over the couch and jumped on me and i went flying on the ground "girls stop" Danielle yell "give iit to me" El said "what is the big deal" i said and i pushed her of from me and she landed on the floor and i got up and ran "get back here" she yelled and i ran to the front of the couch "no" i said and she ran around to the front and i ran to the back and she climbed over the couch again and i rn way but she grabbed my foot and i fell and i kiched her in the stomach not on perpose and i got up and dropped the sweep but she chased me and didnt grab the sweep "okay El stop" i said and i ran into the kitchen and over to the sink and i took a cup out and i pord the water on her and she did the same to me so now we are soaked "what the fuck" i yell "you did it first" she yelled back and i ran away again.



  I ran back out into the living room "what are you doing" i said and i ran away but then i spined around the couch and i was behind he and i jumped on her back and she fell to the ground. "Girls stop" danielle said "no" we yelled "Bella El stop" she yell this time "okay you guys stop" i heard Louis say and i felt hands on me pull me away from here and i saw Louis pull El away from me and i looked up and it was Niall holding me.


  "look what you did i am all wet now" i yelled at her "look what i did you pord water on my first" she said "because you were chasing me" i yell "girls girls stop what is going on" Louis said "welshedidthisandiwantedthesweepbutiwanteditshewantediwantDanielleputdishesinthesinkshe


andthenyoutookusoffromeachother" we both said at the same time. "What i didnt under stand anything" Niall said "okay so i was spose to put the dishhes in the sink Elas spose  to clean them and Bella was spose to sweep, El wanted to sweep because she thought it was easyer but Bella wanted to sweep, they both wherre tuging on the sweep and Bella ended up getting it and ran away with is and El chased her is tryed stopping them but they didnt listen and then El tackled Bella and Bella pushed her off and more runnning and chasinf and they went into the kitchen and Bella dumped water on El and El did it back and running and chasing and then Bella tackle El and they Niall and Lou pulled them apart" Danielle said ver fast "so Bella won" Niall said "no i think El won" Lou siad "well Bella got the sweep" Niall said "OKAY BOYS YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS YOU GIRLFRIENDS" Harry yelled "Harry do you really want to get into this i will bet you i can give you pay back for the time you almpst killed me and the time you through me down the stairs" Niall said looking at Harry and Harry put up his hand "i will shut up" he said "i thought so now lets get you changed" Niall said and he picked me up like a baby "i am not a baby" ii said "well you are acting like one" he said and i slapped he "thanks" he said "anytime" i said "see you guys later" Niall yell out to the rest of the group and we walked into the room and i got changed and we decided to just have a lazy day and just lay down in bed and sleep next to each other.


  *Hope you like the chapter i though it was funny but comment what you though of it thanks.

                                                                                                           -Niall's Girl

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